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Appalachian Trail Corridor Maps
Source Map Name # Want?
NGTI Everglades National Park
South of the AT
243 Have

Southeastern Traverse
It occurs to me that I could make a long hike in the southeast by linking parts of some well known trails. Some areas may be unfinished, have restricted camping, be too urban, etcetera. At Davenport Gap, on the East of the Smokies, is a ranger station where I might get permits for the Smokies. Except for the Pinhoti and bits of the Benton MacKaye, I have not hiked these:

Trail NameMiles
Benton MacKaye300
Mountains to Sea1,150
Foothills Trail76

Various starting points on the MST are attractive: Asheville, with transportation, further east to pick up Linville Gorge, or at the sea or even the north end of the Outer Banks if I used a bike through the heavily populated coastal area. I could visit Mother Nature's Son if I terminate on the Pinhoti in Alabmama. Or I could loop back east on the Palmetto to stay on trails I've never hiked.

USFS Talladega NF, Talladega and Shoal Creek RD
Southwest of the AT, covers the Pinhoti Trail.
- Have
USFS Pinhoti Trail
New, Waterproof, full length of Talladega NF, Topo
- Have
Additional Pinhoti Information needed: East of Dalton, Highway 278 - Cave Springs- High Point Trailhead, Sylacauga - Flagg Mountain
NGTI Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
South of the AT
795 Have
ATC Chatahoochee NF, Springer Mountain to Bly Gap, Georgia
- Have
ATC Book, North Carolina - Georgia
- Have
USFS Chattahoochee National Forest
Route of Pinhoti in Armuchee Ranger District, Georgia
- Have
USFS Cohutta and Big Frog Wilderness, Georgia - Tennessee
The Benton MacKaye Trail, and many trails west of the BMT. Detail within 777, not required for 2017.
- Have
NGTI Springer and Cohutta Mountains (Chattahoochee National Forest) Trail Map
Pinhoti east of Chatsworth, Benton MacKaye, Appalachian. 777W-778E
777 Have
NGTI Brasstown Bald, Chattooga River (Chattahoochee and Sumter National Forests) Trail Map
Bartram, Palmetto, Foothills, Appalachian. 777W-778E. The Chatooga River and Lake Jocassee is where the movie Deliverance was filmed.
778 Have
Tennessee and the Carolinas
ATC Nantahala NF, Bly Gap to Fontana Dam
- Have 2
PP Erwin Tn - Damascus Va
AT5 Have
ATC Tennessee - North Carolina - Indian Grave Gap to Davenport Gap including Max Patch and Big Bald, 3/4
- Have
TN Tennessee State Highway Map
Benton MacKaye, Appalachian, Cumberland Trails. The CT is shown red where complete and blue where planned, about half and half. The CT is the Great Eastern Trail route through Tennessee.
- Have
NGTI Tellico and Ocoee Rivers (Cherokee National Forest) Trail Map
Benton MacKaye. 781W-784-785-780E
781 Have
NGTI Fontana and Hiwassee Lakes (Nantahala National Forest) Trail Map
Bartram, Appalachian, Benton MacKaye 781W-784-785-780E
784 Have
NGTI Nantahala and Cullasaja Gorges (Nantahala National Forest) Trail Map
Appalachian, Mountains to Sea, Foothill, Bartram Trails 781W-784-785-780E
785 Have
NGTI Pisgah Ranger District (Pisgah National Forest) Trail Map
Foothills, Mountains to Sea, Art Leob Trails 781W-784-785-780E. To jump from the Foothills Trail to the Art Leob Trail along US178, US64, and Cathey's Creek Road would be about 20 miles, most adjacent to NF land.
780 Have
NGTI Great Smoky Mountains NP
Benton MacKaye, Appalachian, Mountains to Sea Trails
229 Have
NGTI Cades Cove, Elkmont: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trail Map
West Detail Map Within 229
316 No
NGTI Clingmans Dome, Cataloochee: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trail Map
Mountains to Sea, Appalachian, Benton MacKaye Trails, East Detail Map Within 229
317 No
NGTI Linville Gorge, Mount Mitchell (Pisgah National Forest) Trail Map
Mountains to Sea, A little bit of the Appalachian
779 Have
NGTI French Broad and Nolichucky Rivers, Cherokee and Pisgah NF, Tennessee and North Carolina
The Appalachian Trail is detailed from Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Erwin, Tennessee.
782 Have
NGTI South Holston and Watauga Lakes (Cherokee and Pisgah National Forests) Trail Map
Appalachian Trail from Erwin, Tennessee to Virginia, few miles of Blue Ridge Parkway near the TN-VA border
783 Have
USFS Middle Prong Wilderness
Mountains to Sea
- 2017
? The Thru-Hiker's Manual for the Palmetto Trail
- 2017
? http://www.ncmst.org/the-trail/trailguide/
Mountains to Sea
- 2017
www.outragegis.com sells the following paper maps:
Red River Gorge Backpacking Map
Sheltowee Trace South Trail Map (includes Big South Fork)
Sheltowee Trace North Trail Map
Cumberland Gap National Park Trail Guide
Great Smoky Mountains Trail Atlas
The Virginias and Kentucky
VA Virginia State Handout Bike Map
The Highway and the Scenic Roads Handouts show the AT, but a handout bike route map also shows: High Bridge Trail State Park, Virginia Capitol Trail, Virginia Creeper Trail, US Bike Route 76, Blue Ridge Parkway, New River Trail State Park, Heart of Appalachia Bike Route, Tobacco Heritage Trail, and a Northern Virginia Trail Network including Mount Vernon, WOD, Cross Country Trail, US Bike Route 1, Cameron Run Trail, Custis Trail, 4 Mile Run Trail, Etcetera, connecting with the Potomac Heritage Trail.
- 2017
WV West Virginia State Handout Highway Map
Shows the AT, the Allegheny Trail, and the American Discovery Trail.
- 2017
Blue: Great Eastern Trail, West of the AT. Allegheny, Tuscarora, C&O, Mid State, Finger Lakes, North Country Trails, Adirondaks.
ATC Wythe RD, George Washington and Jefferson NF
2 Have
ATC New River RD, Jefferson NF
3 Have
ATC Glenwood and New Castle RD, George Washington NF
4 Have
ATC Pedlar RD, Jefferson NF
5 Have
ATC Appalachian Trail Guide to Southwest Virginia (Book) - Have
ATC Appalachian Trail Guide to Central Virginia (Book) - Have
NGTI Clinch Ranger District, Jefferson National Forest
West of other maps
793 ?

Mount Rogers NRA, Jefferson NF, Virginia
786 shows the Appalachian Trail from south of Damacus to north of I81.

The New River Trail is a 57-mile Virginia State Park rail trail donated in 1986 by Norfolk Southern. 39 miles are on the New River. The park's Foster Falls area offers rentals and gift shops. There are two tunnels: 135 feet and 193 feet and three major bridges: Hiwassee - 951 feet, Ivanhoe - 670 feet, and Fries Junction - 1,089 feet. An historic shot tower is over 200 years old. Potable water is available at Galax, Cliffview Campground (Dannelly Park) and Foster Falls as well as at the horse trailer lots at Ivanhoe, Draper and Dora Junction. There are five pit toilets on the trail. There is one primitive, non-reservation campground at Double Shoals.

To jump from the Mountains to Sea Trail to the south end of the New River Trail at Galax would require a ~ 25 mile road walk on on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Stone Mountain State Park to the Cumberland Knob Recreation Area then north on Virginia Road 89.

The 68 mile Virginia Highlands Horse Trail travels west from the New River Trail to Damascus and Abingdon, on I81, via the Appalachian and 34 mile Virginia Creeper Trails.

786 Have
NGTI New River Blueway
This map covers a very large area, so it has less detail than other NGTI maps, and it is only intended for use near the Blue River. Away from the river, the map is printed with a fade and displays less information. Therefore, although the Appalachian, Virginia Highlands Horse, and the Mountains to Sea Trail are shown, their information is less than satisfactory. The New River Trail is shown. From the middle of the New River Trail I could follow the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail to the AT, using map 786. From the north or upstream end of the New River Trail at Pulaski I could probably regain the AT near or south of Pearisburg, probably using map 787, and perhaps in 20-30 miles with some national forest land along the way. The Allegheny Trail departs from the AT north of Pearisburg.
773 Have
NGTI Blacksburg, New River Valley [George Washington and Jefferson National Forests]
In 2017 I'll use this map to connect the New River Trail near Pulaski to the Appalachian and Allegheny Trails near Pearisburg. A few variations of that route are shown. The west side covers the AT. The east side shows the northern terminus of the New River Trail, the Appalachian Trail north and south of Pearisburg, and the southern terminus of the Allegheny Trail. The eastern terminus of the future TuGuNu section of the Great Eastern Trail runs north out of Pearisburg on the New River on the east side. The mile markers of the New River, on the east sheet, are shown.
787 Have
NGTI New River Gorge National River
Detail within 773
242 No
NGTI Covington, Alleghany Highlands [George Washington and Jefferson National Forests]
AT west of Roanoke, Not much of WV, probably not GET/Allegheny, shows a different Alleghany Highlands Trail in Virginia, not needed in 2017.
788 Have
NGTI Lexington Blue Ridge Mountains, GW and Jefferson NF, Virginia
The Appalachian Trail from Roanoke to Waynesboro.
789 Have
USFS Monongahela National Forest
Covers the Allegheny Trail except for the south end. Covers the south end of the GET Tuscarora-Allegheny link, or headwaters section. This type of NF map does not give enough detail for hikers, but covers a wide area, and shows interconnecting roads and trails.
- Have
NGTI Staunton, Shenandoah Mountain [George Washington and Jefferson National Forests]
Allegheny-Tuscarora Link
791 Have
PATC, for the Great Eastern Trail, recommends NGTI 791 and 792 for the southern part of the Tuscarora-Allegheny link. PATC maps F, L and K form the northern part of the link (Map F) and the Tuscarora Trail (all three maps). Entering West Virginia, you will need the Monongahela National Forest map in order to make the connection to the Allegheny Trail. PATC also describes the route in 7 PDFs, Which I downloaded.
NGTI Massanutten and Great North Mountains [George Washington National Forest]
Covers the Tuscarora Trail from the southern terminus / AT to beyond Highway 55; no NG map covers the Potomac River or north on the Tuscarora. Allegheny-Tuscarora Link. Massanutten Trail. A bit of the AT near its Tuscaroara junction.
792 Have
NGTI Shenandoah NP
228 Have
PATC Massanutten Mt-South Half (New Market to Mass. Peak)
West of AT, South of Tuscarora Trail, Narrow mountain ridge extending from New Market Gap (US-211) to the Massanutten Ski Resort area on the southern edge, 28 miles of trails, George Washington National Forest, Massanutten South Trail, water-resistant, 1:63,360, Contour interval 100 feet, UTM, NAD 83.
H No
PATC Massanutten Mountain North Half
From southern junction with AT west and north on Sections 19, 20, 21, and 22 (41.4 miles total) of the 252-mile Tuscarora Trail / Big Blue Trail, North Fork, South Fork Shenandoah River, Fort Valley, Massanutten Trail, (loop trail, 71 miles) George Washington National Forest (Lee District), water-resistant, UTM 17, 1:63,360. Contour interval 100 feet, Elizabeth Furnace, Camp Roosevelt, Woodstock Tower, Shenandoah River State Park, Lion's Tale Trail.
G Have 2
PATC Great North Mountain North Half GWNF
Tuscarora Trail / Big Blue Trail, Section 16-, 17, 18, 19- George Washington National Forest (Lee District), water-resistant, UTM 17S, NAD 83, 1:62,400, 1"/mile, Contour interval 100 feet.
F Have
PATC Tuscarora Tr Hancock Md Capon Springs WV
West Virginia and Virginia Sections 11 through 16 (72.1 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail, Great Eastern Trail on Potomac River, CO Canal Locks 55-53, miles 133-130,Western Maryland Rail Trail, 1:100,000, Contour interval 20 meters, UTM Zone 17, NAD83, 2012 Edition 4 updates include relocation of the Tuscarora Trail in Sleepy Creek WMA and near Gore, VA, four new shelters, future alignment of the T.T. along the ridge of Great North Mountain.
L Have
PATC Appalachian Trail Guide to Maryland and N. Virginia (Book 6) 6 Have
PATC Index Map for PATC Maps in AT folder - PDF
PATC AT Shenandoah National Park North District
SNP Sections 1 and 2 (27.7 miles) of the AT and all side trails in the North District of SNP. Detailed enlargements of Dickey Ridge Visitor Center, Tom Floyd Wayside, Mathews Arm Campground & Elkwallow Wayside, and Thornton Gap - Panorama. Water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock in 5 colors with a scale of 1:62,500 and contour interval of 100 feet. The grid projection is the UTM system with lines plotted 5 kilometers apart. Datum: NAD 83. Shows geographic latitude/longitude grid lines at a 7.5-minute interval.
9 Have
PATC AT N. VA South Half (Snickers Gap to Chester Gap)
Virginia Sections 3, 4, and 5 (34.6 miles) of the A.T. as described in the A.T. Guide for Maryland and Northern Virginia. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock in 6 colors. Scale 1:63,360. Contour interval 100 feet. Shows geographic latitude/longitude grid lines. Has detailed enlargements showing all hiking opportunities in the Sky Meadows State Park and the G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area.
8 Have
PATC AT WV and N.VA - Potomac R & Harpers Ferry to VA 7
Virginia/West Virginia Sections 1 and 2 (19.8 miles) of the A.T. as described in the A.T. Guide for Maryland and Northern Virginia. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock in 6 colors. Scale 1:50,000. Contour interval 10 meters. Has detailed enlargements covering the city of Harpers Ferry, the Blackburn Trail Center, and the Crescent Rock cliff area. The width of the A.T. corridor is shown by an area-fill green tint. The extent of other land holdings (Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, several WV wildlife management areas, and several private foundation parcels) are also shown by area-filled tints of various colors.
7 Have
PATC AT Maryland and Catoctin Trail
Maryland Sections 1 through 7 (40.5 miles) of the A.T. as described in the A.T. Guide for Maryland and Northern Virginia. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock in 6 colors, the map shows UTM grid lines 5-KM apart on NAD83 datum making the map easier to use for those with GPS receivers. All roads have been updated for the 19th edition with a newly colorized enlargement of the Washington Monument State Park and showing all major roads around the center of Waynesboro. The map features the entire blue-blazed Catoctin Trail and all trails in the Catoctin Mountain Park (National Park Service) and the Cunningham Falls State Park. The scale is 1:36,360, and the contour interval is 100 feet.
5/6 Have
NPS Potomac Heritage Trail (Handout)
Great Allegheny Passage, Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, Green Ridge State Forest Trail System, Tuscarora Trail, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Potomac Heritage Trail, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Washington and Old Dominion Trail (bike / rail), Alexandria Heritage Trail, Fort Circle Parks Trail, Mount Vernon Trail, Southern Maryland Potomac Heritage Trail Bicycling Route, Northern Neck Heritage Trail Bicycling Route
NPS Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park (Handout)
180 mile C&O Canal Towpath from Cumberland, Maryland, to Washington DC with mileage, locks, dams, car campgrounds, junctions with Great Alleghany Passage (rail/bike), Carpendale Rail Trail, Western Maryland Rail Trail, Appalachian Trail and Capitol Crescent Trail, (GET and Tuscarora not shown).
- Maps of the Potomac Heritage Trail Corridor
My list of maps, like this list, for the PHNST
- -
PA The Pennsylvania State Handout Highway Map shows quite a network of long trails, including the Appalachian, Mid State, North Country, Great Allegheny Passage, Laurel Highlands, Bucktail, Susquehannock, Pine Creek, Black Forest, and Loyalsock Trails. - Have
ATC Appalachian Trail Guide to Pennsylvania (Book) - Have
PATC AT Michaux State Forest Pa US30 - Maryland
Southern section of the Michaux State Forest, water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock, 5 colors. Scale 1:50,000. Contour interval 40 feet. The grid projection is the UTM system with lines plotted 5 kilometers apart. The extent of state forest, state park and A.T. Corridor lands are shown by area-filled color tints. Edits have been made to the road/trail networks using GPS data acquired in 2013, and park boundaries have been updated. The map contains enlargements of the area around Chimney Rocks south to the Old Forge Picnic Area as well as an enlargement of the village of Pen Mar at the PA-MD border. Scale of enlargements ranges from 1:6,000 to 1:24,000.
4 Have
PATC AT Michaux State Forest, Pa 94 - US30
Section 12, 13 and 14 of the AT as described in the AT Guide for Pennsylvania. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock in 6 colors. Scale 1:50,000. Contour interval 40 feet.
2/3 Have
PATC AT Cumberland Valley, Susquehanna River - Pa 94
35.7 miles of the AT as described in the A.T. Guide for Pennsylvania. Water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock, 6 colors. Scale 1:63,360. Contour interval 20 feet. A.T. portrayed on this map is maintained by the Mountain Club of Maryland and the Cumberland Valley AT Management Association.
1 Have
PATC Tuscarora Trail from PA-641 southward to Hancock, MD
West of the AT, Sections 6 through 10 (56 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail, Great Eastern Trail on Potomac River, CO Canal Locks 53-45, Dam 5, miles 130-108, Western Maryland Rail Trail, Water-resistant, 1:100,000, ~⅝"/mile, Contour interval 100 feet, UTM Zone 17, 18, Datum NAD83, Buchanan State Forest (easternmost parcels), Cowans Gap State Park, several PA State Game Lands and the MD Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area, 4th edition includes realignments of the Tuscarora and Standing Stone Trails, addition of Reese Hollow Shelter, Burd Run Shelter, and Little Cove Cabin.
K Have
PATC Tuscarora Trail in Pennsylvania, AT to Rte. 641
Northern Appalachian Trail / Tuscarora Trail junction, Pennsylvania Sections 1 through 5 (51.7 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail, Scale 1:100,000, ~⅝"/mile, Contour interval 20 meters, UTM Zone 18, Datum NAD83, 2012 Edition 3 includes a relocation of the Tuscarora Trail near the Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary and numerous trail changes within Tuscarora State Forest.
J Have
MSTA Book - Guide to Pennsylvania Mid State Trail
Pennsylvania's Mid State Trail / Great Eastern Trail
- Have
MSTA I68 - US22
MSTA US22 - Poe Paddy State Park
MSTA Poe Valley - Blackwell
MSTA Blackwell - New York, Not yet printed, available on line
17-20 and resupply list: downloaded PDF
NGTI Allegheny North [Allegheny National Forest]
North Country, Finger Lakes Trails Westbound from GET
738 Have
NGTI Allegheny South [Allegheny National Forest]
North Country Trail, not quite south to I80.
739 Have
New York State
Map Series Destination Qty
Main Finger Lakes Trail Allegheny NF - Catskills 33
Onondaga Trail North Country Tr - Adirondacks 2
Crystal Hills Branch Great Eastern Trail 3
Conservation Trail Niagara Falls 9
Letchworth Branch Mount Moms 2
Bristol Hills Branch L Canandaigua 3
Interloken Trail Lodi 1
Finger Lakes Trail System Total 53
Finger Lakes / North Country Trail
With the thought of hiking several places in upstate New York, I bought a map set connecting Niagara Falls, the Great Eastern Trail, the Adirondacks, The Catskills, and the Allegheny National Forest via the Finger Lakes / North Country Trail. I need to figure out bus and train travel to connect the various termini. I have an index PDF for the FLTA system and a train map image.
- Have
NGTI Catskill Park
The west side shows the Finger Lakes Trail east of the Bear Spring Mountain WMA. The east side shows the FLT and the New York Long Path from US209 in the south, beyond the FLT junction, to north of road 43 at Schoharie Reservoir.
755 Have
NGTI Shawangunk Mountains
71 mile Shawangunk Ridge Trail, NY Long Path, D&H Canal Towpath, Bashakill Rail Trail, Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, part of a loop of the LP, SRT, and AT east of Delaware Water Gap.
750 Have
NGTI Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
The Joseph McDade NRT bike path along the Delaware River 31 miles north from Delaware Water Gap, with only 1 campground. Appalachian Trail, 71 mile Shawangunk Ridge Trail, 27 mile Paulinskill Valley Rail Trail.
737 Have

North Country Trail to Adirondacks
One idea after reaching New York State would be to head northeast to the Adirondacks via the Finger Lakes / North Country Trail. Finger Lakes system paper maps would include Crystal Hills Branch CH3-1 to the Main Finger Lakes Trail M13-22 to the Onondaga Trail O1-2. PDF maps continue: Link Trail, Old Erie SP (Overview, 3, 4, 5), Herkimer and Oneida Counties (Overview, M, M1, J, J1, J2, F, E, E1). Then to the Adirondack Plan and NGTI maps...


In 1825 the Erie Canal was completed, connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River. It was a great success, with freight traffic far exceeding predictions. Agriculture and industry all around the Great Lakes grew radically with easy transportation to eastern markets. The state funded the $7,000,000 construction costs of the canal, which were then paid off within three years by freight tolls. The canal was enlarged three times to carry the heavy traffic. A 36-mile (58 km) stretch of the oldest version of the canal from east of Syracuse to west of Rome, New York, is now the Old Erie Canal State Historic Park. Part of this stretch is part of the North Country Trail route to the Adirondacks.

Erie Canalway Bike Trail
A 360 mile, west to east, Buffalo to Albany, through Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica, and Schenectady bike path on Canal, Rail, and road routes. Mostly flat and off-road, a few steeper on-road grades and hills >400 feet, mostly in the Mohawk River Valley. Stone dust, paved, and natural soil surfaces. I have a few PDF maps, and a Parks and Trails New York Cycling the Erie Canal guidebook. Foot trail intersections include the northwest extension of the Finger Lakes System to Niagara Falls, in Erie Canal State Park or Rome the North Country Trail to the Adirondacks, and in the East, the New York Long Path can be hiked north to the Adirondacks, or south to the Finger Lakes Catskills Extension and the Appalachian Trail. Connecting Bike Paths include, in Rochester, a 6½ mile Genesee River Trail, and a 60 (eventually 90) mile Genesee Valley Greenway south towards Pennsylvania. A 19 mile multi use trail along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal will connect the Erie Canal with Seneca Lake / Geneva. At Cato, a 15 mile rail trail connects the canal with Lake Ontario.


The North Country Trail Plan for Adirondack Park contains maps and text descriptions of the proposed route, identifying existing trails the NCT will overlap, and suggesting corridors for unbuilt segments. About 80 miles of existing trails, 40 miles of existing roads, and 40 miles of as yet unbuilt new paths comprise the route. Some of the unbuilt sections would be walked cross country and some on parallel trails.

The western terminus is near North Lake Road and the Hamlet of Forestport (Maps 1, 745s). The route continues through West Canada Lake Wilderness (744n, 2) [intersection with 133 mile Northville - Placid Trail], Siamese Ponds Wilderness (3, 4), Hoffman Notch Wilderness (6, 743n) [I87]. The eastern terminus is at Crown Point State Historic Site on Lake Champlain (7, a bit in 742e).

The High Peaks Region is famous for its beauty, but bypassed by the NCT to avoid crowds and sensitive ecological zones.

Many of the incomplete segments of the North Country Trail are east of the 133 mile Northville - Placid Trail.

NGTI Lake Placid, High Peaks: Adirondack Park
The 133 mile Northville - Placid Trail runs from south to north through the Adirondack Park. A bit of the very east end of the North Country Trail at Crown Point is on 742.
742 Have
NGTI Lake George, Great Sacandaga: Adirondack Park
The North Country Trail in the eastern Adirondacks.
743 Have
NGTI Northville, Raquette Lake: Adirondack Park
The 133 mile Northville - Placid Trail runs from south to north through the Adirondack Park. The North Country Trail in the central Adirondacks.
744 Have
NGTI Old Forge, Oswegatchie: Adirondack Park
The Cranberry Lake 50 is a 50 mile loop trail around Cranberry Lake. The North Country Trail in the western Adirondacks.
745 Have
NGTI Saranac, Paul Smiths: Adirondack Park
North Country, Finger Lakes Trails Eastbound from GET to Adirondacks
746 Have
  The Adirondacks High Peaks Region
West of AT. Applicable to North Country Trail?
- Have
ATC NY17A - Delaware Water Gap
3/4 Have
PP Unionville - Pawling, NY
AT15 Have
NYNJTC AT NY Route 52 - Hudson River
2 Have
NYNJTC Northern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails
AT from I87 to Hudson River, New York
119 Have
NYNJTC Southern Harriman Bear Mountain Trails
South of AT, New York
118 Have
AMC The Bay Circuit Trail is a 200 mile trail and greenway encircling Boston. It runs through 34 towns from Plum Island in the north to Kingston Bay in the south. The Appalachian Mountain Club sells a Bay Circuit Trail Map & Guide. - No
AMC The 215 mile New England National Scenic Trail follows portions of the Metacomet and Mattabesett Trails. It runs up the center of Connecticut and Massachusetts, from Long Island Sound to the New Hampshire border. The Appalachian Mountain Club sells a 2 sheet New England Trail Map & Guide. - No
PP Dalton Ma - Rutland Vt
AT17 Have
PP Rutland Vt - Glencliff NH
AT18 Have
GMC Book - Green Mountain Club Long Trail Guide
I would probably have preferred the topo map to the guidebook, and the long distance hiker guidebook, which has the resupply info. Local stores typically only carry the guidebook.
- Have
NGTI Green Mountain National Forest South [Robert T Stafford White Rocks NRA, Manchester]
748 Have
NGTI Green Mountain National Forest North [Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, Rutland]
This map and 749 cover almost to Canada on the Long Trail north of the AT. The Catamount Trail (for cross country skiers) runs parallel to the Long and might make looping possible.
747 No
NGTI Mount Mansfield, Stowe
749 No
New Hampshire
ATC New Hampshire - Vermont, Crawford Notch - Lyme Dorchester Road
3/4 Have
ATC New Hampshire - Vermont, VT140 - Mass 2
7/8 Have
NGTI White Mountain National Forest West [Franconia Notch, Lincoln]
Many side trails to the AT. Makes looping for delay possible.
740 Have
NGTI White Mountain National Forest East [Presidential Range, Gorham]
Covers the high part of the Whites, with many side trails to the AT. Makes looping for delay possible.
741 Have
MA White Mountains
741 Have
NGTI AT Hanover - Mount Carlo
1511 Have
NGTI AT Pleasant Pond to Katahdyn
1513 Have
- Appalachian Trail Pocket Maps Northern States Bear Mountain, NY - Mount Katahdyn, Me
Clearly readable topo maps in paperback book from postholer.com. Does not include side trails off the AT, so fairly useless to blueblazers.
- Have
MATC Maine Highway 17 - New Hampshire Line 7 Have 2
MATC Maine Highway 27 - 17 6 Have 2
MATC Kennebeck River - Maine Highway 27 5 Have 2
MATC Monson - Kennebeck River 4 Have 2
MATC West Branch Pleasant River - Monson 3 Have 2
MATC Nahmakanta Lake - West Branch Pleasant River 2 Have 2
MATC Katahdyn - Nahmakanta Lake 1 Have 2
MATC Book - Appalachian Trail Guide to Maine - Have 2
ATC: Appalachian Trail Conference
PATC: Potomac Appalachian Trail Conference
MATC: Maine Appalachian Trail Conference
NPS: National Park Service
USFS: United States Forest Service
NGTI: National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps
NYNJTC: New York New Jersey Trail Conference
PP: Pocket Profile / Mapdana
GMC: Green Mountain Club - Vermont
MA: Map Adventures
MSTA: Mid State Trail Association
FLTA: Finger Lakes Trail Association
  Miles %
East Coast Greenway 3,000  30
Maine 150 39
New Hampshire 17 0
Massachusetts 148 27
Rhode Island 49 52
Connecticut 198 28
New York 44 62
New Jersey 93 54
Pennsylvania 67 31
Delaware 43 54
Maryland 166 32
District of Columbia 8 49
Virginia Spine or
Virginia Coast
North Carolina Spine or
North Carolina Coast
South Carolina 270 15
Georgia 160 6
Florida 600 31

Many people have suggested I bike the developing East Coast Greenway, so I downloaded a bunch of maps and wrote this 2016 summary.

In the table, the % column refers to bike path completely separate from road. The bike paths are usually paved, but sometimes dirt. Some On Road sections have wide shoulders or bike only lanes, others are in vehicular traffic. The miles column is for the whole route, paths and roads. I downloaded state overview maps for the entire route and detail guides for some states. Many people have ridden the route and all required data is available.

The ECG seems to be in traffic too much for my tastes, and would probably require more hotels than I can afford. Still, I plan to keep an eye on its development.

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