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Thoughts on the Camino Frances

One of the best aspects of the Camino Frances was that I met interesting people all the time. Even when language was a strain, which was often, the conversations were fun and interesting. I had the pilgrim meals many nights. They provided a big, good meal of local taste, and another chance to talk to the other pilgrims, who come from all over the world. At other times I ate a loaf of fresh bread and whatever other fruit, cheese, etcetera could be bought in stores along the way. Albergues, or bunkrooms with kitchen, shower, laundry, toilet, and sometimes other facilities, are a good way to stay out of the weather, not need camping gear, and meet other pilgrims. There are many buildings that incorporate impressive art, and there is much of historic significance. Often I walked on Roman bridges and roads.

Roman Bridge

Number of Pilgrims
2 or 3 hundred pilgrims a day pass any given point on the French Way in summer, even in eastern Spain. This means people are almost always visible in front of and behind you, and the footpath is often as wide as a dirt road.

There is not much wildlife to be seen. I saw maybe one or two lizards a day, a rabbit every few days, one deer in a wild setting, etcetera. Maybe this is due to the volume of pilgrims and the intensive agriculture.


Social Life
I've found that the smaller albergues in the smaller towns are more fun because the other walkers talk together and form groups for dinner or other activities more than they do in the cities and crowded albergues.

Were I to walk the Camino Frances again, I would strip my gear down to a day pack and assume everything else would be at albergues or would not be essential. Other routes may require the additional camping gear I'm carrying.

Navigation and Guidebooks
The route is generally so well marked and so obvious that a guidebook is not necessary to navigate from town to town. Maps of the towns showing the turns through the streets and the locations of the must see sites would be useful, as would up to date info on albergues and distances between towns.

Scallop Blaze

Daily Routine
The Camino Frances differs from all other routes I've walked because one needs to check into an Albergue by mid afternoon to ensure the availability of a bed. Furthermore, afternoons seem to get progressively hotter until quite late in the day. So finishing by 3 or 4 in the afternoon is a goal. I usually started around 6:15 because it was light enough to see the yellow arrows and scallop shells that mark the way. But often other pilgrims were quite noisy when packing and leaving at 4 or 5am. So sometimes I leave then and use a flashlight with a well focused beam to find and verify blazes. The stars are nice at that hour and I've seen a few shooting stars. I buy a loaf of bread at the first bakery and eat it over the course of the day. 35 kilometers (~21 miles) a day is my goal, modified to end at an Albergue, of course. Dinner is usually around 7pm, leaving time for showers, laundry, and whatever else the Albergue offers.

Daily Journal on the Camino Frances

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
I arrived in Madrid and walked around a bit near the Atocha rail station. I hadn't slept much on the airplane so it was a struggle to stay awake until after dark and adjust to the time change.
Hostal: near Atocha Train Station
Kilometer: 3
Weather: Mostly overcast

Paper Wasps

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
Between my train to Pamplona and my bus to Roncesvalles, I had enough time to explore much of Pamplona. I had just enough time in Roncesvalles to eat (Pasta, Trout, Fried Potatoes, and Yogurt, with Red Wine) and get my pilgrim credential. Most of the large bus was filled with pilgrims, and plenty more arrived by other conveyance, so there will be plenty of others on the Camino. I could see the Camino de Santiago from the bus: it was well marked and often gravelled or paved, even out in wild areas.
Albergue: Roncesvalles
Kilometer: 6 9
Weather: Mostly overcast


Thursday, July 21st, 2011
I began my walk in drizzle that lasted a couple of hours and returned periodically through the day. The walk was nice, with strolls through pastures, woods, and villages. It was easy to follow, at least two walkers wide, usually gravelled or paved, and with many modified scallop shell blazes. Along the way, I found an Australian friend, Terry, to walk and talk with. He told me there is a 1000 kilometer walking path from Albany to Perth in Australia. There were always other pilgrims in sight and ready to visit with during my walk. On reaching Zubiri, I decided to have 'a couple' of beers with some Germans, a Canadian, and my Australian friend. Hours later, I staggered out to find a bed in town. A pilgrim meal of garlic soup, pork, and fried potatos, with wine and bread, topped off the day.
Albergue: Zubiri
Kilometer: 23 32
Weather: Mostly overcast, hours of drizzle, some sun.

Marble Carving

Friday, July 22nd, 2011
The church at Zabaldica had quite a few nice statues and the oldest bell in the region. Also, the lights were on so you could take good pictures and they encouraged you to see every part of the church, including climbing the tower and ringing the bell. I walked a side trail to a ridgeline adjacent to Trinidad de Arre. Along it there were many ruins of old fortfications from various wars and outstanding views of Arre and Pamplona. In Arre there was a natural waterfall which powered mills for making felt, paper, and other goods over the years. Just enough ruins were left among modern buildings to remember the industrial past.
Albergue: Trinidad de Arre
Kilometer: 20 52
Weather: Mostly overcast, hours of drizzle, some sun.

Pamplona Bridge

Daily Journal on the Camino Aragonese

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
In the morning I walked into Pamplona, which has its old city walls and fortifications largely intact. I spent some time exploring those then took a bus to Jaca so I could walk the Camino Aragonese. This route will join the route I've been on, the Camino Frances, west of Pamplona at Puente la Reina, in a few days. Jaca has an intact fortress (a herd of vicious deer patrol the moat) and several churches with ornate art. Though I had a full pizza dinner around 6:30, a Spanish couple adopted me at 9 pm and fed me a whole additional dinner. It was fun to explain in my limited Spanish my reasons for walking the Camino, etcetera.
Albergue: Jaca
Kilometer: 11 63
Weather: Sunny


Sunday, July 24th, 2011
Rather than the main route along the highway, I walked a side route over a couple of ridgelines to the old monastery at San Juan de la Pena. I met no other pilgrims, but there were some super fast lizards I saw zipping into hiding. A few hawks patrolled the sky. One place I found fossil scallop shells. Since scallop shells are the sign of the Camino de Satiago, I thought that was appropriate. The plant community was much like chaparral, but greener from a little more water. There were no food stores, so I did not eat from dinner last night until dinner tonight.
Albergue: Santa Cilia de Jaca
Kilometer: 40 103
Weather: Sunny

Mown Hay

Monday, July 25th, 2011
Though I stayed mostly on the main route, I saw only two other pilgrims. The Camino Aragonese is much less travelled (<25 pilgrims per day) than the Camino Frances (>250 pilgrims per day east of Pamplona). As a consequence, the route is often single track, and much more like the hiking I prefer at home. But the Camino Frances, with its camaraderie and food shops in every town, is fun in a unique way.
Albergue: Artieda
Kilometer: 22 125
Weather: Sunny, afternoon drizzle

Stained Glass Window

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
Today's trail was again mostly single track and dirt road, with occasional sections on one lane asphalt roads. Much of the route was in pine plantations, and there were chainsaws running in the woods and stacks of 6 inch logs about 6 feet long, probably headed for a paper pulp mill. I passed only one town, Ruesta, so I bought a dried ham and cheese sandwich there for breakfast. I stayed in the second town, Undues de Lerda. This tiny town, like many others, is built on the crest of a hill, and the Albergue is in a tall tower standing atop the hill. My dormitory was on the top floor, and the logs supporting the tile roof were exposed. Furthermore, the view was spectacular. It's the coolest dormitory so far. Lunch was a pig jaw, fries, and pasta with sausages. There have been no open bakers or food stores since Jaca, so most of my food on this route comes from the only bars or restaurants in the tiny towns I pass on the Camino Aragonese. My lunch was with a Spaniard, and he asked if it was difficult to walk the Camino with my limited Spanish. It's impossible for me to follow conversations as they are too fast and use too many words I don't know. But it's not too hard to ask for food or directions, so I do well enough. Dinner was a first for Spain, the first full meal without fried potatoes. Garbanzo beans were the first course, followed by salad and fish, then tieramisu.
Albergue: Undues de Lerda
Kilometer: 18 143
Weather: Sun, drizzle

Santa Maria Stamp

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
The clouds seemed to be breaking up: perhaps the rain will stop for a while. There were many windmills on ridgelines. The walk into Sanguesa was short and easy.
Albergue: Sanguesa
Kilometer: 13 156
Weather: Cloudy

Spanish Omlette

Thursday, July 28th, 2011
Today's highlight was a dinner communally prepared and eaten by most of the pilgrims in the Albergue. It included a Spanish omlette and green, pasta, and bean salads, and lots of conversation. There was also a tour of the church, including the bell tower, which was high enough above the town to be pretty scary. One pilgrim here walked from Poland and is headed for Fatima in Portugal. That's 5500 kilometers one way, and he plans to walk back.
Albergue: Monreal
Kilometer: 29 185
Weather: Sun

Hexagonal Eunate Templar Church

It is a tradition for pilgrims to walk 3 times barefoot on the sharp cobbles around the Templar Eunate Church shown above. There was a big crowd seeing the interior and walking the courtyard. Every day a pilgrim has his credential stamped several times to be able to prove that they are on pilgrimage. Then they can use the pilgrim dormitories, and other services reserved for pilgrims. Below is the stamp from the Eunate Church.

Credential Stamp from Eunate Church

Returning to the Camino Frances

Friday, July 29th, 2011
I spent the day walking with an Indian couple, a French couple, and a Slovenian guy. The common language was English, and we had interesting conversations on many subjects. There is a 7 or 900 kilometer trail in Slovenia with hostels that are ~7€ if you are a member of the national mountaineering club. In India there are many pilgrimages, some where the participants haul huge temples behind them. There was a bullfighting festival in Puente la Reina, and I went down to see the crazy tourists who taunt the bulls and jump over the barriers when the bull chases them. I saw a deer late in the morning.
Albergue: Puente la Reina
Kilometer: 30 215
Weather: Sun

Camino Aragonese Group

Tourists Taunt Bulls and Escape into Crowd

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
I was able to buy a freshly baked chocolate filled crescent roll as I walked through Puente la Reina before dawn. Later I bought multigrain bread. There were wild rose hips and blackberries to eat along the Camino. When the rose hips are bright red, they are sweet and tasty. Not many of the blackberries are ripe. Wild anise is in bloom, but there are no seeds to harvest yet. Crops here include hay, corn, olives, grapes, and sunflowers. There was a tap dispensing free wine just off the trail. There is no shortage of food on the French way.
Albergue: Villamayor de Monjardin
Kilometer: 31 246
Weather: Sun

Free Wine!

Sunday, July 31st, 2011
This was an easy section, generally with a slight downhill slope. The number of pilgrims seems less than it did east of Pamplona. Perhaps they are more spread put over the day, and it just doesn't seem crowded, or maybe people try hiking from the east of Spain then quit or skip forward. It's getting hot in the afternoons now.
Albergue: Logrono
Kilometer: 40 286
Weather: Sun

Carved Stone Blaze

Monday, August 1st, 2011
There were ducks in the Pantano de la Grajera reservoir, just west of Logrono. Also early in the morning rabbits were out among the grapes. Later someone was thinning the grapes and branches in a vineyard. Much of the route was paved, causing some hot spots on the balls of my feet. Much of the land was irrigated, today with tractor driven pumps and steel pipes, but also there were abandoned concrete flumes, sometimes supported well above the ground on concrete pillars. Utility poles all seem to be concrete or steel in Spain, but whether this is because wood is rare or attacked by pests, etcetera, is unclear.
Albergue: Azofra
Kilometer: 35 321
Weather: Sun, afternoon rain

Hay Bales

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
There were many wheat fields today. Many had been harvested, and the rest seemed ready. Though I've seen no live snakes or even tracks, I saw a roadkilled snake. In the Cathedral in Santo Domingo, I saw the famous chickens, and many other relics and other church implements.
Albergue: Belorado
Kilometer: 37 358
Weather: Cloudy, afternoon rain


Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
Much of today's route was through commercial woodlands, either pine or oak. There also were wheat and sunflower fields. Sometimes I ate the wheat left over at the edges of the harvested fields. I had to separate the wheat grains from the cellulose shafts, sheaths, and etcetera. By hand, it is laborious to free the wheat from the chaff and blow the chaff free. But as white bread is predominant here, it's great to occasionally taste grain as it's supposed to taste. There were some butterflies. I got together with 2 English, a German, a Kiwi, and a Hungarian for beers and dinner.
Albergue: Atapuerca
Kilometer: 30 388
Weather: Foggy morning, afternoon sun

Spider Web

Thursday, August 4th 2011
The first half of today's walk was through typical agricultural land. I then walked past many industrial parks and truck terminals on the outskirts of Burgos. The cathedral was quite nice, and there was a bike race going over the Castillo hill. I spent the afternoon with Anna, a Hungarian girl, exploring the town and finding good beer and food.
Albergue: Burgos
Kilometer: 22 410
Weather: sun

San Anton Monestary Ruins

Friday, August 5th 2011
Burgos had few markers for the Camino, and I really had to watch to know where to walk. So for a while I walked with the Polish pilgrim to Fatima, and though we had few words of vocabulary in common, we didn't need many to help each others follow the way. Every morning I buy a fresh loaf of bread and eat it over the course of the day. Today's loaf was hot from the oven - a special treat. I finally got a few photos of a local lizard: they are usually gone before I can unzip my camera bag. Once again, the balls of my feet were hot spots or potential blisters by the end of the day.
Albergue: Castrojeriz
Kilometer: 40 450
Weather: Mostly cloudy, nice breeze, a little sun

Monument to a Pilgrim who Died Enroute

Saturday, August 6th 2011
For the last few days, I've been seeing many adobe buildings. Unfortunately, most are eroding in the weather and not receiving repairs. There are a lot of flies here, some days enough to drive one crazy. The pilgrim meal was great, with a dozen pilgrims, great conversation, garlic and bread soup, salad, and an egg and potato tortilla, with melon for dessert.
Albergue: Poblacion de Campos
Kilometer: 29 479
Weather: Mostly cloudy, windy enough for occasional dust in the eyes, a moment of rain

Sunday, August 7th 2011
I passed through a town named 'Carrion de Los Condes' or 'Rotten Meat for Vultures' in English. With the sights and smells of the carnage, I of course left as quickly as possible.

Mural on House

Later, in Calzadilla de la Cueza, after a shower, swim, and laundry, I headed for the town bar for company, a few beers, and a dinner of eggs, fries, steak, and salad. I hung out with Anna and a half dozen other Hungarians, plus a few others. With a Spaniard I compared the Social Security, Social Medicine, and pension systems of several countries. Another pilgrim who has walked the length of the North Coast route of the Camino told me that it is very much off highway and wild, tough hiking. That sounds great to me. She recommended the 'primitive' route beyond Oviedo as it goes over less than 1500m mountains and thus offers variety versus the coastline I would already have seen.
Albergue: Calzadilla de la Cueza
Kilometer: 33 512
Weather: Cloudy morning, sunny afternoon, cool pleasant breeze

Brass Scallop Blaze on Sidewalk

Monday, August 8th 2011
I took a less travelled parallel Roman road west from Calzada del Coto. It was a nice, quiet dirt road. Dinner was gazpacho, or cold tomato base soup, and albondigas, or meatballs. For desert I chose curds, mostly because I'd never had them. They were a bit like plain yoghurt, and honey was provided so I could sweeten the curds to my taste. My dinner companions were a Hungarian and a Korean.
Albergue: Calzadilla de los Hermanillos
Kilometer: 39 551
Weather: Cloudy morning, sunny afternoon, cool pleasant breeze

Camino de Santiago

Tuesday, August 9th 2011
A little of the Roman road was fenced off for preservation, but otherwise, this route was just a regular dirt road. I ate great blackberries and fresh anise seeds along the trail. Salad with pork and, of course, fries, finished the day.
Albergue: Puente de Villarente
Kilometer: 39 590
Weather: Clear, pleasant

Wednesday, August 10th 2011
The cathedral in Leon was quite nice and was free. There were huts built into dirt mounds, some with chimneys and smoke. West of Virgen del Camino, the main route is along highways, so I took an alternative to the south. Much of the land on this route was fallow though clearly had been farmland before. Several dustdevils formed in nearby fields and entrained dust and grass stalks: These were fun to watch. A smoke column rose from a wildfire in mountains to the north, but with miles of farms between me and the fire, there was no need to worry. There were good blackberries and rose hips to eat. Dinner was slightly spicy noodle soup, pork, and fried potatoes. I think I've exhausted the standard pilgrim menus and unless other walkers want to join me or there's something unique on the menu, I'll be making my own dinners to save a little and get better nutrition.
Albergue: Villar de Mazarife
Kilometer: 34 624
Weather: Clear, pleasant


Thursday, August 11th 2011
I met a Japanese guy walking in traditional Japanese robes, hat, etcetera. In Japan, he's been wearing these clothes for 3 years. He says a lot of people stop him to take pictures. A late lunch consisted of crab-potato salad and veal stew with fries, and rice pudding for dessert. The company was Chiba, the Japanese guy, and a Spanish family. The same group gathered to prepare and eat dinner - pasta and green salads, chicken in tomato based sauce, with 2 kinds of melon, a semi-dried fruit puree, and ice cream bars for desert. My room in the Albergue was named 'Carrion de Los Condes'.

I gave someone directions to the grocery store in my fractured Spanish. They asked in English whether fruit was sold there, so I replied in English 'Yes, it is.' I was complemented on my excellent English skills, so I responded 'gracias'.
Albergue: Astorga
Kilometer: 33 657
Weather: Clear, hot, humid


Friday, August 12th 2011
Today's walk was a long, gradual, easy ascent and descent over a 1500 meter ridgeline. The climate, terrain, general appearance of the brush were reminiscent of chaparral on southern California.
Albergue: Riego de Ambros
Kilometer: 42 699
Weather: Clear, hot, breezy, cirrus clouds - weather change in a few days?

Misty Morning

Saturday, August 13th 2011
I saw my first snake track in Spain, rectilinear motion and 3/4" diameter. Hundreds of teenagers from various countries have gathered here to see the pope in a day or two. I've been running into them since Astorga and today they walked the last 7 kilometers at the same time as me. Groups of them were all over town as I touristed about and bought dinner. Because of them all the churches along the way were open, so I visited many of them.
Albergue: Villafrance del Bierzo
Kilometer: 37 736
Weather: Clear, hot, breezy, cirrus clouds in afternoon

Trout in Livestock Trough

Sunday, August 14th 2011
Today's alternative route was excellent. In the villages, chickens, cows, and dogs ran free. Trails were overgrown. I saw no other pilgrims, though I met 3 later who also had taken the route. It had the feel of true rural Spain, unmodified by hordes of pilgrims. In San Fiz do Seo some joker had put a half dozen good sized trout in the livestock trough of the town water fountain. There was another snake track, and a spider with a body 5/8" diameter. Dinner was lentil soup, pork, and fries, with a good pastry/cake for dessert.
Albergue: La Faba
Kilometer: 34 770
Weather: overcast, humid, warm, occasional quick shower

Mural in Samos Monestary

Monday, August 15th 2011
Today, a woman almost cried on reaching the border of Galicia. This Camino is mostly walked by people who have never tried a long distance hike, and will never do another. So I'm often surprised at people's reactions to events that seem normal to me. Knowledge of foot care for long distance walking is almost nonexistent. I had a great meat empanada for brunch. Dinner was potato soup, fries, a tremendous, salty leg of something too big to finish, and rice pudding. The monastery at Samos is huge, fully restored, and beautiful. Only a few monks still reside there, so most of it is used as an art museum. I stepped on the waist belt buckle of my pack and cracked it in two places, but it works OK for the time being.
Albergue: Monastery at Samos
Kilometer: 37 807
Weather: clear, humid, warm. Mud and puddles, as well as slower walkers, told me much rain had fallen along today's section.

My broken backpack belt Buckle

Tuesday, August 16th 2011
Mint and blackberries were today's wild foods. There were few potable water taps and benches, which seems odd considering the increased pilgrim traffic due to the 100 kilometer mark I reached at the end of the day. 100 km is the minimum to have a get a pilgrimage certificate from the Santiago Cathedral, so many pilgrims start here, and the increase in walker density is obvious. I had an empanada and pineapple juice for dinner.
Albergue: Portomarin
Kilometer: 35 842
Weather: clear, humid, warm

Sarria Mosaic

Wednesday, August 17th 2011
Because it's the holiday season in Spain and within the last 100 kilometers to Santiago, many Albergues were full and I had to walk 50 kilometers before finding a bed. Most churches were closed; odd considering the huge volume of pilgrims here. I saw a green lizard, a first. Most have earthtone camouflage patterns. Dinner was green salad, fries, ribs with picante sauce, and Santiago pastry (dense almond flavored cake topped with powdered sugar). Three groups of pilgrims coalesced into one to booze it up 'til midnight; Six Spaniards, a Korean (Young Jun), and myself. Then I retrieved my laundry from the line while thinking hard about which way might be up.
Albergue: Castaneda
Kilometer: 50 892
Weather: morning fog and mist, afternoon clear, humid, warm

Castaneda Group

Thursday, August 18th 2011
I took an easy day and stopped at noon to ensure space in an Albergue. Half an hour later it was full, so I think I made the right choice. For dinner I had an empanada, meat, potato and carrot stew, and a whipped cheesecake with cake crust and a liquor-syrup sauce topping.
Albergue: Santa Irene
Kilometer: 25 917
Weather: clear, humid, warm

Stone Map at Santa Irena

Friday, August 19th 2011
I walked to Santiago, visited the cathedral, saw the requilery of Saint James and the famous giant flaming swinging incense burner, went to mass, and decided the city was way too crowded for my tastes. I walked west to Negreira with Young Jun, the Korean fellow from a few nights past. West of Santiago there were few farms but lots of pine or eucalyptus tree plantations for paper pulp. There were some semi mechanized harvests in process. Modern subdivisions were scattered along the route. Wilds foods included blackberries, mint, and anise seeds. For dinner I had a selection of different Spanish sausages in a salad, then a ham and cheese omlette with rice, finishing with an ice cream cup. We stopped at a fruit stand to get something for breakfast, and the owner gave us a bunch of extra plums because they were getting too ripe. They were excellent. In Korea, there are 2 long distance walks. One, around Jeju or Olleh island, is about 200 kilometers. The island is one of the most beautiful places in Korea. The other goes from Ddang Ggeut or the end of the world to Im jim gak, or from the southwest to the northeast of South Korea, and is 500 kilometers long.
Albergue: Negreira
Kilometer: 46 963
Weather: clear, humid, warm

Ceramic Trail Blaze

Saturday, August 20th 2011
There were cornfields and cattle grazing, raspberries, and very hot weather. I had a squid sandwich for lunch. Dinner was a ham omlette, beef ribs, fries, bread, red wine, and ice cream.
Albergue: Olveiroa
Kilometer: 30 993
Weather: clear, humid, hottest day yet, some breeze


Sunday, August 21st 2011
I walked with Jun and another Korean, Hyun Woo, for much of the day. As we walked out the peninsula, there were views of the inlet to the south. There were also cornfields, cattle grazing, and tree plantations. There was much gorse and heather. After a mid afternoon meal of fried squid and potatoes, we walked to the Finisterre cape, or the end of the world, and watched the sunset to celebrate the end of a long journey. We brought beers, sangria, cookies, chips, and etcetera to share with the other pilgrims. I met a few pilgrims I hadn't seen in some time, including Terry from my first walking day. There was a fire where some pilgrims burned worn gear. It was quite a scene. It included the first real, drenching rain of the trip.
Albergue: Finisterre
Kilometer: 41 1034
Weather: clear, humid, some sea breeze, rain

Sunset at Finnisterre

Saturday, August 22nd 2011
I got up at 6:30, but it was pouring rain and dark, so I returned to my bed. At 7:30 it was light and the rain had tapered off to a misty, drizzly fog. The route was not on the coast, but the coast was often in view when the fog allowed. Thick fog seems to me to make the world quieter, and I like the way fog makes the scenery fade into whiteness. So I enjoyed the weather. Still, after many hours of cold and damp, I was pretty tired in Muxia. Muxia, like Finnisterre, is on a beautiful rocky peninsula, and I enjoyed a walk on its beaches and rocky coastline.
Albergue: Muxia
Kilometer: 33 1067
Weather: fog, drizzle, mud, puddles

Some Locations along the Camino de Santiago

Place Latitude Longitude Elevation
Date & Time Comment
AlbergueRoncesvalles 43.010487 -1.319160 923 2011-07-21T04:45:37Z  
AuritzBurguete 42.993708 -1.329501 872 2011-07-21T05:22:29Z  
Irati 42.979393 -1.370334 833 2011-07-21T06:35:26Z  
Bizkarreta 42.967330 -1.418640 744 2011-07-21T08:32:23Z  
Alto de Erro 42.941445 -1.470497 765 2011-07-21T10:29:42Z  
Zubiri 42.929876 -1.503304 503 2011-07-21T11:27:02Z  
Ezkirotz 42.908271 -1.524412 494 2011-07-22T05:07:14Z  
Larrasoana 42.903573 -1.538961 467 2011-07-22T05:46:32Z  
Zuriain 42.878438 -1.565521 439 2011-07-22T07:14:11Z  
Zabaldika 42.856134 -1.581689 476 2011-07-22T08:40:46Z  
Trinidad de Arre 42.836147 -1.604208 403 2011-07-22T10:01:02Z  
Gazetelua Gotorlekua 42.836106 -1.597056 562 2011-07-22T12:17:30Z  
PortalDeFranciaZumalacarregui 42.820968 -1.643319 392 2011-07-3T06:08:33Z  
Pamplona Ciudadella BusStation 42.811858 -1.646070 406 2011-07-23T07:47:52Z  
Jaca Cathedral 42.570500 -0.549228 798 2011-07-23T14:18:28Z  
+GR65.3 65.3.2 42.555836 -0.604114 681 2011-07-24T05:41:39Z  
Atares 42.532479 -0.625394 742 2011-07-24T07:41:11Z  
NewMonastary 42.508135 -0.665846 1170 2011-07-24T10:54:04Z  
OldMonastarySanJuanDeLaPena 42.507499 -0.673637 1080 2011-07-24T11:48:27Z  
Santa Cruz de la Seros 42.522871 -0.674396 775 2011-07-24T12:54:31Z  
+GR65.3.2 65.3 42.555017 -0.701497 654 2011-07-24T14:32:14Z  
Puente la Reina de Jaca 42.555154 -0.785978 567 2011-07-25T06:40:45Z  
Arres 42.555978 -0.827761 669 2011-07-25T07:49:39Z  
Artiedo 42.587086 -0.984363 615 2011-07-25T13:21:52Z  
Ruesta 42.588840 -1.076760 524 2011-07-26T07:09:21Z  
Undues de Lerda 42.565659 -1.168991 602 2011-07-26T15:40:10Z  
Sanguesa 42.572838 -1.285485 351 2011-07-27T07:27:01Z  
Rocaforte 42.592170 -1.288918 388 2011-07-28T05:00:21Z  
Fuente de San Francisco 42.594730 -1.293694 394 2011-07-28T05:14:55Z  
+Carraterra Camino de Santiago 42.621902 -1.350569 617 2011-07-28T06:45:29Z  
Loiti Ridgeline 42.652757 -1.408220 694 2011-07-28T08:42:06Z  
Izco 42.657011 -1.428260 630 2011-07-28T09:36:50Z  
Monreal 42.705019 -1.508218 492 2011-07-28T14:32:18Z  
Yarnoz 42.711719 -1.549204 488 2011-07-29T05:19:04Z  
Guerendiain 42.706115 -1.602715 526 2011-07-29T07:19:55Z  
Murugain 42.667391 -1.665252 507 2011-07-29T10:03:54Z  
Ermita de Santa Maria de Eunate 42.672545 -1.761449 354 2011-07-29T12:48:17Z  
Onate 42.679363 -1.783506 378 2011-07-29T14:12:15Z  
Puente la Reina 42.673574 -1.810489 321 2011-07-29T14:59:28Z  
Maneru 42.668736 -1.862234 405 2011-07-30T05:25:39Z  
Cirauqui 42.676010 -1.890289 434 2011-07-30T06:05:49Z  
Lorca 42.673068 -1.944377 424 2011-07-30T07:34:32Z  
Villatuerta 42.659397 -1.991715 371 2011-07-30T08:53:06Z  
Lizarra Estella 42.667872 -2.023054 380 2011-07-30T10:01:50Z  
Bodegas Irache Free Wine Tap 42.650939 -2.043756 461 2011-07-30T11:19:51Z  
Azqueta 42.635782 -2.086442 529 2011-07-30T12:55:24Z  
Villamayor de Monjardin 42.629510 -2.104127 639 2011-07-30T16:28:09Z  
Los Arcos 42.569125 -2.192667 414 2011-07-31T06:25:04Z  
Sansol 42.554410 -2.266526 462 2011-07-31T08:09:49Z  
Torres del Rio 42.551863 -2.270871 433 2011-07-31T08:38:44Z  
Viana 42.515414 -2.374315 445 2011-07-31T11:24:18Z  
ErmitaDeLaVirgenDeCuevas 42.497394 -2.388972 381 2011-07-31T12:16:15Z  
Lograno 42.468141 -2.444815 382 2011-07-31T14:11:57Z  
San Juan de Acre 42.434887 -2.551017 472 2011-08-01T06:25:06Z  
Navarrete 42.429357 -2.561524 512 2011-08-01T06:46:29Z  
Ventosa 42.405834 -2.625953 635 2011-08-01T08:39:31Z  
Najera 42.418445 -2.723790 522 2011-08-01T10:51:41Z  
Azofra 42.424987 -2.800426 575 2011-08-01T13:49:34Z  
Ciruena 42.418448 -2.885809 718 2011-08-02T06:14:21Z  
Santo Domingo de la Calzada 42.439302 -2.945300 636 2011-08-02T07:32:53Z  
Granon 42.451429 -3.024959 709 2011-08-02T10:43:44Z  
Redecilla del Camino 42.438742 -3.063109 722 2011-08-02T11:37:57Z  
Castildelgado 42.436534 -3.085021 748 2011-08-02T12:15:26Z  
Viloria 42.426376 -3.100838 768 2011-08-02T12:39:03Z  
Villamayor del Rio 42.427586 -3.135947 756 2011-08-02T13:21:43Z  
Belorado 42.418038 -3.183465 756 2011-08-02T15:34:14Z  
Tosantos 42.413207 -3.243987 751 2011-08-03T05:35:01Z  
Villambistia 42.404738 -3.261094 791 2011-08-03T05:58:11Z  
Espinosa del Camino 42.405581 -3.279565 818 2011-08-03T06:29:31Z  
Villafranca Montes de Oca 42.388853 -3.309157 864 2011-08-03T07:19:01Z  
San Juan de Ortega 42.375772 -3.437317 919 2011-08-03T10:29:48Z  
Ages 42.369778 -3.478612 883 2011-08-03T11:27:53Z  
Atapuerca 42.376408 -3.506757 870 2011-08-03T13:07:20Z  
Cardenuela Riopico 42.359431 -3.559782 840 2011-08-04T05:45:39Z  
Burgos 42.341509 -3.706651 847 2011-08-04T13:35:48Z  
Tardajos 42.349110 -3.814721 776 2011-08-05T06:27:16Z  
Rabe de las Calzadas 42.345010 -3.829618 781 2011-08-05T06:50:08Z  
Hornillos del Camino 42.338622 -3.923711 778 2011-08-05T08:51:50Z  
Hontanas 42.312653 -4.044436 832 2011-08-05T11:33:22Z  
Hospital San Anton 42.292446 -4.098762 779 2011-08-05T12:55:44Z  
Castrojariz 42.289642 -4.142876 793 2011-08-05T16:15:01Z  
San Nicolas de Puentitero 42.278974 -4.243266 766 2011-08-06T06:34:58Z  
Itero de la Vega 42.287309 -4.260253 768 2011-08-06T07:10:19Z  
Boadilla del Camino 42.258619 -4.347430 783 2011-08-06T09:09:39Z  
Fromesta 42.265519 -4.406637 783 2011-08-06T11:13:43Z  
Poblacion de Campos 42.268822 -4.444946 787 2011-08-06T12:51:54Z  
Revenga de Camino 42.285222 -4.481381 779 2011-08-07T05:05:54Z  
Villarmenteros de Campos 42.297597 -4.498984 780 2011-08-07T05:36:07Z  
Villalcazar de Sirga 42.315075 -4.543333 787 2011-08-07T06:29:54Z  
Carrion de los Condes 42.337509 -4.596854 811 2011-08-07T07:38:55Z  
Calzadilla de la Cueza 42.329114 -4.802803 847 2011-08-07T13:02:20Z  
Ledigos 42.353581 -4.865730 813 2011-08-08T05:05:59Z  
Terradillos de los Templarios 42.363923 -4.889316 811 2011-08-08T05:47:02Z  
Moratinos 42.360360 -4.925704 794 2011-08-08T06:32:20Z  
San Nicolas dal Real Camino 42.364359 -4.950725 774 2011-08-08T07:02:18Z  
Sahagun 42.370771 -5.029205 750 2011-08-08T08:55:42Z  
Calzada del Coto 42.385576 -5.078190 739 2011-08-08T10:10:35Z  
Calzadilla de los Hermanillos 42.433107 -5.153812 804 2011-08-08T12:47:23Z  
Mansilla de las Mulas 42.501136 -5.419737 680 2011-08-09T09:22:12Z  
Villamoros de Mansilla 42.532372 -5.442691 679 2011-08-09T10:36:30Z  
Puente Villarente 42.545623 -5.457232 682 2011-08-09T13:47:45Z  
Sanfelismo 42.562500 -5.483101 721 2011-08-10T05:10:00Z  
Arcahueja 42.566242 -5.493588 730 2011-08-10T05:26:03Z  
Valdelafuente 42.570880 -5.513285 758 2011-08-10T05:57:57Z  
Leon Cathedral 42.599168 -5.567262 722 2011-08-10T07:46:16Z  
Virgen del Camino 42.579868 -5.641749 810 2011-08-10T10:11:19Z  
Fresno del Camino 42.565535 -5.653678 784 2011-08-10T11:01:12Z  
Oncina de la Valdoncina 42.552886 -5.659756 773 2011-08-10T11:23:12Z  
Chozas de Abajo 42.509595 -5.688165 798 2011-08-10T12:34:37Z  
Villar de Mazarife 42.483907 -5.725636 805 2011-08-10T15:21:02Z  
Villavante 42.461787 -5.834383 762 2011-08-11T06:13:48Z  
Hospital de Orbigo 42.463593 -5.882374 749 2011-08-11T07:53:22Z  
Villares de Orbigo 42.469732 -5.910291 760 2011-08-11T08:35:36Z  
Santibanez de Valdeiglesias 42.458838 -5.931739 785 2011-08-11T09:23:12Z  
San Justo de la Vega 42.454158 -6.017829 784 2011-08-11T11:24:22Z  
Astorga 42.455621 -6.052725 827 2011-08-11T16:31:48Z  
Murias de Rechivaldo 42.459649 -6.105152 828 2011-08-12T05:12:43Z  
Santa Catalina de Samoza 42.455417 -6.159879 923 2011-08-12T06:12:02Z  
El Ganso 42.462816 -6.208351 954 2011-08-12T07:05:03Z  
Rabanal del Camino 42.481294 -6.280940 1073 2011-08-12T08:37:24Z  
Foncebadon 42.491152 -6.342519 1354 2011-08-12T10:27:01Z  
Cruz de Ferro 42.489696 -6.361735 1421 2011-08-12T11:06:46Z  
Manjarin 42.490391 -6.387145 1366 2011-08-12T11:51:02Z  
El Acebo 42.497853 -6.456106 1106 2011-08-12T13:26:08Z  
Riego de Ambros 42.520725 -6.478550 900 2011-08-12T14:22:35Z  
Molinaseca 42.537452 -6.518123 567 2011-08-13T05:18:47Z  
Ponferrada 42.543935 -6.592682 519 2011-08-13T06:58:44Z  
Columbrianos 42.572025 -6.605487 530 2011-08-13T08:24:25Z  
Fuentesnuevas 42.576780 -6.638800 495 2011-08-13T09:07:04Z  
Camponaraya 42.579541 -6.668541 482 2011-08-13T10:03:04Z  
Cacabalos 42.597273 -6.713318 496 2011-08-13T11:00:37Z  
Pierros 42.605817 -6.750168 543 2011-08-13T12:10:49Z  
Villafranca dal Bierzo 42.603938 -6.808268 545 2011-08-13T14:37:56Z  
Dragonte 42.607003 -6.865382 948 2011-08-14T05:46:58Z  
+GR11Camino de los Franceses 42.605262 -6.880709 1022 2011-08-14T06:10:55Z  
+GR11AsphaltRoadRutaDelSantiago 42.607877 -6.887870 964 2011-08-14T06:38:12Z  
Moral de Valcarce 42.607000 -6.898046 898 2011-08-14T06:51:50Z  
Old Watermill Stream 42.610110 -6.906507 772 2011-08-14T07:09:15Z  
Villar de Corrales 42.617128 -6.910000 956 2011-08-14T07:38:08Z  
+TurnLeftRutaDeValdelobasSantia 42.625910 -6.914033 977 2011-08-14T08:14:27Z  
San Fiz do Seo 42.639670 -6.917741 672 2011-08-14T09:02:00Z  
Villasinde 42.647355 -6.953649 843 2011-08-14T10:27:40Z  
+Dirt Roads GR11 42.654594 -6.967926 970 2011-08-14T11:10:59Z  
+GR11 Dirt Road 42.660564 -6.969361 975 2011-08-14T11:27:17Z  
Herrerias 42.670940 -6.980670 656 2011-08-14T12:22:12Z  
La Faba 42.683761 -7.006931 880 2011-08-14T13:19:20Z  
Laguna de Castilla 42.702270 -7.022666 1110 2011-08-15T05:13:03Z  
Border of Galicia 42.706064 -7.031734 1188 2011-08-15T05:31:42Z  
O Cebreiro 42.707878 -7.043681 1239 2011-08-15T05:51:47Z  
Linares 42.698425 -7.074345 1168 2011-08-15T06:40:04Z  
Alto de San Roque 42.698547 -7.084234 1205 2011-08-15T06:53:23Z  
Hospital da Condesa 42.704685 -7.099451 1172 2011-08-15T07:24:49Z  
Alto do Poio 42.712631 -7.126075 1216 2011-08-15T08:30:41Z  
Fonfria 42.731180 -7.156917 1221 2011-08-15T09:14:01Z  
Viduedo 42.743518 -7.178012 1124 2011-08-15T09:43:56Z  
Filloval 42.744091 -7.204783 900 2011-08-15T10:20:29Z  
As Pasantes 42.748910 -7.219789 745 2011-08-15T10:41:38Z  
Ramil 42.755972 -7.233284 642 2011-08-15T11:01:20Z  
Triacastela 42.756028 -7.238352 617 2011-08-15T11:07:18Z  
San Cristobo do Real 42.739776 -7.274208 538 2011-08-15T12:04:46Z  
Vigo do Real 42.739768 -7.290821 548 2011-08-15T12:30:53Z  
Lastres 42.740451 -7.295016 533 2011-08-15T12:36:57Z  
San Martino 42.737832 -7.315919 513 2011-08-15T13:18:27Z  
Samos 42.732337 -7.325047 489 2011-08-15T18:10:04Z  
Santa Uxia de Pascais 42.736906 -7.346525 509 2011-08-16T04:57:03Z  
Gorolfe 42.740081 -7.355334 450 2011-08-16T05:18:14Z  
Hospital 42.773433 -7.362994 446 2011-08-16T06:49:34Z  
San Mamede 42.773254 -7.370046 433 2011-08-16T07:00:51Z  
Sarria 42.775144 -7.408815 375 2011-08-16T08:05:47Z  
Vilei 42.768734 -7.444152 473 2011-08-16T09:15:26Z  
Barbadelo 42.765912 -7.450471 503 2011-08-16T09:26:46Z  
Rente 42.768284 -7.458580 548 2011-08-16T09:38:43Z  
Ferreiros 42.783968 -7.529600 616 2011-08-16T11:50:45Z  
Pena 42.784778 -7.541239 602 2011-08-16T12:04:16Z  
Moutras 42.789497 -7.570595 506 2011-08-16T12:44:11Z  
As Cortes 42.791874 -7.599040 445 2011-08-16T13:29:05Z  
Portomarin 42.807842 -7.615173 381 2011-08-16T16:23:57Z  
Gonzar 42.826302 -7.696104 527 2011-08-17T06:18:01Z  
Castromeior 42.831547 -7.708464 572 2011-08-17T06:34:56Z  
Ligonde 42.857224 -7.778649 594 2011-08-17T08:10:50Z  
Airexe 42.864644 -7.786698 590 2011-08-17T08:24:45Z  
Portos 42.873660 -7.806873 548 2011-08-17T08:51:27Z  
Valos 42.873118 -7.822322 599 2011-08-17T09:09:22Z  
O Rosario 42.874905 -7.851042 592 2011-08-17T09:44:49Z  
Palas de Rei 42.872740 -7.868308 576 2011-08-17T10:11:50Z  
Pallota 42.875117 -7.905138 429 2011-08-17T10:59:17Z  
Casanova 42.878891 -7.925877 445 2011-08-17T11:23:47Z  
Lebriero 42.887996 -7.965929 424 2011-08-17T12:09:30Z  
Furelos 42.908778 -7.998829 393 2011-08-17T12:56:50Z  
Melide 42.913028 -8.011393 424 2011-08-17T13:11:52Z  
Carballal 42.912310 -8.030762 402 2011-08-17T14:00:24Z  
Castaneda 42.925024 8.097569 407 2011-08-17T16:50:13Z  
Ribadiso 42.930814 -8.133815 335 2011-08-18T05:43:17Z  
Arzua 42.929170 -8.155163 397 2011-08-18T06:16:41Z  
Barrosa 42.927398 -8.173431 357 2011-08-18T06:40:49Z  
Preguntono 42.923036 -8.184993 337 2011-08-18T06:57:01Z  
Peroxa 42.926710 -8.195084 387 2011-08-18T07:10:43Z  
Taberna Vella 42.928544 -8.214404 401 2011-08-18T07:46:21Z  
A Calzada 42.925844 -8.222422 386 2011-08-18T07:55:13Z  
Boavista 42.921793 -8.255893 379 2011-08-18T08:36:40Z  
Salceda 42.926261 -8.278531 370 2011-08-18T09:00:47Z  
Rabina 42.918338 -8.309175 363 2011-08-18T09:46:10Z  
Santa Irene 42.918193 -8.335834 353 2011-08-18T10:32:19Z  
Monte do Gozo 42.889320 -8.493892 344 2011-08-19T07:30:42Z  
Ventosa 42.880958 -8.624383 154 2011-08-19T14:40:59Z  
Augapesada 42.888937 -8.645746 48 2011-08-19T15:09:42Z  
Carballo 42.891233 -8.671907 244 2011-08-19T15:51:54Z  
Trasmsnte Reino 42.896435 -8.687433 186 2011-08-19T16:15:13Z  
Burgueiros 42.900365 -8.688700 168 2011-08-19T16:21:05Z  
A Ponte Maceira 42.906060 -8.695137 147 2011-08-19T16:32:56Z  
Barca 42.905476 -8.715226 121 2011-08-19T16:59:22Z  
Negriera 42.911076 -8.734131 131 2011-08-19T19:41:26Z  
Vilacerio 42.942832 -8.849865 327 2011-08-20T08:11:43Z  
Cornado 42.957240 -8.860367 308 2011-08-20T08:37:23Z  
Santa Marina 42.956906 -8.919218 300 2011-08-20T09:57:45Z  
Bon Xesus 42.959279 -8.946348 334 2011-08-20T10:28:15Z  
Lago 42.962641 -8.974563 312 2011-08-20T11:23:00Z  
Abeleiroas 42.962741 -8.983749 304 2011-08-20T11:39:16Z  
San Cristobal Corzon 42.961085 -9.003019 265 2011-08-20T12:05:46Z  
Ponte Olveira 42.963916 -9.019301 235 2011-08-20T12:25:51Z  
Hospital 42.982740 -9.078023 327 2011-08-21T05:55:26Z  
Crucero d Armada 42.961448 -9.176654 238 2011-08-21T08:52:50Z  
Cee 42.948348 -9.181637 22 2011-08-21T09:23:21Z  
Estorde 42.943632 -9.217421 0 2011-08-21T12:10:53Z  
Sardineiro 42.943109 -9.228988 15 2011-08-21T12:25:34Z  
Finisterre Town 42.907956 -9.263395 3 2011-08-21T14:57:18Z  
Cabo Finisterre Lighthouse 42.882628 -9.271682 105 2011-08-21T17:49:17Z  
San Martino 42.922848 -9.273005 73 2011-08-22T06:15:40Z  
Hermedesuxo 42.931482 -9.269728 40 2011-08-22T06:39:14Z  
Padris 42.969362 -9.251330 40 2011-08-22T08:11:05Z  
Lires 42.997100 -9.246828 0 2011-08-22T09:04:11Z  
Baosilveiro 43.012165 -9.233301 46 2011-08-22T09:47:58Z  
Xurarantes 43.078784 -9.213312 70 2011-08-22T11:58:53Z  
Muxia 43.101837 -9.215451 0 2011-08-22T13:14:15Z  
Santiago Seminario Menor 42.877124 -8.537337 215 2011-08-23T11:58:07Z  
Santiago Cathedral 42.880587 -8.546206 215 2011-08-23T12:28:24Z  
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