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Southern California PCT Corridor Maps
Source Map Name # Want?
San Diego County
There are trails paralleling the PCT through much of San Diego. Both the EP and THM Anza Borrego maps show these routes across the county. The THM is plastic and covers to the Mexican Border, so is my preference.

If walking from the Salton Sea, it would be helpful to have some map of the Occotillo Wells Off Road Vehicle Area, as the routes are signed at intersections and regular intervals. A map with these route names would make navigation much easier.
Earthwalk Press Anza Borrego Desert Region
PCT from north of Interstate 8 to town of Anza. West to Cuyamacas, east to part of Salton Sea. Paper.
- Have
THM San Diego Backcountry / Anza Borrego Desert State Park
PCT from Mexico to Anza. West to Cuyamacas, east to part of Salton Sea.
- Have
THM Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Trails west of the PCT. Camping only in campgrounds and 2 designated backcountry sites. This detail map shows trails not on the Anza Borrego region maps.
- Have
Franko San Diego County Coast
Oceanside to Mexico
- Have
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
It would be interesting to walk from Pines to Palms Highway 74 to Palm Springs through the area east of the south San Jacintos hogback, perhaps regaining the San Jacintos via the Cactus to Crest Trail. There are multiple trails, and looping may be worthwhile: I'll need to read up. The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, the BLM, and the San Bernadino National Forest all manage parts of the area, either in section checkerboards or in larger swaths of land. The Indians charge 9 dollars for a permit. The Wilderness Press San Bernadino Map shows these routes.
USFS Santa Rosa Wilderness
1989, 1 1/2" to the Mile (1:42,240), Contour Interval 80 Feet, Paper, $8.00
This 19,800 acre wilderness is in the Santa Rosa Mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest. Vegetation ranges from desert agave and creosote to mountain pinon pine and juniper. Unique plants and bighorn sheep can sometimes be found in this area.
- Want
THM San Jacinto Wilderness
PCT from Pines to Palms Highway 74 to I10 San Gorgonio Pass. West of Idylwild to east escarpment of range, but not Santa Rosa areas, Indian lands, Cactus to Crest Trail, or Palm Springs.
- No
Wilderness Press San Bernadino Mountains
PCT from Pines to Palms Highway 74 to I15. Parallel routes shown most places. Topo lines at 2000 foot intervals; not detailed enough to understand terrain. Much information useful to hikers missing. Includes Santa Rosa areas, Indian lands, Cactus to Crest Trail, and Palm Springs.
- Have
- Indian Canyons Trail Guide PDF file
Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Shows most Indian trails including Jo Pond Trail leaving the PCT near Cedar Springs. The PCT Mountain Fire closure is just north of this trail junction. On the west edge, it probably matches the east edge of THM/SJW. It probably covers the eastern extent of the trail system. It covers neither as far north as the Cactus to Crest Trail or Palm Springs, nor as far south as Pines to Palms Highway 74.
- Have File
- Mount San Jacinto State Park PDF file
Topo and trail map of the San Jacinto Range, Cactus to Crest Trail not shown.
- Have File
San Gorgonio Wilderness to I15
The Wilderness Press San Bernadino Map shows multiple non PCT routes into Big Bear. Some dirt roads bag peaks or visit mines. Alternative routes near Lake Arrowhead and Silverwood Lake are shown.
THM San Gorgonio Wilderness
PCT from Mesa Windfarm to Coon Creek Cabin and Tiger Cages. Whitewater Preserve and Stonehouse side hike loops. Catclaw / Whitewater Landing side stub trail ~10 miles round trip. Many trails looping west of Mission Springs (San Gorgonio Wilderness permit required; Barton Flats Visitor Center ~10 miles WNW of Mission Springs/PCT.) CRHT on dirt road near Mission Springs not shown.
- Have
I15 to Agua Dulce
I need some map from I15 to Mormon Rocks, but the two THM maps below show several alternate and side trips
THM Angeles High Country
PCT from Mormon Rocks to Silver Moccasin Trail Junction. Baldy area. Frog detour. Waterman Trail. At least one alternate route across most of map.
- Have
THM Angeles Front Country
PCT from Pacifico Mountain and Mill Creek Summit through Vasquez Rocks. Multiple alternate routes across most of map via trails and dirt roads. Water? Soledad Canyon train tracks carrying Los Angeles Metrolink Commuter Trains, stations ~20 miles east and ~20 miles west at Via Princessa.
- Have
I need to find maps of the Pelona Ridge area north of Agua Dulce through Green Valley, continuing through the Sawmill / Liebre ridge south of the Mojave, and the Tehachapis. 811 below?
NGTI Angeles National Forest Trail Map
Need to see. Probably similar to THM above, but looks to cover more to the west (walk to the sea via 253, 812, and 813?) and north (PCT north of Agua Dulce?).
811 Yes
The following maps and 811 might be used to walk to the coast from the Angeles National Forest. Amtrak Surfliner commuter trains from San Luis Obispo or other coastal towns south and Los Angeles Metrolink trains could return me to the Agua Dulce / PCT area.
NGTI Los Padres National Forest East
812 Have
THM Sespe Wilderness
Contains Sespe Condor Sactuary. One or more routes across. Similar to 812?
- Have
NGTI Los Padres National Forest West
Routes across this map to San Luis Obispo (Mission, Train Station) seem OK. Train stations in Goleta and Gaviota Beach too.
813 Have
NGTI Big Sur Ventana Wilderness Los Padres National Forest
Coastal Range from Hearst Castle to Monterrey Bay.
814 Have
NGTI Santa Monica Mountains NRA
Coastal Range from Point Mugu Pacific Missile Test Center west to Santa Monica. No access to Channel Islands ferries. Backbone Trail along crest of range, California Coastal Trail on beach.
253 Have
NGTI Channel Islands National Park
Between the various islands, there's a week of hiking. Permits and ferry reservations would be needed. Would have to walk to Ventura or Santa Barbara. Rent mask and wetsuit? The ferry would be about $80 for overnighters. Camping would be ~$15/night, requires reservations, and is in designated campgrounds or beaches in some seasons. Ferries are more limited than camping: get a ferry reservation first. Water must be brought over on the boat.

San Miguel may be closed for some time to assess and possibly clean up ordnance remaining after its use as a bombing range during and after WWII.

Anacapa Island has only a few miles of trails.

Santa Cruz Island has several days worth of hiking, but all camping is done in the NPS eastern ¼ of the island: The Nature Conservancy owns the western ¾ of the island.

Santa Barbara Island could be explored in a day.

Santa Rosa Island has a few days of hiking. It has been closed twice in 2014.
252 Have
NGTI Joshua Tree National Park
East of PCT. Late fall or early spring might be cool in the valley while the surrounding mountains might be snowy in winter. A bike might be a good way to cover the roads.
226 Have
NGTI Mojave National Preserve
East of PCT. Late fall or early spring might be cool in the valley while the surrounding mountains might be snowy in winter. A bike might be a good way to cover the roads.
256 Have
THM Death Valley National Park
East of PCT. Late fall or early spring might be cool in the valley while the surrounding mountains might be snowy in winter. A bike might be a good way to cover the roads.
- Have
THM: Tom Harrison Maps
NGTI: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps

Sierra Nevada PCT Corridor Maps
The following maps generally show many interesting routes west of the PCT. Generally, they do not cover the routes east to the resupply towns along US395. See the Inyo NF Map Book below.
Source Map Name # Want?
7½' Inyo National Forest Atlas of 7½' Topo Maps
Many days of interesting hiking. Shows trails to US395 resuppy towns: most commercial maps end well west of 395.
- Have
USFS Dome Land Wilderness
1991, Scale - 1" to the Mile (1:63,360), Topo, Contour Interval 80 Feet, Paper

The Dome Land Wilderness derives its name from the massive granite domes, rugged cliffs, and unique geological formations found throughout this scenic area. The majority of the Dome Land is semiarid to desert-like in apperance. Vegetation is primarily pinyon pine woodlands in the eastern half and Jeffrey pine in the western half with red fir, lodgepole and foxtail pines at the higher elevations. There are unique varieties of Potentilla, buckwheat, phacelia and nemacladus found within the Wilderness boundaries.

The geology of the area is dominated by Mesozoic granitic rock with numerous domes. Three major Tertiary volcanic outcrops lie between Taylor and Manter Creeks. There are several small waterfalls along the South Fork of the Kern River, especially on Taylor and Manter Creeks. The River below Rockhouse Meadow flows through a rugged and steep granite gorge with many whitewater rapids.

- Want
THM Golden Trout Wilderness
PCT from Cottonwood Pass to Monache Meadows, west to Sequoia Backcountry. Many days of interesting hiking.
- Have
NGTI Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks
PCT from Piute Canyon Trail and Evolution Meadows to Mount Whitney and Cottonwood Pass / Lone Pine. Many days of interesting hiking.
205 Have
NGTI Shaver Lake
West of Mammoth Lakes / Mono Divide. The area is mostly roaded, except for the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness area, which is covered by Mammoth Lakes / Mono Divide 809. Probably not the best hiking area.
810 No
NGTI Mammoth Lakes / Mono Divide
PCT from Devil's Postpile to Muir Pass. Many days of interesting hiking both east and west of the PCT. ~30 miles of the California Riding and Hiking Trail.
809 Have
NGTI Yosemite
PCT from Dorothy Lake Pass / Emigrant Wilderness to north of Devil's Postpile. Weeks of good hiking, probably more enjoyable off season.
806 Have
THM Yosemite High Country
PCT at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite Valley, south to west of Reds Meadow.
YHC Have
NGTI Merced and Tuolumne Rivers
West of Yosemite and Tuolumne. The entire area is roaded. Probably not the best hiking area.
808 No
NGTI Carson-Iceberg, Emigrant & Mokelumne Wilderness Areas
PCT from south of Tahoe to north of Tuolumne. Tahoe Yosemite Trail, Emigrant Wilderness and many days of other interesting hiking both east and west of the PCT.
807 Have
WP Emigrant Wilderness
Hetch Hetchy to Sonora Pass
EW Have
NGTI Crystal Basin / Silver Fork
Southwest of Lake Tahoe. Along the eastern edges of this map are trailed areas near Silver and Loon Lakes. The Silver Lake area is covered on the north side of 807 Carson-Iceberg, Emigrant & Mokelumne. The Loon Lake area is not covered by maps I have. The small uncovered area is probably not worth buying another map at this time. West of Silver and Loon, the map covers roaded areas.
806 No
THM Lake Tahoe & Tahoe Rim Trail
This area is heavily used and the impacts are obvious. The area to the west may be of interest: I need to review maps (804, 806). Most trails that I have not hiked are in the very heavily used Desolation Wilderness.
- Have
NGTI Yuba & American Rivers
West of Donner Pass, Northwest of Tahoe. Need to see.
804 ?
NGTI Sierra Buttes / Donner Pass
Covers the area east and west of the PCT north of Donner Pass. Most of the land is roaded, some is private or checkerboard. There are a few trails of interest, especially near Donner Pass.
805 Have
THM: Tom Harrison Maps
NGTI: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps

The High Sierra Trail follows good trail from the front country of Sequoia National Park to Mount Whitney. Except for the westernmost day, I've hiked it on various trips.

The Sierra High Route parallels the PCT from Kings Canyon through Tuolumne, following a fairly easy cross country route where possible. I walked much of it in 2012.

The Circle of Solitude is a loop including Bubbs Creek, East Lake, Harrison Pass, Lake South America, the Middle Fork Kern River, the Kern-Kaweah River, Triple Divide Pass, Roaring River and Avalanche Pass. I've hiked most of in 2014 and other times.

PCT Corridor Northern California Maps
Source Map Name # Want?
USFS Lakes Basin Sierra Buttes & Plumas-Eureka State Park
2013, 2 to the mile (1:31,680), Topo Lines, Shaded Relief, Paper, $8
This area offers an abundance of beautiful high mountain lakes with a variety of accessibility along with scenic rugged geological features of granitic ridges and glacially serrated rock outcroppings. Whether you come in spring, summer, fall or winter, many recreation activities are available. This area includes private and public land. The public land is managed by the Plumas National Forest (which includes the Lakes Basin Recreation Area), the Tahoe National Forest, and the Plumas-Eureka State Park.
- Want
USFS Middle Fork Feather River
2006, 1" to the 1/2 Mile (1:31,680), Topo, Paper, $8
- Want
USFS Ishi, Thousand Lakes & Caribou Wilderness
1997, 1" to the Mile (1:63,360), Topo, Plastic
- Want
NGTI Lassen Volcanic National Park
268 ?
Earthwalk Press Lassen Volcanic National Park
Many interesting side routes.
- Have
THM Mt Shasta Wilderness
East of PCT. Shows many routes up Shasta and Shastina.
- Have
USFS Shasta-Trinity National Forest
2010, 1/2" to the Mile (1:126,720), Plastic
- Want
USFS Mt. Shasta & Castle Crags Wilderness
2001, 2" to the Mile (1:31,680), Topo, Contour Interval 80 Feet, Plastic, $9
- Want
USFS Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness
2000, 1" to the Mile (1:63,360), Contour Interval 100 Feet, Plastic, $9
The 151,626 acre Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness lies between the north and south Yolla Bolly Mountains in rugged country of the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Eel River. The Wilderness takes in portions of the Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity, Six Rivers National Forests, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Arcata Resource Area. Elevations range from 2,000 feet in Cottonwood Creek to about 8,000 feet on Yolla Bolly peaks. The Yolla Bolly are the headwaters of three major streams: the Middle Fork of the Eel River, the South Fork of the Trinity River, and the South Fork of Cottonwood Creek.
- Want
1:63,360, Topo, ISBN: 978-1-59351-922-3, 2013, Latitude: 40 37' 30? N to 41 15' 0? N, Longitude: 123 30' 0? W to 122 37' 30? W, Plastic
- Want
1:63,360, topo, ISBN: 978-1-59351-420-4, 2004, Latitude: 41 15' 0? N to 41 45' 0? N, Longitude: 123 30' 0? W to 123 0' 0? W, Plastic
- Want
1:63,360, topo, ISBN: 978-1-59351-473-0, 2008, Latitude: 41 22' 30? N to 41 52' 30? N, Longitude: 123 52' 30? W to 123 22' 30? W, Plastic
- Want
Wilderness Press California's Lost Coast
King Range, Sinkyone Wilderness, Waterproof
- Have

PCT Corridor Oregon Maps
PCT to Ashland Trails
Walking between the PCT near Mount Ashland and Ashland is easy and pleasant, though nearly waterless. A problem is that there are mazes of trails and dirt roads posted with names that really don't help a hiker pick an efficient route. In town, you can find a few hiking maps in tourist flyer racks that help. But it would be better to have the maps earlier so you can take the downhill walk to Ashland. I've gathered a few PDF maps to find something good. USGS Ashland and Mount Ashland 7½' quad maps cover the present dirt roads fairly well, but names don't necesarily match signs along the way, and trails are not shown. USGS Ashland 15' 1954 covers the whole area, but doesn't show all the dirt roads and trails you would encounter. AshlandCreek2Crest.pdf or Creek to Crest Trail System is really just an overview, showing no names or other routes. The best I've found is AshlandtoPCTtrailsMap.pdf or the Ashland Chamber of Commerce "The Ashland Map." It shows enough of the trails and roads, and their names, to be quite useful. I found it online.
NGTI Crater Lake National Park
Shows only a few side routes, but gives a better understanding of the surrounding terrain. The Cleetwood Trail to the Wizard Island Boat is several miles east along the north rim road from the PCT Rim Alternate crossing.
244 Have
USFS Sky Lakes Wilderness
1993, 1" to the Mile, Topo, Paper, $5
- Want
NGTI Maps 818, 819, 820, and 821 provide complete coverage of the PCT across northern Oregon.
NGTI Bend, Three Sisters
818 Have
NGTI Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington
819 Have
NGTI Mount Hood Wilderness [Mount Hood National Forest]
Detail of area within 820.
321 No
NGTI Mount Hood [Mount Hood and Willamette National Forests]
820 Have
NGTI Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
821 Have

PCT Corridor Washington Maps
NGTI Maps 821, 822, 823, 825, 827, and 223 provide complete coverage of the PCT across Washington, with considerable overlap between 827 and 223.
NGTI Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams [Gifford Pinchot National Forest] Many interesting side routes. Special permits near Mts Adams, St Helens, and Margaret. 822 Have
NGTI Goat Rocks, Norse Peak and William O. Douglas Wilderness Areas [Gifford Pinchot, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie, and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests] 823 Have
NGTI Mount Rainier National Park
West of PCT.
217 No
NGTI Issaquah Alps, Mount Si
West of PCT, along I90.
824 No
NGTI Alpine Lakes Wilderness [Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests] 825 Have
NGTI Mount Baker and Boulder River Wilderness Areas [Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest]
West of PCT. Partly on 223.
826 No
NGTI Glacier Peak Wilderness [Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests]
Partly on 223.
827 Have
NGTI North Cascades National Park
Useful for PCT, PNT, along Canadian Border. Many interesting side routes.
223 Have
NGTI Olympic National Park
216 Have

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