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Daniel B Bedore
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Physics Teacher
August 2008 October 2008
Pebblebrook High School
Taught physics to high school students.

Systems Engineer
LM Aeronautics Co - Marietta
November 2006 - August 2008
Developed parts of a new whole aircraft Diagnostic System for C5M cargo aircraft. Oversaw efforts to migrate a strain gage based airframe life monitoring system and semi automated fault isolation algorithms from a legacy system to the new system. Developed analysis tools and verified that hundreds of parameters were properly recorded in Binary Data Files. Wrote over 1400 lines of test scripts to support hot mockup lab testing. Wrote over 6000 lines of Excel VBA macros for analysis tools. Performed other tasks as required to support system development.

LM Aeronautics Co - Marietta
April 2004 - November 2006
Designed, created, and maintained C27J aircraft fault isolation algorithms for ground maintenance computers and portable maintenance aids. Included further isolating Faults issued by the aircraft computer and running additional tests on LRUs. Advised maintenance manual creators on manual fault isolation procedures which would logically proceed from the isolation performed by the computers. Assisted with other aspects of development and production of ground based diagnostic systems. Trained customers on fault isolation algorithm development.

Control Systems Engineer
United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand
November 1998 - February, 2003
Designed Control Systems for Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for Commercial and Military Aircraft. Developed requirements for Sensors, Actuators, Software, and Electronics, and coordinated the work of the teams developing those items. Negotiated interface requirements with aircraft companies including digital data busses, and control of aircraft devices such as doors, fuel valves, etc. Conducted laboratory and flight tests and analysis as required to determine requirements for smoothly functioning systems, and to certify those systems for flight. Wrote over 1000 pages of Visual Basic test scripts to exercise and test all functions of the digital engine controls. Demonstrated functional verification tests and engine safety tests to FAA personnel to support DO-178B software verification. Made numerous presentations to airline, aircraft company, and regulatory personnel.

757 & 767 Auxiliary Power Unit Project Engineer
September 1996 - June 1998
Coordinated team of 150 Boeing, AlliedSignal, and Airline personnel to develop design changes to increase reliability of APU supplied pneumatic power. Included were engine mounted component improvements to reduce occurrences of low or zero duct pressure and FADEC software changes to eliminate oscillations in duct pressure. Assisted in AlliedSignal Iron Bird Testing to develop and validate software changes. Wrote test plans and worked with test and instrumentation personnel at Boeing and AlliedSignal to ensure the quality of various ground and flight tests. Conducted troubleshooting of in-service commercial airplanes and test aircraft both onsite and remotely. Rewrote the APU Troubleshooting Manual to increase accuracy of diagnosis. Wrote white paper distributed to airlines explaining the advantages and disadvantages of using various viscosities of oils in APUs.

Mechanical Project Engineer
March 1994 - September 1996
Mechanical engineer for microscopic hermetically sealed millimeter wave avionic modules including products for the F-22 and F-35 Programs. Analyzed and tested devices to eliminate problems of stress, fatigue, vibration, and heat transfer. Member of materials review board and configuration control board. Designed tools for manufacturing and test. Had manufacturing engineering responsibilities in machined parts, laser and resistance seam welding, plating, and other areas. Made numerous design presentations to customers in the military fighter aircraft and satellite business. Held a Secret Clearance.

Test Engineer
United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand
January 1993 - July 1993
Mechanical Test Engineer -Set up and ran tests and wrote test reports to qualify the APS 3200 APU for use on the Airbus 320 & 321 aircraft. Tests included gearbox overpressurization, fuel system contamination, moisture and rainwater exposure, explosive atmosphere, and hermeticity tests.

Hydromechanical Control Systems Engineer
United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand
January 1989 - April 1992
Designed, specified, analyzed, and tested gas turbine engine control system components such as wiring harnesses, resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, pressure transducers and switches, speed sensor, and fuel and oil valves and filters for engine programs such as the APS 2000 (Boeing 737), the APS 3200 (Airbus 320 & 321) and others. Created conceptual and detail designs of spool and poppet valves for pressure regulation and shutoff of various APU fuel system functions. On APS 2000 Program, analyzed voltage drops throughout the aircraft (Boeing 737) and APU to ensure that sufficient power would be available to drive APU LRU's in all ambient and battery conditions. Co-wrote electrical aircraft integration test plan for the Boeing 737 and designed test equipment to simulate the aircraft. Designed various sheet metal weldments and machined parts for all parts of gas turbine engines.

Education: San Diego State University Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 1988

Served as Chairman of the Human Powered Submarine Design Competition for University Engineering Students in 2000 and 2002. This involved extensive educational goals, budget, and managing 15 long term volunteers, 75 event volunteers, and 9 university teams at each event.

Wrote and presented peer reviewed ASME Paper IMECE2004-62368 "Considerations for Planning and Running Educational Engineering Contests".

Wrote a White Paper on the use of Diester Gas Turbine Engine Oils to enhance Low Temperature High Altitude Start Performance in Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Units.

Have served as judge for several Science and Technology programs such as the San Diego Science Fair, the Georgia State Science Fair, The US FIRST Robotics Competition, and UCSD and SDSU Mechanical Engineering Senior Project Presentations. Helped Students at Therrell High School build and compete robots in the 2007 and 2008 US FIRST competitions, including development of mechanical and electrical hardware and embedded software. Helped students at Harmony Leland Elementary School conduct after school science experiments from 2006-8.

US Patent # 6,092,545 Magnetic Actuated Valve: Invented a series of valves taking advantage of a Negative Spring Rate characteristic of Magnetic Fields to create lowered Delta Pressure / Delta Flow Regulating Valves and poppet valves with better seal characteristics.

Familiar with electronics such as transducers, signal conditioning circuits, power circuits, data acquisition systems, instruments, microcontrollers, and etcetera.

Familiar with fluid systems such as pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel or oil systems.

Familiar with design of machine parts and assemblies including manufacturing methods and national drawing standards such as ANSI Y14.5M.

Computing skills including word processing, and finite difference analysis, data acquisition systems, Visual Basic, assembly language, HTML/website, extensive spreadsheet and macro analysis experience.

Familiar with manufacturing processes and equipment such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, forming equipment, mechanical inspection equipment such as coordinate measuring machines and optical measurement systems, plating, welding, and soldering equipment, and more.

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