Western US Rock Types
Dwell Cursor for Rock Type
Archean gneiss Archean granitic rocks
Archean sedimentary rocks Cretaceous and Tertiary granitic rocks
Cretaceous and Tertiary sedimentary rocks Cretaceous granitic rocks
Cretaceous sedimentary rocks Cretaceous volcanic rocks
Early Proterozoic gneiss Early Proterozoic granitic rocks
Early Proterozoic mafic rocks Early Proterozoic volcanic rocks
Gneiss, age uncertain Late Proterozoic sedimentary rocks
Lower Mesozoic (Triassic and Jurassic) sedimentary rocks Lower Mesozoic (Triassic and Jurassic) volcanic rocks
Lower Mesozoic granitic rocks Lower Mesozoic mafic rocks
Lower Mesozoic ultramafic rocks Lower Paleozoic (Cambrian and Ordovician) sedimentary rocks
Mesozoic granitic rocks Mesozoic sedimentary rocks
Mesozoic volcanic rocks Middle Paleozoic (Silurian, Devonian, and Mississippian) sedimentary rocks
Middle Proterozoic anorthositic rocks Middle Proterozoic gneiss
Middle Proterozoic granitic rocks Middle Proterozoic mafic rocks
Middle Proterozoic sedimentary rocks Neogene granitic rocks
Neogene sedimentary rocks Neogene volcanic rocks
Paleogene granitic rocks Paleogene intermediate rocks
Paleogene mafic rocks Paleogene sedimentary rocks
Paleogene volcanic rocks Paleozoic and Mesozoic mafic rocks
Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks Paleozoic and Mesozoic volcanic rocks
Paleozoic sedimentary rocks Proterozoic granitic rocks
Proterozoic sedimentary rocks Quaternary deposits
Quaternary volcanic rocks Tertiary volcanic rocks
Upper Paleozoic (Pennsylvanian and Permian) sedimentary rocks Water body