Therrell High School, Atlanta

In 2008, I again helped Therrell High School build a robot for the US FIRST Competition. This competition seeks to enhance the education of high school students by encouraging them to undertake a very difficult project involving both engineering and project management issues, and to inspire the students to consider a science or engineering career. Here's the team at the competition at the Gwinnett County Civic Center.
Each team gets a kit with all kinds of motors, wheels, electronics, and other functional stuff, as well as just enough structural components to build a wheeled base for the robot. All the other structures and devices have to be bought and assembled separately. Here's our finished robot, which can push balls off a rack 6 1/2 feet above the ground using the vertical pole, and herds them around the track using the curved bumper.

Our Robot retrieving a ball from the Overpass. Our robot pushes a ball off the overpass and herds it around the track.

Here our robot extends its vertical pole to get the ball down.

The team operates the robot by joysticks and a digital radio remote control from behind a clear panel next to the court.Our drive crew waits for a match to start.
Dwell Cursor over items for their function.
The pit crew hard at work.
Notice how busy the course is during the race.

Therrell's 2007 Robotics Team


Backup Battery for Controller. DC Motor for Right Rear Wheel. Speed Control for Right Rear Wheel. Fuse Panel for Poker Motor and Digital Controller. Circuit Braeker Panel for Wheel Motors. Power Distribution Block. Digital Controller. Spike Relay for Poker Motor. Speed Control for Left Rear Wheel. Car Window Motor for Ball Poker. 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery for Robot Power. DC Motor for Left Rear Wheel. Main Power Disconnect and Circuit Breaker. Radio Modem.