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Continental Divide Corridor Maps

Montana and Wyoming CDT Corridor Maps
Source Map Name # Want?
NGTI Glacier Waterton Lakes
This area, though beautiful, was more heavily populated and impacted than I prefer.
215 Have
Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
Burn history maps would help locate less damaged areas. Generally speaking, there was too much traffic, impact from traffic, and damage from burns for my liking. I would want to find lesser used areas than the CDT if I were to return.
USFS Bob Marshall, Great Bear, & Scapegoat Wilderness Areas
CDT from East Glacier to Rogers and Flesher Passes or Lincoln. Vast hiking areas to the west of the CDT.
- Have
Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Maps
GPS Verified trail locations and mileages
River mileages
Shaded topographic relief
Waterproof plastic
1:80,000 Scale
Contour Interval: 100 feet
$14.95 each

Bob Marshall Complex North Half
Entire Great Bear Wilderness
Jewel Basin Hiking Area
Badger Two Medicine Area
Swan Crest

Bob Marshall Complex South Half
Entire Scapegoat Wilderness
Seeley Lake Area
Rocky Mountain Front (West of Augusta)

I need to see these.
- No
Anaconda Pintler Wilderness
This wilderness was my favorite part of the CDT in Montana, due to the many lakes and lush, unspoiled valleys. I need to find a good map and identify routes of interest. I have a PDF map which shows the entire wilderness on one 8½x11 sheet. It shows the major lakes and names, and trails with numbers, and there is a key to 7½' maps, but there's not much detail for navigation. The Beaverhead - Deerlodge NF Central Map, West Side, shows about the same detail.
USFS Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness
$15. www.metskers.com is a source I found. Another is the USFS online store.
- ?
Western Montana
From the Anaconda Pintler to Yellowstone, I'll need to identify the areas that interest me, and find maps, trails, and off trail routes. It's unlikely there will be commercial or updated maps for this area, so 7½' or BLM topo maps may be the best available. A geology book would be interesting. The Beaverhead and Targhee National forest maps may be of use, though they would have little detail.
USFS Beaverhead - Deerlodge NF Central
The west side shows the CDT from Butte, through the Anaconda - Pintler Wilderness and Chief Joseph Pass, and south to Jahnke Mine.
- Have
USFS Bitterroot NF North Half
National Forests north of Darby, north of the CDT at Chief Joseph Pass.
- Have
USFS Beaverhead - Deerlodge NF South
Shows the CDT from Jahnke Mine south and east to Raynolds Pass. This area had much interesting looking hiking. I may want some detail maps.
- Have
Earthwalk Press Sawtooth Wilderness Hiking Map and Guide
Central Idaho, West of the CDT
- Have
NGTI Yellowstone National Park
There are worthless text blocks covering many interesting looking trails in the Absaroka-Beartooth and Teton Wildernesses. The North Absaroka Wilderness, with interesting looking trails, continues off the east side of the map. In Yellowstone, it looks like not all trails are covered, and the mandatory backcountry camps are not shown. Maps 302, 303, 304, and 305 some missing trails and campsites.
201 Have
NGTI Old Faithful
I need to compare this map to 201.
302 Have
NGTI Mammoth Hot Springs
Yellowstone NW ¼
303 Have
NGTI Tower / Canyon
I need to compare this map to 201.
304 Have
NGTI Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone SE ¼
305 Have
NGTI Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness West [Gardiner, Livingston]
North of Yellowstone. Many interesting routes.
721 Have
NGTI Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness East [Cooke City, Red Lodge]
Northeast of Yellowstone. Many interesting routes.
722 Have
NGTI Bozeman, Big Sky, Bridger Range
723 Have
NGTI Missoula, Mission Mountains
724 Have
NGTI Grand Teton National Park
202 Have
USFS Bridger - Teton National Forest
South of the National Park, well south and west of the CDT.
- Have
? Book: Wind River Trails by Finis Mitchell - Need
Earthwalk Press Northern Wind River Range
Many interesting trails.
- Have
Earthwalk Press Southern Wind River Range
Many interesting trails.
- Have
BLM 60'x30' South Pass, Wyoming
National Historic Trails: Oregon Trail - Lander Cutoff, California Trail, Mormon Pioneer Trail, Pony Express Trail, all inBLM lands.
- Have
BLM 60'x30' Farson, Pinedale, Lander, Rattlesnake Hills, and Bairoil , Wyoming would probably continue the NHT themes. Riding these on a bike might be practical: From the CDT they looked like good dirt roads. Want
BLM 60'x30' Rawlins, Wyoming
- Have
BLM: Bureau of Land Management
NGTI: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps
Cairn Cartographics http://cairncarto.com/ produces the following Montana topograhic maps:
Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness
Bob Marshall Country Poster
Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex: North Half
Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex: South Half
Mission Range
Rattlesnake Wilderness and Missoula
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness: North Half
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness: South Half
Beartooth Publishing http://www.beartoothpublishing.com/ produces the following topograhic maps:
Montana Maps
Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness
Beartooth Mountains
Big Sky Area
Bozeman Area
Bozeman, Big Sky, West Yellowstone
Crazy Mountains
Gravelly Range
Tobacco Root Mountains

Wyoming Maps
Teton Range Core Trails
Wind River Range
Wind River Range North
Wind River Range South
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone North
Yellowstone South

Arizona Maps
Sedona Singletrack
Superstition Wilderness

Historic Trails and 30'x60' BLM Quads
of the Southern Wyoming Great Basin CDT Corridor
Afton Pinedale

Interpretive Center
O C MP PE Network

O C MP PE Network
O: Oregon Trail NHT
CL: Landers Cutoff C, O NHT
C: California Tr NHT
MP: Mormon Pioneer NHT
PE: Pony Express NHT
Overland, Rawlins-Fort Washakie Stage, Rawlins-Baggs Stage, Network
Medicine Bow
Baggs Saratoga

New Mexico and southern Colorado CDT Corridor Maps
Source Map Name # Want?
Most of Colorado's CDT was too busy and too motorized for my tastes. The CDT corridor south of Silverton was mostly wilderness and good hiking. This is probably an autumn hike, to allow snow free hiking in Colorado, and to have more water sources due to summer rains in New Mexico, especially in the Gila Range.
NGTI Durango, Cortez
Colorado Trail to Durango
144 Have
NGTI Telluride, Silverton, Ouray, Lake City
Colorado Trail to Durango
141 Have
NGTI Weminuche
Much of interest off the CDT
140 Have
NGTI Pagosa Springs, Bayfield
The north side of this map is public land with interesting trails: to the south are private and Indian lands.
145 Have
NGTI South San Juan, Del Norte
142 Have
NGTI La Garita, Cochetopa Hills
139 Have
NGTI Sangre de Christo Mountains
East of CDT
139 Have
NGTI Bandelier National Monument
209 No
NGTI Carlsbad Caverns National Park
247 No
NGTI Taos, Wheeler Peak
730 No
NGTI Santa Fe, Truchas Peak
731 No
SFNF San Pedro Parks Wilderness
CDT, Much other pretty hiking.
- Have
CNF Mount Taylor Ranger District, Cibola NF
Insufficient Detail for Navigation
- Have
GNF Blue Range Wilderness
1998, 1 1/4" to the Mile, Topo, Plastic, $10
- Want
GNF Gila Wilderness
GET, Wolf CDT, Many more days of hiking. More water in Autumn.
- Have
GNF Aldo Leopold Wilderness
GET, Official CDT, Many more days of hiking. More water in Autumn.
- Have
GNF Gila National Forest
Insufficient detail for navigation.
- Have
SFNF: Santa Fe National Forest
CNF: Cibola National Forest
GNF: Gila National Forest
NGTI: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps

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