Dan's 2013 Arizona Trail Walk

The Arizona National Scenic Trail

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Sunday, March 24th, 2013
I hiked out of Flagstaff this morning for a 288 mile section hike to the Picketpost Trailhead near Superior ending April 13. I hiked this section in 18 days in October of 2012. With 22 days planned, I hope to have time to explore the Superstition Range and climb up Picketpost Mountain. I have extra maps of the Highline Trail System near Pine and of the Superstitions so I can hike some new (to me) trails.
Arizona Trail Passage: 31 Walnut Canyon, 30 Mormon Lake
Miles: 20
Camp: Beyond Horse and Mormon Canyon Tanks, 555
Water Report:
567.4 Walnut Creek Dry
564.9 small tank ~0.2m S Full, Turbid, Beige
563.3 Marshall Lake--Lower Tank Full
561.9 Prime Lake ~0.1m N Full
560.4 Vail Lake ~0.25m N Full
556.6 Horse Lake Full

The morning was chilly enough for frost to form in my beard. There was snow in patches off the Arizona Trail and plenty in the San Francisco Range. Slippery mud on the trail was limited to small patches, not enough to slow me. I saw about 30 Elk Cervus elaphus in 3 herds, one Mule Deer Odocoileus hemionus, and a hawk. Several places squirrels had chewed off the tips of pine branches and then eaten the bark off a few of the needle brooms on the forest floor. I met about 10 hikers, including two pairs of backpackers. There was plenty of water in all the shallow ponds of Anderson Mesa, and frogs were singing in Prime Lake. Birds were everywhere. I passed the USGS Observatory and its Perkins Telescope, and the array of tubes.

Mormon Lake Weather Forecast
Sunday, March 24 - 56F / 27F Sunny 0% NW at 10 mph
Monday, March 25 - 56F / 32F Sunny 0% NNE at 12 mph
Tuesday, March 26 - 65F / 36F Mostly Sunny 0% S at 10 mph
Wednesday, March 27 - 64F / 36F Partly Cloudy 10% SSW at 16 mph
Thursday, March 28 - 63F / 40F Partly Cloudy 10% SSW at 12 mph
Friday, March 29 - 61F / 36F Partly Cloudy 10% S at 14 mph
Saturday, March 30 - 59F / 34F Mostly Sunny 10% S at 15 mph
Sunday, March 31 - 56F / 31F Sunny 0% SW at 13 mph
Monday, April 1 - 58F / 33F Few Showers 30% W at 9 mph

Skunk or Small Raccoon Prints

Rio de Flag and Sewage Discharge
With headwaters on the southwestern slopes of the San Francisco Peaks near Big Leroux and Little Leroux Springs, the Rio de Flag is a tributary of San Francisco Wash, then to the Little Colorado River. There are high natural flows in winter due to snowmelt, and in summer due to monsoons, but little natural flow at other times.

The stream passes through Flagstaff, with residential, industrial, railroad, and etcetera sites on its banks. Where the Arizona Trail Flagstaff Resupply Route passes under I40, Flagstaff's Rio De Flag Wastewater Reclamation Plant discharges treated sewage into the Rio de Flag. The treatment process includes screening, primary sedimentation, aeration, secondary sedimentation, filtration, and ultraviolet light sterilization, and results in Class A+ effluent. Class A water is legally allowed to be used in irrigation of food crops and residential and school landscaping, in recreational impoundments, in toilet and urinal flushing, in fire protection, and in snowmaking. A two-stage anoxic/aerobic Bardenpho process is used to reduce nitrogen content. Flagstaff's Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant uses a similar process except that chlorine is used rather than ultraviolet light for sterilization. Its discharge is between the resupply and bypass routes. The Rio de Flag is considered an Effluent Dependent Water. That is, it would be ephemeral (dry in some seasons), but the effluent discharge from the two plants causes the river to flow year round. The high nutrient level as compared to natural streams results in more algae, and therfore in more critters through the food chain of the Rio de Flag.

Downstream a few miles, the Arizona Trail Flagstaff Bypass Route crosses the Rio de Flag north of I40. I have observed that the water in both locations appears clear, and that in both locations there is a powerful treated sewage smell. Obviously, using Rio de Flag water is not recommended.

Monday, March 25th, 2013
I saw Elk, Steller's Jays Cyanocitta stelleri and Western Scrub Jays Aphelocoma californica. A few quick lizards defied identification. The Mormon Lake Store closed at 2: I showed up at 3. What's worse: The restaurant is open only on weekends. So sad!
Arizona Trail Passage: 30 Mormon Lake
Miles: 20 40
Camp: 1 mile beyond Navajo Spring, 537
Water Report:
551.7 Pine Grove Camp/FR651 ~0.2mSW Closed, water in Walnut Creek
541.9 Double Springs Campground, Taps off, spring high flow
537.3 TJ to Mormon Lake Lodge Store and Restaurant closed, water in bathroom
537.3 Navajo Spring ~0.1mNE; pipe High Flow

Mineral Belt Railroad
In 1883, eastern financiers, including magnates of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, began to build a railroad south from the transcontinental railroad at Flagstaff to service lumber interests and mines near Globe. Today, along the Arizona Trail as it passes Mormon Lake, many cuts and berms still testify to the many logging spurs of this railroad project. The Mormon Lake Resort, an Arizona Trail resupply point, was originally built to serve tourists on this railroad. Off the Arizona Trail as it drops off the Mogollon Rim, in the headwaters of the East Verde River, a tunnel was begun to route the railroad down off the rim to the river valley. The tunnel was abandoned, and the railroad was eventually routed elsewhere, but there is still a spur trail, Railroad Tunnel Trail 390, off the Arizona Trail to the tunnel site.

Rail Spike in Tie

By 1887, 40 miles of track were operating. The same year, finances collapsed and the railroad was sold at a tax auction for $40,440. Now the Central Arizona Railway Company, it largely hauled lumber to Flagstaff. Between 1923 and 1927, the line belonged to the Flagstaff Lumber Company, and with extensive logging came many of the spurs a hiker sees, but operations then ceased and the lines went into ruin.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
Yesterday and today there were many snow and mud patches on the trail, but they didn't cause navigation problems and they didn't slow my walking much. There were many prints and scat from Wild Turkeys Meleagris gallopavo. I saw an Elk scrape in the mud.
Arizona Trail Passage: 30 Mormon Lake, 29 Happy Jack
Miles: 22 62
Camp: Between FR93A and FR93, 515
Water Report:
534.5 spring 40 yds right of trail Full
530.7 Van Deren Spring--W of rail bed Full
530.0 Allan Lake Tank Full
526.7 Maxie Tank Full
525.1 Shuff Tank Full
521.0 Bargaman Park Tank Full
517.5 Wild Horse Tank Full

Stone Tablet in the Woods

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
Due to boot problems, I went off trail to Payson. The boot soles had delaminated. I replaced the boots and supplemented my food. I saw Elk and heard Coyotes Canis latrans and woodpeckers. At the Blue Ridge Ranger Station I asked the archaeologist about the Los Pinos Tablet above, but as on my fall 2012 hike here, none of the staff was aware of its existence. The Snail Fossil below was also north of Highway 87.
Arizona Trail Passage: 29 Happy Jack
Miles: 16 78
Motel: Payson
Water Report:
506.6 Sheepherders Tank dirt stock tank Full
505.5 Waldroup Tank dirt stock tank Full, Turbid, Beige
498.7 Blue Ridge Ranger Station Open, Tap On

Fossilized Snail

Pine Weather Forecast
Thursday, March 28 - 73F / 43F 0%
Friday, March 29 - 74F / 43F 0%
Saturday, March 30 - 77F / 46F 0%
Sunday, March 31 - 76F / 43F 0%
Monday, April 1 - 70F / 39F 0%
Tuesday, April 2 - 69F / 39F 10%
Wednesday, April 3 - 73F / 41F 0%
Thursday, April 4 - 76F / 43F 0%
Friday, April 5 - 77F / 44F 0%

Mogollon Rim
The Mogollon Rim is an escarpment defining the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Southbound on the Arizona Trail, one hikes down off the Plateau near the monument to the Battle of Big Dry Wash, and while descending along the East Verde River sees the ecosystem change from pine forest to chapparal. The Arizona Trail (Locally on the Highline Trail) traverses part way up the slope of the escarpment to the town of Pine, then heads south of the Rim.

The Mogollon Rim divides ecosystem types across much of Arizona. To the north are lands 8000 feet above sea level with Ponderosa Pine forests. To the south, lands are at 4 or 5 thousand feet. Plants and animals to the north are typical of the lower Rocky Mountains, with desert, grassland, and chapparal ecosystems to the south. Arizona Trail throughhikers will note the transition from open, easy hiking in sparse pine forests to the north to bushwhacking through spiny bushes and cacti to the south.

The rim is named for Don Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón, the Spanish Governor of New Mexico from 1712 to 1715.

Where the rim is a high escarpment one can explore the Kaibab Limestone and Coconino Sandstone geologic layers. These were formed from sediments deposited in the Carboniferous and Permian Periods. They can also be seen in the Grand Canyon and in other deep gorges. Above and below the rim, basaltic lava flows sometimes cover the limestone and sandstone. The uppermost sandstone layer of the Mogollon Rim, called the Coconino Sandstone, is white. So when one looks northeast at the rim east of Pine from the Mazatzal Range, high white cliffs are seen. The Coconino Sandstone formation of the Permian Period is of aeolian or windblown origin and is one of the thickest sand dune derived sandstones on earth.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013
Two firefighters gave me a ride to Payson last night, and back this morning. Many Thanks!! South of the Fred Haught Trail, the AZT was covered with enough snow that I cross countried to the Tunnel Trailhead on the Mogollon Rim. The tunnel start, discussed earlier, and the associated rock cabin, were an interesting side trip.
Arizona Trail Passage: 28 Blue Ridge, plus a bit of 27 Highline
Miles: 17 95
Camp: Rock Shelter after Tunnel Trail Junction
Water Report:
497.8 Elk Tank dirt stock tank Full
497.2 Blue Ridge CG & Moqui CG Closed, Taps Off
491.8 East Clear Creek 30' wide, 8" deep
490.6 stock tank Full
484.1 General Springs Canyon High Flow
480.8 East Verde River High Flow

The Battle of Big Dry Wash
On July 17, 1882 the United States Army's 3rd and 6th Cavalry Regiments fought members of the White Mountain Apaches at Big Dry Wash, just to the east of the Arizona Trail. Perhaps 16-27 Apaches were killed, and 4 soldiers won the Medal of Honor. Well to the south of the battle site, also adjacent to the Arizona Trail, where it drops off the Mogollon Rim to the headwaters of the East Verde River, is a large monument to the battle.

East Verde River
The Arizona Trail fords the East Verde River several times at its headwaters just under the Mogollon Rim and again further downstream near LF Ranch. Between these two crossings, at Washington Park, the Salt River Project adds to the natural flow waters from East Clear Creek impounded at Blue Ridge Reservoir via a 17 mile pipeline. West and downstream of LF Ranch, it joins the Verde River, where the water is again impounded at Horseshoe Dam.

Woodpecker Holes in Bark

Friday, March 29th, 2013
It was warmer, so many dark lizards were out, and I walked without a fleece jacket for the first time on this trip. A trail crew was constructing new Arizona or Highline Trail tread to avoid a 30' erosion gully north of Bear Spring. Many Thanks!!!
Arizona Trail Passage: 27 Highline
Miles: 17 112
Camp: Atop Milk Ranch Point
Water Report:
478.1 Creek (tribuary of Chase Creek) Clear, Flowing
477.3 Chase Creek Clear, Flowing
475.8 North Scyamore Creek Clear, Flowing
474.5 Bray Creek Clear, Flowing
473.3 Bear Spring Clear, Flowing
471.4 Weber Creek Clear, Flowing

The Highline National Recreation Trail
The Highline Trail travels 51 miles from Pine on Highway 87 to Highway 260 at the Two-Sixty Trailhead. The trail and various spurs connected ranches and homesteads in the late 1800s. The trail runs below and to the south of the Mogollon Rim, and spurs to the top are steep and rocky, with elevations from 5 to 8,000 feet. There is a parallel NRT, the General George Crook National Recreation Trail, atop the rim, which runs quite close to high grade gravel road FR300 and not necesarily near enough to the Mogollon Rim for views. The Arizona Trail is on the western 17 miles of the Highline Trail.

General George Crook National Recreation Trail 130
The General Crook NR Trail is a section of the trail which famous Indian fighter General George Crook blazed from Camp Verde to Fort Apache. Beyond its historic merit, the Crook Trail follows one of the more striking geologic features in Arizona, the Mogollon Rim. This 2,000 foot escarpment, named for one of the Spanish colonial governors of New Mexico, forms the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. The trail winds between the edge of this 400 mile-long cliff and FR300, which parallels the rim across the Forest. Where the trail is on the rim it offers spectacular views of the state's central mountains and desert. Four Peaks, the Sierra Anchas, and the Mazatzals stand out among the scenery. At night, the lights of Payson shine from 2,000 feet below and 15 miles away. I downloaded a JPEG image of a map of the General George Crook National Recreation Trail 130 and of other trails north of the rim, including: the Fred Haught Trail, the Houston Brothers Trail, the Barbershop Trail, and the U-Bar Trail, along with major area forest roads. Loop hikes could be made.

Camp Geronimo
Camp Geronimo is a Boy Scout Camp east of Pine, Arizona. It has been at this location, the former Spade Ranch, for over 50 years, but has been located eleswhere previously. It is mostly used for one week summer camps.

Walking over Milk Ranch Point
I hiked the entire Arizona Trail in the fall, so I'm looking for some variety on this trip. So today, rather than traversing around Milk Ranch Point on the AZT or Highline Trail, I followed Geronimo Trail 240, Turkey Trail 217, West Webber Trail 228, Milk Ranch Point Forest Road 218, and Donahue Trail 27, hiking over the top of Milk Ranch Point. Milk Ranch Point is a promontory of the Mogollon Rim, sticking out to the south, and is just east of Pine. I'll continue on 27 tomorrow to return to the AZT. I used a PDF map of the Highline Trail and its spurs. This showed the necesary trails, names, and numbers, and was fine for navigation, but was missing some trails and didn't always match signage. The detailed topographic AZT maps showed some of the route, but the trail locations were sometimes wrong and trail names and numbers were not shown. The Geronimo and Turkey Trails were easily traveled dirt roads. The West Webber Trail was steep and had many blowdowns, but was very pretty, crossed many streams, and was easy to navigate. The Donahue Trail was buried in blowdowns for a while, but otherwise easy enough to follow. The whole route had plenty of water sources, but there were still small snow patches about, so water may be in shorter supply on other trips. I enjoyed the diversion.

Bird Egg Shell Fragment

Saturday, March 30th, 2013
I hiked the Pine View Trail 28 and Pine Canyon Trail 26 rather than the AZT to the Pine Trailhead. I resupplied, laundered, and stayed in Pine, taking a pretty easy day.
Arizona Trail Passage: 27 Highline
Miles: 4 116
Cabin: THAT Brewery

Pine Weather Forecast
Sunday, March 31 - 75F / 41F 0%
Monday, April 1 - 69F / 39F 0%
Tuesday, April 2 - 71F / 42F 10%
Wednesday, April 3 - 76F / 44F 0%
Thursday, April 4 - 80F / 48F 10%
Friday, April 5 - 79F / 44F 10%
Saturday, April 6 - 76F / 43F 10%
Sunday, April 7 - 73F / 42F 0%
Monday, April 8 - 68F / 37F 0%

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
I saw a dozen Gambel's Quail Callipepla gambelii, and a Whitetail Deer Odocoileus virginianus. There were three elk, one with small antlers, and cattle. Whiterock Mesa is a very rocky grassland studded with Utah Juniper Juniperus osteosperma, Prickly Pear Opuntia, yucca, and barrel cacti. Until today, the trip has mostly been in pine forest with a few barrel cacti.
Arizona Trail Passage: 26 Hardscrabble Mesa, 25 Whiterock Mesa
Miles: 16 132
Camp: Saddle Ridge
Water Report:
462.8 Pine Creek creek High, clear flow
460.2 Oak Spring ~20 yds E spring Clear flow
458.0 East Tank dirt stock tank Full
455.2 headwaters of Rock Creek Water in Stock Pond
451.2 Saddle Ridge Pasture Tank Full

Alternate Routes to Pine
For some time I've though that long distance hikers spend too much time hitchhiking and walking highways to get to resupply towns. So here are some ideas for getting into Pine on trails and lesser roads: I walked out of THAT Brewery south on Highway 87 just 100 yards or so, then west on Bradshaw Drive, then south on Old County Road to the AZT. The route was perhaps a half mile and left the highway asap. A NOBO AZT hiker could take the Walnut Trail to the west side of Pine, then FR428 into town. The Walnut Trail also continues north to Strawberry and then to Highway 87. A SOBO hiker could leave the AZT at the Pine Trailhead, and by following the trailhead driveway would have a much shorter highway walk than if he had walked from the AZT crossing of 87 into Pine.


Monday, April 1st, 2013
At LF Ranch I saw dogs, chickens, peacocks, cows, and horses. I took an alternative route from the East Verde River up into the Mazatzals. From LF Ranch I followed FR406W and 406 east to the City Creek Trailhead, then Mazatzal Divide Trail 23 up to the divide and the AZT. The roads were easily followed and had multiple stream crossings and the nearby East Verde River for water. Trail 23 was brushy for a short section, but was in generally good shape, had water at a wash crossing, and great views, including Milk Ranch Point and the Mogollon Rim. A Coconino County Trail crew was out surveying trail maintenance conditions for future work crews. Many Thanks!!!
Arizona Trail Passage: 25 Whiterock Mesa, 24 Red Hills
Miles: 20 152
Camp: 2 miles south of the junction of Trails 23 Mazatzal Divide and 262 Red Hills
Water Report:
444.3 Whiterock Spring ~50 yds E Trickle on ground, Trough Empty
440.5 East Verde River/Rock Ck Flowing, 20' wide
427.6 wash pools & creek Trickle and pools

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
I took the Brody Seep Trail 264 where it parallels the AZT. In a few hundred easy yards was the open Chilson Camp, with a pipe fed trough that wasn't working. Then the trail dropped into some nicely flowing creeks. After that, the trail was so overgrown that walking and navigating were both a pain and very time consuming. I met Brian, section hiking from Roosevelt Lake to Pine, and two northbound thruhikers. They had not met other AZT thruhikers, but had met several Grand Enchantment Trail thruhikers.
Arizona Trail Passage: 24 Red Hills, 23 Mazatzal Divide
Miles: 13 165
Camp: Saddle south of trail to Windsor Spring
Water Report:
422.8 Hopi Spring ~0.05m E Flowing over AZT
422.0 Horse Camp Seep/creek High Flow, Large Pools
415.1 Windsor Seep 0.1m S Trickle, Pools

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
I met 3 northbound section hikers. One told me rattlesnakes are out in force in the Superstition Range. Though I've seen lizards, I've seen no snakes so far. There were many mine tunnel entrances visible from the AZT. Named mines in the vicinity include: the Cornucopia Mine, the Story Mine, and the National Mine.
Arizona Trail Passage: 23 Mazatzal Divide, 22 Saddle Mountain
Miles: 19 184
Camp: 2 miles south of trail to Mormon Grove
Water Report:
413.0 Bear Spring 0.4m E half full, oil slick
403.1 Thicket Spring High Flow
401.2 wash creek High Flow
400.4 McFarland Canyon High Flow

Mining in McFarland Canyon and at the Story Mine
Many mine tunnel entrances are visible from the Arizona Trail in McFarland Canyon, and the Story (often spelled Storey) Mine is just off the AZT just south of McFarland Canyon. I found USGS and US Bureau of Mines reports online on the mining potential of the Mazatzal Wilderness which told some of the story.

The Story Mine is in a Gold, Silver, and Lead deposit on the eastern edge of the Mazatzal Wilderness east of Saddle Mountain. It is estimated that 78,000 tons of ore remain. However, records are incomplete and tunnels have collapsed, so much more of the ore may already have been extracted. The ore contains 0.06 oz/ton gold, 1.9 oz/ton silver, and 3.9 percent lead.

The McFarland Canyon workings show evidence of gold-pyrite-arsenopyrite mineralization. These works have no roads, so are probably quite old. Arsenic, gold, silver, lead, and small amounts of copper are in the ore, in similar proportions to that of the Story Mine.

This is the only area in the Mazatzal Wilderness which has sufficient mineralization that mining might be economically feasable some day.

Wolf Spider Hole

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
In Boulder Creek Canyon I saw the hole of a Wolf Spider Hogna carolinensis. Its hole, just less than an inch in diameter and descending straight down for the few inches I could see, was surrounded by a collar of twigs and grass stalks bonded together by silk. I also saw a White Tail Deer Buck Odocoileus virginianus, with small antlers. On ascent from Boulder Creek to FR422 I saw a Striped Whipsnake Masticophis taeniatus.
Arizona Trail Passage: 22 Saddle Mountain, 21 Pine Mountain
Miles: 19 203
Camp: Short of the junction of FR422 and FR463.
Water Report:
394.2 creek in Section 25 High Flow
392.1 stock pond Full
386.4 Sycamore Creek High Flow
384.0 road crossing Boulder High Flow
380.9 Boulder Creek High Flow
372.4 Little Pine Flat along FR422 High Flow

Western Rattlesnake

Friday, April 5th, 2013
In 4 Peaks Passage 20 I found a very calm Arizona Black Race Western Rattlesnake Crotalus viridis. Passage 20 was in excellent shape, as a Coconino County Rural Conservation Corps crew had worked from the Mills Ridge Trailhead to near Shake Spring, clearing a wide brushless corridor, and often reworking the tread. Bob and John, Arizona Trail Association volunteers, were working between Shake Spring and Pigeon Spring, and we talked a while. The section was in much better shape than when I walked it in the autumn. Thanks to all who helped!!!
Arizona Trail Passage: 21 Pine Mountain, 20 Four Peaks
Miles: 20 223
Camp: Ridge after Buckhorn Creek
Water Report:
368.2 Pigeon Spring Full, Trickling
367.2 Bear Spring High Flow
366.4 Shake Spring High Flow
358.2 Granite Springs Dry
356.6 Buckhorn Creek High Flow

Saturday, April 6th, 2013
I met an AZT thruhiker from Mesa and Bernard M. I had met him a couple of years earlier on the Florida Trail and we had occasionally corresponded by email. Bernard was hiking from Mexico to Pine. Later in the trip he hurt his foot fairly badly, and hobbled out. He saw eight Gila Monsters on this trip!!!
Arizona Trail Passage: 20 Four Peaks, 19 Superstition Wilderness
Miles: 17 240
Camp: Near junction of Cottonwood Trail 120 and FR83
Water Report:
345.3 Thompson Trial jct/Cottonwood CK High Flow
341.2 Cottonwood Spring/Creek for ~0.5m High Flow

Roosevelt Dam and O'Roarks Camp
Just to the north of the Salt River and Theodore Roosevelt Dam, the Arizona Trail passes through the former site of O'Roarks Camp, where dam construction workers lived. Though the camp was dismantled when the dam was completed, there are still plenty of foundations and nails visible from the trail.

The dam was built in 1905-1911 and enlarged in 1989-1996. It impounds the Salt River and Tonto Creek for flood control and irrigation purposes and can generate 36 megawatts of electricity. It can hold over a million acre-feet of water.

The Salt River and the Salt River Project
The Salt River is the largest tributary of the Gila River. It drains about 13,700 square miles. It is impounded by Theodore Roosevelt Dam (Roosevelt Lake), Horse Mesa Dam (Apache Lake), Mormon Flat Dam (Canyon Lake), and Stewart Mountain Dam (Saguaro Lake). The water is used in the Phoenix area for farming, industry, and city water.

Prospecting in The Superstition Mountain Range
Although the Superstitions are made of poorly mineralized volcanic rock, there are no shortage of prospectors out looking for the Lost Dutchman’s Mine, many other historic mines, and perhaps brand new mines.

Reavis Ranch
Elisha Reavis settled by the only year round flowing stream in the Superstition Range and grew vegetable to sell to miners and settlers at Florence. He died in 1896 and is buried just off the Arizona Trail to the south of the ranch. Jack Fraser and Twain Clemens later operated the ranch, but today it is part of the national forest. Apple trees on the ranch still grow excellent, sweet apples today.

Short Horned Lizard

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
I met AZT thruhiker Tessa from New Zealand and two others. Tessa and I discussed many long distance trails, and she may hike the Oregon Coast Trail after the AZT. She recommended the Lycian Way along the coast of Turkey as being a nice 2-3 week 500k walk with Greek, Roman, and other ruins to explore. One can camp along the way. A woman has written a guide book for this and for another hike in the highlands of Turkey. I saw two White Tail Deer and three Short Horned Lizards Phrynosoma douglassi. Two were together, perhaps mating. I've seen many other lizards on this trip, but they've been too skittish to photograph or even identify.
Arizona Trail Passage: 19 Superstition Wilderness, Off AZT Reavis Trail 109, Frog Tanks Trail 112
Miles: 17 257
Camp: Junction of Frog Tanks Trail 112 and Plow Saddle Trail 287
Water Report:
331.2 Walnut Spring spring Full and Trickling
329.7 Pine Creek creek/pool High Flow
327.4 Reavis Gap trail Reavis Creek High Flow

Rogers Canyon Cliff Dwelling
About 600 years ago, the Salado Indians built and occupied these dwellings. They are particularly interesting today because the mud and stick roof is intact, and one can see the layers of various materials.

Monday, April 8th, 2013
I saw a Gopher Snake Pituophis catenifer, and revisited the Rogers Canyon Cliff Dwellings. My right boot started to fail in the toe. The hole didn't quite go through to the inside of the boot, but I decided another week of very rough Superstion Range hiking was ill advised. I terminated my hike west to Mesa and returned to the AZT. I'll take it easy until I leave the trail Saturday. Cold, gusty winds blew all day, and storm clouds were accumulating.
Arizona Trail Passage: Off AZT: Frog Tanks Trail 112, Rogers Canyon Trail 110, JF Trail 106, Woodbury Trail 114, FR172A, FR650/AZT Passage 18 Reavis Canyon
Miles: 16 273
Camp: FR650

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
Rain and hail started after sundown last night and continued through mid morning. From Reavis Canyon Trail I followed North Happy Camp Canyon Road FR650, East Happy Camp Road 8, Silver King Mine Road 229, and US60 into Superior. Off 229 I watched the workings of the Perlite mill. This route cut highway shoulder walking down to about a mile. In dusty or weekend conditions, though, ATV traffic on these dirt roads might make this route undesirable. Near town one can walk off US60 on side tracks, sidewalks, and parking lots. I saw a male Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis. I met Trekker, now hiking with two partners from Oracle to Utah. I had briefly hiked with Trekker and Loon while in northern New Mexico on the CDT in 2011. I also met a couple I had just met in the Mazatzal Range, who were just finishing up a section hike of the AZT. Congratulations!!!
Arizona Trail Passage: 18 Reavis Canyon, Dirt Roads
Miles: 17 290
Motel: Superior's Copper Mountain Motel The Motel no longer shuttles hikers to and from the Picketpost Trailhead, but will arrange reasonably priced rides.
Water Report: 313.6 Reavis Trail Canyon for ~ 1.0m High Flow

Perlite is volcanic glass with a high content of water. When heated to 850–900°C, it expands into a glass foam 7–16 times its original volume. The expanded foam is brilliant white due to the clear glass and many small bubbles. It is this expanded Perlite that is commercially valuable. The United States produces about 400,000 metric tons per year. 53% is added to building and construction products, 14% is used as fillers in concrete and other cement products, 14% is sold as horticultural aggregate, and 8% is used in sandbed filters, with the remainder going to various other uses.

Superior Weather Forecast
Wednesday, April 10 - 70F / 52F 0%
Thursday, April 11 - 77F / 59F 0%
Friday, April 12 - 80F / 61F 0%
Saturday, April 13 - 82F / 63F 0%


Legends of Superior Trail
At the Hewitt Trailhead north of US60 one can use the Legends of Superior Trail to access the resupply town of Superior from the Arizona Trail. The LOST winds east, then crosses to the south of US60 west of Superior's airstrip. Here, the former frontier mining town of Pinal lies, with some ruins still present. The trail runs south of the airstrip east back to US60. I found an interpretive pdf brochure with paragraphs for numbered stops online for the preceding segment. Following is the text of a description I found on a kiosk in Superior of the trail as it continues east into town, and further to the highway tunnel east of town which was built after WWI but eventually replaced.

Legends of Superior Trail Description from Kiosk at Superior Tourist Information Center
The Legends of Superior Trail, commonly known as the LOST Trail, is a Gateway Trail from the Arizona Trail to the Town of Superior. It extends 4.6 miles from where it meets the Arizona Trail on Hewitt Station Road (.2 mile north of Highway 60) to the Superior Airport. The second segment of the LOST extends 3 miles from the airport on the west side of town down Highway 60 to the Route 60 park/caboose information center, down historic Main Street Superior to the canyon trailhead at Magma and Heiner. The third segment, called the Queen Creek-Tunnel segment, runs 2 miles to the old highway tunnel, circa 1919-1952, also known as the Claypool Tunnel.

The LOST Trail is a partnership of the Town of Superior, the Resolution Copper Company, and the Tonto National Forest. It was planned as a Gateway Trail for 15-20 years and the first segment was dedicated in the winter of 2011. The LOST Trail is composed of three segments from the trailhead with the Arizona Trail on Hewitt Station Road to the terminus of the old Claypool Tunnel on Highway 60.

First Segment: Trailhead to Airport (4.6 miles)
To reach the kiosk and parking lot on Hewitt Station Road, coming east on Highway 60, make a left turn on Hewitt Station Road (Forest Service Road 357) and drive .2 miles west. The trailhead is on your right and there's plenty of parking for cars and horse trailers.

This is a 4.6 mile segment that will take you to the Superior Airport. On the first 2.6 miles you will walk trail and dirt roads on the north side of Highway 60 past the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and see adjacent tracks of the old Magma Railroad. Many prickly pear and buckhorn cholla are on the trail and there are great views southward of Picket Post Mountain.

At 2.6 miles, you will walk under Highway 60. A quarter mile on, you will see a sign for Wagon Wheel Tracks. These were ruts imbedded in the stone from the route the Silver King mule trains made bringing silver ore down to Pinal City to be smelted. The next two mile take you south towards Queen Creek and the remains of Pinal City, a silver mining town that flourished 130+ years ago. In 1883, Pinal City smelted 50 tons of silver ore per day. You can see some of the stone walls of the old buildings that used to be here. You'll walk back up to meet up with the next segment of the trail at the Superior Municipal Airport.

Segment Two: Downtown Superior, Airport to Canyon Segment (3 miles)
This segment takes you adjacent to Highway 60 for 2 miles to the rest stop at the Los Hermanos Restaurant. There you cross Highway 60 and can obtain more information at the Visitor Center Caboose, staffed by the Superior Chamber of Commerce. Walk through the Highway 60 park behind the basketball courts to Bridge Street and continue north for two blocks. You will cross over a footbridge on Queen Creek and re-emerge on Main Street. Continue east for five blocks through the historic center of Superior, a copper mining town from 1882 that supplanted the ghost town of Pinal City. Superior has some great history from its fame as the Magma Copper Mine mining town to the demise of the mine in the 1980s and its re-emergence in the twenty-first century as a tourist destination and future copper center for the Resolution Copper Company. There are a history museum, open on Fridays and Saturdays, places to eat, and drink, a supermarket and several gift shops and sundries on Main Street. The 'old' Magma Hotel anchoring the east end of Main Street is working to re-open in 2013. Keep your senses open to ghosts! This is a good town for it.

When you get to Magma and Main, just turn to the south of the courthouse and the imposing Apache Leap to the east, turn right and continue for roughly a block crossing the highway bridge at Queen Creek. On your left you will enter the last segment.

Segment Three: Queen Creek Trail, Superior to the Claypool Tunnel (2 miles)
This is a two mile long trail, including a couple of steep grades, but also some gorgeous views from both the canyon looking up to the tunnel portion and at the tunnel looking down. It comprises the 'old' highway opened just after WWI to connect Superior with Globe and other mining communities. You are trekking on the old highway for the majority of the trail. The old cement bridge is .6 miles from the trailhead and then you will cross under the 'new' Highway 60 bridge, still following the creek. At 1.3 mile you pass Arizona Water Company's storage tank and start trekking uphill. Just a few hundred yards from the tank, look to your right at some of the rocks under the mesquites and carved into them are the dates and ID numbers of the prisoners who built this road during WWI. Once you catch your breath at the top of the hill, you'll be just under the new Highway 60 and have some great views to the south and west of Queen Creek Canyon. Continue on for another mile to the old Claypool Tunnel. It was opened in 1919 and closed in 1951 and saw its share of many tragic accidents in its thirty year history. It's also been used in a few movie scenes, noteably Clint Eastwood's The Gauntlet. The Resolution Copper Company has plans to turn the old tunnel into a bat habitat. The eastern end will be sealed shut and one will be able to watch the bats emerge and feed at dusk on the western end.

This concludes the LOST Trail. Isn't it a treasure?!

Silver King Mine
The Silver King Mine produced $42 million worth of silver ore between 1875 and 1900, but is currently inactive. It was the richest silver mine in Arizona, and is located about 3 miles north of present day Superior, Arizona, at Section 24, T1S, R12E. In 1870, during the Apache Wars, soldiers constructing roads noticed some heavy black rocks which flattened when pounded. By 1875 the mine was shipping ore to San Francisco for processing. Shortly thereafter, a smelting operation was set up several miles from the mine along Arnett Creek. A mining camp, which grew into Pinal City, quickly formed at the processing site. The operations continued until 1888, when deteriorating ore quality and lower silver prices prompted the mine to close. Small scale mining occasionally recurred through the present day. The mineralization consisted of veinlets in quartz diorite porphyry and Pinal Schist. The orebody cropped out at the top of a little hill about 75 feet high, composed of heavily-altered yellowish-brown to greenish-gray porphyry. Stromeyerite and highly argentiferous tetrahedrite with some acanthite were the most important ore minerals in the upper levels, and argentiferous sphalerite had become the principal ore mineral in the lower levels of the mine.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
I saw many Turkey Vultures Cathartes aura on my walk along Telegraph Canyon Road from town to the AZT. Many people from the US Forest Service and the Southwest Conservation Corps were out picking up trash. Many thanks!!
Arizona Trail Passage: Off AZT, on Roads
Miles: 8 298
Camp: Junction of AZT and FR4, Telegraph Canyon Road

Off US60 Route from Superior to AZT Southbound
One can follow South Belmont Avenue south from US60 to Sunset Drive. Other streets don't necessarily go through at a gully which passes through town. Belmont is a block west of the motel. Then following Sunset Drive west to Fairview Cemetery, and turning right onto Mary Drive and continuing west to the end of the cemetery, one would turn south onto Golf Course Drive, also known as Telegraph Canyon Road and FR220, and follow it south. Where FR220 intersects FR4 turn right to continue on Telegraph Canyon Road to Trough Springs and the Arizona Trail. At an easy pace, I walked this in about 3½ hours.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Thursday, April 11th, 2013
I saw a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus atrox and met a northbound thruhiker and some horseback riders.
Arizona Trail Passage: Northbound on Passage Alamo Canyon 17, Off AZT to climb Picketpost Mountain
Miles: 8 306
Camp: Partway up Picketpost Mountain
Water Report: Trough Spring at FR4 Telegraph Canyon Road Full

Prickly Pear New Growth

Friday, April 12th, 2013
I climbed Picketpost Mountain. The views were great: west to Phoenix, east overlooking Superior, tracing the AZT north and south, and the hills all around. On top there is a wrought iron garden bench to relax on, plus a red mailbox with ten years of logs plus some cool extras like a nice pocketknife, a corkscrew, and a Gumbi Blockhead doll. I left them all, so scramble up and get what you want. The mail box itself had quite a history too (below). Area plants included Cholla, Prickly Pear, Saguaro, Barrel Cacti, Ocotillo, and Chia. Cholla and Prickly Pear were particularly interesting because new growth buds start as little floret shaped things and morph into their typical shapes. A couple of hikers gave me a ride to Mesa.
Arizona Trail Passage: Northbound on Passage Alamo Canyon 17, Off AZT to climb Picketpost Mountain
Miles: 5 311
Motel: Mesa

True History of the Red Mail Box atop Picketpost Mountain
Resided for years at _ Hammer Road, Lynden, Washington 98264.
Once barrelled over by a Green, Green John Deere Tractor driven by an East Indian.
Repaired and Replaced.
September 10, 1994 was nearly destroyed by a white Chevrolet 1978 sedan driven by a drunken Guatemalan.
Was retired, reshaped, and relocated at this spot where it is believed to be relatively safe from either.
Len C.
Superior Arizona
November to April

New Growth on Cholla Cactus

Saturday, April 13th, 2013
Dan and Lynne took me to Phoenix's Desert Botanical Gardens. The Garden's cacti collection is very extensive and there was a butterfly exhibit. I stayed at Dan and Lynne's place. Many thanks!!! Dan said the Bryce Thompson Arboretum State Park near Superior is also excellent, so perhaps I'll visit that on some future Arizona Trail or GET hike. It is a 323-acre botanical garden with a 1.5-mile walking trail.

Sunday, April 14th, 2013
I flew to San Diego to visit family. We celebrated my Dad's 83rd birthday.

Kate, Dad, Mom

Global Positioning System, GPS
In 2011, on New Mexico's CDT section, I began to collect GPS latitudes and longitudes. Existing data sets for trails often did not include meaningful names (just sequential numbers from points taken automatically and periodically). Also, it was not easy to know if data were taken from maps, and were therefore inaccurate as to position, or carefully taken in the field. So I carefully took positions in the field, holding my Garmin Oregon 450t directly over the point and letting the device settle to its best accuracy, often estimated by the GPS at as little as 11 feet. I then named each point so it could be related to maps and guidebooks. This best matches how I like to use GPS: I see on the map where I would like to go, find the name among the GPS waypoints, and obtain the vector from the GPS.

This is the first trail I've repeated since this project began. I copied the points from the table on my website, and pasted them into Excel. Then I converted them to a csv file, and imported them into GPSBabel. I was not successful in loading the resulting poi files, but this method worked for loading gpx xml files and navigating with my Garmin Oregon 450t. However, the gpx file had each point name loaded in 3 different fields, it did not load my comments, and I was not able to load my symbol system (blue for water, red for non-water, dots on trail, boxes off trail).

Next I created a gpx file using Excel with no specialized GPS program. I loaded my table into the spreadsheet, and inserted columns with the required gpx xml tags. I found that if I then copied the text into Notepad, the tabs which Excel had added between columns were not compatible with my Garmin Oregon 450t, so I added a column which concatenated the text in each data column, and copied and pasted that column into Notepad. That method worked. I also found that my Garmin Oregon 450t crashed if the header data was eliminated. The following is an example that works:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

<gpx xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1" xmlns:gpxx="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/WaypointExtension/v1" xmlns:gpxtrx="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3" xmlns:gpxtpx="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrackPointExtension/v1" creator="Oregon 450t" version="1.1" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1 http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1/gpx.xsd http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/WaypointExtension/v1 http://www8.garmin.com/xmlschemas/WaypointExtensionv1.xsd http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrackPointExtension/v1 http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/TrackPointExtensionv1.xsd">

<link href="http://www.garmin.com">
<text>Garmin International</text>

<wpt lat="35.192696" lon="-111.625647">
<name>Meaningful Waypoint Name</name>
<sym>Navaid, Blue</sym>


The header and footer are critical to function. The <wpt module can be repeated for as many points as required. The <cmt> module is optional. The <sym>Navaid, Blue</sym> module specifies the appearance of the point on the GPS screen, and I use the following system:

<sym>Navaid, Blue</sym> Dot means on main trail. Blue means water source.
<sym>Navaid, Red</sym> Dot means on main trail. Red means no water nearby.
<sym>Block, Blue</sym> Block means off main trail. Blue means water source.
<sym>Block, Red</sym> Block means off main trail. Red means no water nearby.


Some Locations along the Arizona Trail

These points taken in both 2012 and 2013.

Name Latitude Longitude Comment On Arizona Trail? Water Source?
AZT Utah Northern Terminus 37.001216 -112.035125   On AZT No Water
Water Wildlife Trough Off AZT 36.981118 -112.079473   Off AZT Water Source
Water Cache Near Winter Rd1025 36.918027 -112.107371 +JacobHamblinRoute1869 On AZT Water Source
AZT Dry Tank 36.888973 -112.138759   On AZT No Water
+AZT101 NavajoT19toJoesReservoi 36.851638 -112.151151 AZTonKaibabPlateauTr101 On AZT No Water
GovernmentReservoirTurbidWater 36.830985 -112.155975   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT TrailToGovernmentReservoir 36.830708 -112.154489   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR249 36.784211 -112.148379   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR257 36.763441 -112.179595   On AZT No Water
Water Cache Near US89A 36.737678 -112.187954   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR258B FR258C 36.729766 -112.186882   On AZT No Water
AZT StockPond 36.714970 -112.187774   On AZT No Water
AZT MetalWaterTankOverflowing 36.685111 -112.164392   On AZT Water Source
AZT RidgeTank 36.673504 -112.158218   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR205H 36.640270 -112.168487   On AZT No Water
AZT 205 Trailhead Toilet 36.638440 -112.169044   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR241 Passage40/41 36.551520 -112.175506   On AZT No Water
AZT Pond Dry 36.538912 -112.154737   On AZT No Water
AZT Stock Pond 36.510820 -112.132205   On AZT Water Source
Crane Lake 36.529970 -112.149038   On AZT Water Source
AZT Pond 36.506557 -112.127922   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR213 Near+FR6544/213 36.479156 -112.113754   On AZT No Water
+AZTKPT101 FR221 FR6519A 36.476304 -112.112537   On AZT No Water
AZT Stock Pond 36.474962 -112.113193   O AZT Water
+AZTKPT101 Road Turn 36.441404 -112.108288   On AZT No Water
AZT Dog Lake Fenced 36.421652 -112.089643   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR611 36.420316 -112.087435   On AZT Water Source
+AZTKPT101 Trail4 36.396293 -112.090768   On AZT No Water
AZT Crystal Spring 36.389141 -112.095985   On AZT Water Source
AZT Sourdough Pond 36.365112 -112.085432   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR610 36.340453 -112.089405   On AZT No Water
AZT GrandCanyonNP KaibabNF Bdry 36.337609 -112.093277   On AZT No Water
+AZT Lookout Road 36.331277 -112.103679   On AZT No Water
Residence Blue Water Jug 36.335081 -112.115382   On AZT Water Source
+AZT Highway 67 36.290747 -112.083612   On AZT No Water
+AZT WidforssTrail Trailhead 36.223825 -112.065025   On AZT No Water
+AZT Turn 36.220744 -112.061218   On AZT No Water
+AZT Hwy North Kaibab Trailhead 36.217326 -112.056876   On AZT Water Source
AZT North Kaibab Trail Tunnel 36.211137 -112.049772   On AZT Water Source
AZT NKT Spring 36.198661 -112.039245   On AZT Water Source
+AZT NKT Roaring Springs Trail 36.192712 -112.034392   On AZT No Water
AZT NKT Cottonwood Camp Faucet 36.169942 -112.041379   On AZT Water Source
+AZT NKT Ribbon Falls Trail 36.159038 -112.052244   On AZT Water Source
+AZT NKT Ribbon Falls Trail 36.156356 -112.056712   On AZT Water Source
+AZT NKT ClearCreekTrail 36.110681 -112.091716   On AZT Water Source
+AZT NKT BrightAngel SKaibabTrl 36.099837 -112.093985   On AZT Water Source
+AZT SKT Tonto Trail West 36.090044 -112.088874   On AZT No Water
AZT Top of South Kaibab Trail 36.053337 -112.083445   On AZT No Water
Full Grocery Store 36.053331 -112.120845   Off AZT Water Source
Laundry Showers Electric Outlet 36.050896 -112.122452   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT TrToCgrndLaundryGrocery 36.047279 -112.116049   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR328 35.990174 -112.124321   On AZT No Water
USFS Ranger Station 35.988896 -112.121929   Off AZT No Water
+AZT123TurnThruCulvert 35.985019 -112.123670   On AZT No Water
Tusayan Store 35.975592 -112.124819   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT123 2713BB 64E 35.980514 -112.117815   On AZT No Water
+9128D/AZT23 1 35.981152 -112.115836   On AZT No Water
AZT Dry Stock Pond 35.961902 -112.097772   On AZT No Water
+AZT9122E9124K3 2709 35.970370 -112.080007   On AZT No Water
+AZT9122E Turn4 35.979610 -112.063870   On AZT No Water
AZT Turn Gate 35.967715 -112.061761   On AZT No Water
AZT Dry Stock Pond 35.971978 -112.054989   On AZT No Water
+AZT303D Road 35.961156 -112.047599   On AZT No Water
+AZT 303 303F 9121F 35.959777 -112.028185   On AZT No Water
AZT Watson Tank Dry 35.957892 -112.022210   On AZT No Water
AZT Grandview Lookout Tower THD 35.957519 -111.954993 Sign: FR310 Tusayan 16, Russell Tank 11, FR307 Hull Cabin 2 On AZT No Water
+AZT FR307 35.954613 -111.951650   On AZT No Water
AZT 5miles to Grandview 35.930198 -111.912011   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR309 8.3ToTower 35.903768 -111.893096   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR310CoconinoRimRusselWash 35.894490 -111.877103   On AZT No Water
Russell Tank AZT 35.872541 -111.879576   On AZT Water Source
AZT SteelTankWaterInTrough 35.841590 -111.865543 MarkedRusselWaterInCoveredFloatTank On AZT Water Source
+AZT Powerlines 35.793697 -111.875224   On AZT No Water
+AZT Spur To Moqui Stage Statio 35.787395 -111.875579   On AZT No Water
MoquiStageStationCistern301M 35.787130 -111.878202   Off AZT No Water
+AZT301 685BabbittRanchKaibabNF 35.745176 -111.817030   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn LockwoodTankFull 35.729361 -111.796170   On AZT Water Source
AZT UpperLockwoodTankFull 35.718952 -111.821148   On AZT Water Source
AZT SteelTankAndTroughDry 35.670267 -111.811910   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerlines 35.640379 -111.819433   On AZT No Water
AZT DirtTankFull 35.638560 -111.819978   On AZT Water Source
+AZTTurn9008A417BabbittSanFrans 35.547395 -111.782923   On AZT No Water
FloatTrough.1MileFromTrailhead 35.545431 -111.784484   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTTurn416 417 35.541057 -111.735066   On AZT No Water
+AZT416 9221B 35.494950 -111.700794   On AZT No Water
+AZT419 90020 549 35.469572 -111.694238   On AZT No Water
+AZT416Singletrack 523 35.455758 -111.692550   On AZT No Water
+AZT9006R 514 Kelly Tank Dry 35.419256 -111.704191   On AZT Water Source
+AZT Road 35.394842 -111.724208   On AZT No Water
Little Spring 35.374796 -111.725461   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT RoadToLittleSpring.7Miles 35.376872 -111.713120   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToBismarkLake.2miles 35.362323 -111.717208 Sign: Bismark Lake .2miles, Arizona Snowbowl 2.5, FR418 4 On AZT No Water
AZT LewTank Dry 35.356702 -111.717519   On AZT No Water
+AZT AspenLoopToArizonaSnowbowl 35.332139 -111.719336   On AZT No Water
+AZT AspenLoopToSnowbowlTrailhd 35.329392 -111.719568   On AZT No Water
Alfa Fia Tank 35.322222 -111.723546   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT Highway 35.283769 -111.711645   On AZT No Water
+AZTFlagstaffResupply BypassRts 35.272877 -111.652741   On AZT No Water
+AZTResupplyTurnSchultzPassRoad 35.272602 -111.647737   On AZT No Water
+AZT Turn 35.271846 -111.647949   On AZT No Water
+AZTBypassResupplyRoutes 35.272054 -111.647476   On AZT No Water
+AZTSchultzCreekTr FortValleyTr 35.251622 -111.665572   On AZT No Water
AZT Trailhead 35.244941 -111.661105   On AZT No Water
AZT CoconinoNFBuffaloParkBounda 35.225282 -111.630839   On AZT No Water
BuffaloParkEntrance 35.217859 -111.632753   Off AZT No Water
2FullGrocers 35.195010 -111.634289   Off AZT Water Source
USPostOffice 35.197950 -111.646386 5OutfittersBetweenLibraryAndPostOffice Off AZT No Water
Library 35.199783 -111.652374 5OutfittersBetweenLibraryAndPostOffice Off AZT Water Source
AmtrakStationInfoCenter 35.197302 -111.649401   Off AZT Water Source
Greyhound Station 35.192323 -111.638888   Off AZT No Water
USPostOffice 35.210136 -111.611023   Off AZT No Water
Flagstaff Walmart 35.199258 -111.615009   Off AZT Water Source
FullSafewayGrocer McDonalds 35.226450 -111.579945   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT ButlerHuntingtonPonderosa 35.191116 -111.628881 McDonalds, Motels Nearby  On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn ButlerBabbitt 35.191247 -111.630580 TacoBell On AZT Water Source
AZTTrailheadSewagePlant 35.187738 -111.631886   On AZT No Water
+AZT I40 FlagstaffUrbanTrailSys 35.184635 -111.633176 TrailTowardsUniversityAndDowntown On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn Road RioDeFlag Sewage 35.184221 -111.630718 Do Not Drink - Sewage On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn Road Sign:FisherPt3.5m 35.183450 -111.630999   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerlines 35.181813 -111.629029   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn 35.173743 -111.623679   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn 35.169145 -111.619449   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 35.166840 -111.621105 Sign:UrbanTrail1.7Mi FisherPoint1.8Miles On AZT No Water
+AZT FlagstaffLoopTrail 35.165606 -111.619506   On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 35.158964 -111.609948 North to Flagstaff Loop On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 35.155401 -111.606538 South to Flagstaff Loop On AZT No Water
+AZTFlagstaffUrban/BypassRoutes 35.150832 -111.599955 MarshallLk5.6FlagstaffUrbanTr3.5 FisherPtVista1.2 On AZT No Water
+AZTBypassTrailToCave,WalnutNM 35.151013 -111.598236 FisherPointVista1.1MarshallLake5.7Miles On AZT No Water
+AZT Urban Bypass Routes 35.150848 -111.598600 MarshallLake5.7Flagstaff3.6 On AZT No Water
+AZTFlagstaffUrban/Equestrian 35.149064 -111.600136 Flagstaff3.6 CosninoI40Underpass11.6 On AZT Water Source
EldenPuebloArchaeologicalSite 35.243511 -111.567558   Off AZT No Water
+AZT CulvertUnderUS89 35.244944 -111.565500 JustSouthOf+US89CampTownsendWinonaRoad On AZT No Water
RioDeFlagAZTBridgeSewageDischrg 35.232505 -111.546566 ContainsTreatedFlastaffSewage On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerlines 35.228920 -111.549326   On AZT No Water
+AZT RainValleyRoad 35.225469 -111.545604   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road Gate 35.225383 -111.542520   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road FlagstaffLoopTrail 35.218072 -111.528448   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 35.213994 -111.508915   On AZT No Water
AZT TipTankFull 35.209095 -111.497173   On AZT Water Source
+AZT Road Gate 35.205771 -111.485002   On AZT No Water
+AZTUnderRailtracksCulvert 35.205510 -111.484084   On AZT No Water
+AZTUnderI40Culvert 35.203272 -111.485294   On AZT No Water
StockPond 35.202045 -111.485603   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerline 35.188304 -111.496830   On AZT No Water
+AZT WalnutCanyonNMRoad 35.180254 -111.502259   On AZT No Water
+AZT OldCanyonRoad 35.179096 -111.516391   On AZT No Water
WildlifeTank 35.152722 -111.566736   Off AZT Water Source
WildlifeTank 35.168620 -111.541310   Off AZT Water Source
EOldWalnutCanyonRd+AZTTrailhead 35.180221 -111.532154 FR303 On AZT No Water
+AZT CampbellMesaTrail 35.178826 -111.537491   On AZT No Water
Viewpoint 35.158600 -111.544565   Off AZT No Water
+AZT StubTrailToViewOfWalnutCyn 35.161142 -111.546948   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToView.7Miles 35.158299 -111.561032   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToFR301 .2Miles 35.155426 -111.573484   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToFR301 .3Miles 35.154706 -111.594599   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToFisherPointVista.1Mile 35.153691 -111.595403   On AZT No Water
FisherPointVista 35.151866 -111.595589   Off AZT No Water
+AZT TrToFR9112C .6Miles 35.154564 -111.597943   On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 35.147302 -111.599479   On AZT No Water
+AZT SandysCanyonTrail 35.137411 -111.598879 1.4MilesToCanyonVistaCampground On AZT No Water
+AZT FR9481Q 35.121524 -111.562757   On AZT No Water
Marshall Mesa Tank 35.119814 -111.562732   On AZT Water Source
AZT Gate 35.114444 -111.551880   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR9479T 35.112489 -111.547403   On AZT No Water
AZTTrailheadMarshallLake 35.111277 -111.541330 Fisher Point 5.7 On AZT No Water
+AZT Roads 128 35.109706 -111.538197 Horse Lake Trailhead 9.7 On AZT No Water
AZT Observatory129A 35.100216 -111.536361   On AZT No Water
+AZT9479E 9486Q FR129 35.079502 -111.512476   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn9489A 35.073487 -111.480451   On AZT No Water
+AZT9489A 9480M 35.069571 -111.465905   On AZT No Water
AZT Horse Lake 35.063654 -111.460173   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT 9489A 129A 35.063705 -111.455885   On AZT No Water
+AZT129A 9481B Fence 35.061795 -111.454926   On AZT No Water
+AZT129A 9482BtoHorseLake 35.058700 -111.453987   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn FR129A 35.030223 -111.444741   On AZT No Water
AZTHorseLakeTrailhead 35.028107 -111.444959   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToTrailhead 35.029741 -111.445315 MormonMountainTrail9.5 MarshallLake9.7 On AZT No Water
+AZT Highway487 FR3 35.028863 -111.453447 MormonMountainTrail8.7 On AZT No Water
AZTPinegroveTrailhead 35.025825 -111.456892   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToTrailhead Powerlines 35.024802 -111.456826   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR32 FR9459C 34.984382 -111.479742 HorseCreekTrailhead6.3 MormonMountainTrail3.2 On AZT No Water
+AZTRoads StayHigh 34.960000 -111.488556   On AZT No Water
+AZT MormonMountainTrToDairySpg 34.953291 -111.491350   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR240 34.945581 -111.496169   On AZT No Water
DoubleSpring 34.941318 -111.494343   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT LakeviewTrail 34.933425 -111.499567   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR90H 34.930906 -111.495032   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR90N 34.910111 -111.488856   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrailEast 34.903657 -111.479443   On AZT No Water
+AZT NavajoSpringTrToMormonLake 34.898716 -111.481609 1.1Miles On AZT No Water
AZT NavajoSpring 34.899554 -111.480033   On AZT Water Source
MormonLakeStoreRestaurant 34.911281 -111.467414   Off AZT Water Source
AZT StockPond 34.881789 -111.455820   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR91 34.839226 -111.444609   On AZT No Water
AZT VanDerenSpring 34.837564 -111.445634   On AZT Water Source
+AZT Highway487 FR3 34.826553 -111.436796   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR92 Trailhead 34.821237 -111.431811   On AZT No Water
+AZT 92A 6048 34.813471 -111.422662   On AZT No Water
AZT ConcreteTroughDry 34.811955 -111.418611   On AZT No Water
AZT StockPondFullBeigeTurbid 34.809232 -111.415618   On AZT Water Source
+AZT 92A 135C 34.804299 -111.414825   On AZT No Water
AZT MaxieTank 34.794006 -111.417254   On AZT Water Source
AZT StockPondFullTurbidBeige 34.784618 -111.419074   On AZT Water Source
AZT ShuffsTank 34.774780 -111.420072   On AZT Water Source
AZT FullPondToWest 34.760132 -111.391391   On AZT Water Source
+AZT135D 6058 34.769266 -111.411763   On AZT No Water
+AZT9255U 294G 9356B 34.774177 -111.366334   On AZT No Water
+AZT135 9361E 34.770922 -111.332689   On AZT No Water
AZT BargamanTankFull 34.772973 -111.368827   On AZT Water Source
+AZT Powerlines 34.773540 -111.367181   On AZT No Water
+AZT RouteToPineSpring 34.772282 -111.354329   On AZT No Water
PineSpring 34.774486 -111.351945   Off AZT Water Source
AZT Wild Horse Tank 34.760514 -111.325829 +AZT 9361E 9356P On AZT Water Source
+AZT93A 9356P 34.733634 -111.292837   On AZT No Water
+AZT9364J 9356G 34.711828 -111.293553   On AZT No Water
+AZT9364J 93 34.711448 -111.295529   On AZT No Water
+AZT 93 93J 34.707185 -111.290089   On AZT No Water
+AZT9352? 9352T 6082 34.696132 -111.300451   On AZT No Water
+AZT93K 6082 34.690632 -111.294932   On AZT No Water
+AZT93K 93F 34.681742 -111.286238   On AZT No Water
+AZT 93K 93 34.677768 -111.285177   On AZT No Water
+AZT 93 697 34.677166 -111.286629   On AZT No Water
Kenneth Tank 34.674538 -111.287554   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT93D 93 34.664370 -111.283807   On AZT No Water
UnnamedTank SheepHerder? 34.662881 -111.272651   Off AZT Water Source
AZT Sinkhole 34.656285 -111.251039   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR82 34.653048 -111.233735   On AZT No Water
StoneStele LosPinos343mAD1988 34.631968 -111.211483   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR138 AKA211 34.623826 -111.208218   On AZT No Water
AZT Hay Meadow Tank 34.613167 -111.203663   On AZT Water Source
+AZT 9852 34.609654 -111.200620   On AZT No Water
+AZT9852 Highway87 34.607690 -111.200067   On AZT No Water
ElkTank 34.599074 -111.196490   On AZT Water Source
AZT BlueRidgeCampground 34.591408 -111.200762   On AZT No Water
+AZT 751B 34.575798 -111.212238   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR751Trailhead 34.570026 -111.225655   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrailToRockCrossingCampgrd 34.560874 -111.224378   On AZT No Water
AZT StockTank 34.541651 -111.233537   On AZT Water Source
+AZT123A Turn Cairn 34.529073 -111.234906   On AZT No Water
123A 123 Powerlines 34.528551 -111.231403   Off AZT No Water
AZT 123 StockPondFull 34.508194 -111.234327 Between 123 and AZT On AZT Water Source
+AZT 123 Powerlines 34.505000 -111.233652   On AZT No Water
+AZT9709J 34.495770 -111.234312   On AZT No Water
+AZT FredHaughtTrailToNorthEast 34.486991 -111.228618 OnGeneralSpringsCreek On AZT Water Source
+AZT705TunnelTrail RimRoad300 34.453784 -111.250853   On AZT No Water
TunnelHead StoneShelter 34.449788 -111.247835   Off AZT No Water
+AZT290 Tr390ToRailTunnelStart 34.448922 -111.249124   On AZT No Water
AZT SpringEastVerdeRiver 34.442033 -111.254151   On AZT Water Source
+AZTTurnDevin290 Highline31THed 34.430788 -111.261193   On AZT No Water
+AZTHighlineTr31 Road32 Creek 34.427056 -111.269217 HoustonMesaRoad32 On AZT Water Source
AZT ChaseCreek 34.426645 -111.279493   On AZT Water Source
+AZT TrailSouth 34.425939 -111.286614   On AZT No Water
AZTCreekTributaryToChaseCreek 34.423842 -111.290997 BrayCreek3 WashingtonPark1 On AZT Water Source
AZTNorthSycamoreCreek 34.418258 -111.318706   On AZT Water Source
AZT EastBrayCreek 34.413919 -111.325951   On AZT Water Source
AZT BrayCreek 34.414545 -111.333802   On AZT Water Source
AZT BearSpringFencedBarbWire 34.412822 -111.349581   On AZT Water Source
AZT GeronimoSpring 34.405079 -111.360549   On AZT Water Source
+AZTHighline FR440 WebberCreek 34.400875 -111.365678 Geronimo Trailhead On AZT Water Source
+AZTHighlineTr31 GeronimoTr240 34.398480 -111.368459 TurkeySpringT217 2miles EastWebberT289 3 On AZT No Water
+FR240Geronimo FR217TurkeyTrail 34.408209 -111.378558   Off AZT No Water
+217BSATrMilkRanchPointWest 34.408343 -111.380690   Off AZT No Water
West Webber Creek 217 34.409273 -111.382405   Off AZT Water Source
+240Geronimo289EWebber217Turkey 34.409458 -111.383281 WWebber1/8TurkeySp1/8 218 2 1/8 Off AZT No Water
+228WestWebberTrail 217TurkeyTr 34.409999 -111.385244 TurkeySpringAdjacent, Dry Off AZT No Water
+217TurkeySprings 218WestWebber 34.409415 -111.386844   Off AZT No Water
+T228WestWebber T213 34.403807 -111.401731   Off AZT No Water
+MilkRanchPtRd218 228WestWebber 34.398700 -111.408708 FullStockPond TurkeySp1.8 240 2Miles Off AZT Water Source
+MilkRanchPtRd218 FR6031 34.397227 -111.408072   Off AZT No Water
+FR218 DonahueTrail27 FR9385B 34.393563 -111.407697   Off AZT No Water
+DonahueTrail27 FR9389N 34.390795 -111.413549   Off AZT No Water
AZT PineSpring 34.378644 -111.389557   On AZT Water Source
+AZTHighline31 RedRockTrail294 34.370658 -111.400855 ToControlRoad1.5Miles On AZT No Water
Red Rock SpringTroughDryAZT 34.370828 -111.401235   On AZT Water Source
+AZT DonahueTr27ToMilkRanchPt1M 34.375500 -111.425913   On AZT No Water
+AZT PineviewTr28ToPineCynTr.5M 34.377473 -111.431747 RedRockSpring2.5Miles DonahueT27 .5 On AZT Water Source
+PineviewTr28 PineCanyonTr26 34.378982 -111.440626 PineThead.8 DrippingSpring1 AZTHighline.5Miles Off AZT No Water
+AZTTurnHighlineOakSpringsTrls 34.373313 -111.443162   On AZT No Water
AZTPineTrailhead 34.374116 -111.443410 TrashToilet On AZT No Water
+AZT Highway87 34.369583 -111.440648   On AZT No Water
+87Highway PineTHeadDriveway 34.373690 -111.446327   Off AZT No Water
THATBreweryCabins3750NHwy87 34.377196 -111.449668 Beer Meals Cabins Off AZT Water Source
+87Hwy BradshawDrive 34.375451 -111.448020   Off AZT No Water
Laundry 34.385607 -111.454729   Off AZT Water Source
Grocer 34.385080 -111.455395   Off AZT Water Source
+BradshawDrive OldCountyRoad 34.375120 -111.450901   Off AZT No Water
+AZT OldCountyRoad Powerlines 34.370552 -111.447120 AZT=Trail16,SouthKaibabTrail On AZT No Water
AZTFordsCrMetatesBradshawTank 34.367858 -111.456364   On AZT Water Source
+AZTOakSpringTr16WalnutTrail 34.352358 -111.474601 PineTrailhead3miles On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToOakSpring 34.350772 -111.473524   On AZT No Water
OakSpring 34.350541 -111.473054   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT251 Powerline PineTankGulch 34.340108 -111.481096   On AZT No Water
AZT EastTank 251 34.334145 -111.487206   On AZT Water Source
+AZT251Turn 34.345248 -111.494151   On AZT No Water
+AZT251PowerlineRoads 34.351588 -111.508014   On AZT No Water
DryPondNearPowerlineCorner 34.364164 -111.538643   Off AZT No Water
+AZTPowerline FR194 34.371034 -111.544088   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR194 FR14 34.359244 -111.557253   On AZT No Water
Saddle Ridge Pasture Tank AZT 34.351718 -111.552648   On AZT Water Source
AZT RedSaddleTankWater 34.257368 -111.520349   On AZT Water Source
AZTRoadTopsPollesMesa 34.242982 -111.514510   On AZT No Water
AZTWhiterockSpring 34.272040 -111.513322 WrongLocationOnManyTopoMaps On AZT Water Source
AZTRockCrEastVerdeRiverFord 34.229553 -111.513119   On AZT Water Source
AZT LFRanchGate 34.224831 -111.514861 Photograph On AZT No Water
+FR209A FR406 EastVerdeRiver 34.216533 -111.477358 FR406ToCrackerjackMine6miles Off AZT Water Source
+FR406 MazatzalDivideTr23 34.217373 -111.465499 CityCreekTrailhead Off AZT Water Source
Water23MazatzalDivideTrail 34.185217 -111.496842   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT UseSaddleRidgeTrEastByRnch 34.224209 -111.515659   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoadBullSpringTrail 34.223967 -111.516226   On AZT No Water
+AZTBrushSpringsTrRedHillsTrail 34.172173 -111.534810   On AZT No Water
WaterInCreekBelowAZTRedHillsTrl 34.176871 -111.529864   On AZT Water Source
AZTWaterInCreek 34.178580 -111.516701   On AZT Water Source
+AZTRedHillsTr262DivideTrail23 34.178651 -111.505065   On AZT No Water
+AZTMDivideTr23 NorthPeakTr24 34.149957 -111.499876 ToFR414MineralCreekTHead Overgrown2013 On AZT No Water
AZTNorthForkDeadmanCreek 34.126202 -111.487465 WaterS2013 On AZT Water Source
AZT HopiSpring 34.120571 -111.487026   On AZT Water Source
+AZT TrToHorseCampSeep 34.112521 -111.491373   On AZT No Water
Horse Camp Seep 34.113122 -111.492048   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT BrodySeepTr264ToChilsonSpr 34.086717 -111.493346   On AZT No Water
ChilsonSpringBox 34.085701 -111.490833   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT BarnhartTrail 34.085923 -111.478664   On AZT No Water
+AZT BrodySeepTr264 34.071742 -111.481449 Overgrown2013 On AZT No Water
+AZTDivideTr23 Tr44ToWinsorSeep 34.059023 -111.468839 BarBasinTrail44 On AZT No Water
WindsorSpring 34.057662 -111.468841   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT TrToBearSpring 34.040802 -111.476545   On AZT No Water
BearSpringBox 34.038084 -111.476379   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTCornucopiaT86MazatzalDivT23 34.002135 -111.477211 MountPeeleyTrailhead.5Miles On AZT No Water
AZT ThicketSpring +86Cornucopia 33.990895 -111.484306   On AZT Water Source
+AZTinWash TrailUpEast 33.976325 -111.493040   On AZT No Water
WaterInCreek 33.974068 -111.498691   On AZT Water Source
WaterInMine 33.970844 -111.502924   On AZT Water Source
+AZTThicketSprT95SheepCrT88 33.969010 -111.508238 McFarlandCanyon On AZT Water Source
+AZT TrToStoryMine 33.963389 -111.508175   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoad TrailWest 33.952669 -111.516146   On AZT No Water
+AZTSaddleMtnTr91TrToMormonGrov 33.940223 -111.508833 LittleSaddleMtnTr244 On AZT No Water
WaterBelowAZTAndDownstream 33.922657 -111.498600   On AZT Water Source
+AZT344 LittleSaddleMtnTr244 33.912067 -111.493170 TrailToCrossFTrailhead On AZT No Water
AZTWaterInCreekAndUpstream 33.910073 -111.495370   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR393 Powerlines 33.904982 -111.494535   On AZT No Water
AZT StockPond 33.898286 -111.494059   On AZT Water Source
+AZTTurnRoads 33.892646 -111.498984   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn 33.883137 -111.484689   On AZT No Water
+AZT Arizona87 Sunflower 33.862485 -111.473593   On AZT No Water
+AZTSunflowerT344BoulderCrTr73 33.863334 -111.467251 FR22 1/2mile FR422 7miles On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 33.860714 -111.462981   On AZT No Water
AZTFordsSycamoreCreek 33.852067 -111.452727   On AZT Water Source
+AZT DisappearingRoad 33.843128 -111.445682   On AZT No Water
StockPondFull 33.835333 -111.430303   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTFR422MazatzalDivideTrailT73 33.814696 -111.383419   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR422 TrailWest RoadEast 33.812194 -111.385342   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR422 FR463 33.773832 -111.387055 SOBO463parallelsAZT422returns422AvisitsElOsoMine On AZT No Water
+AZT422Turn 33.759112 -111.381120   On AZT No Water
+AZT422 422A 33.745803 -111.370295 422Ajoins463thenHeadsEastDown On AZT No Water
WildlifeRainCollectorBroken 33.730660 -111.353709 FollowATVtrack Off AZT Water Source
+AZT422ElOsoRd143CowGrate 33.730381 -111.347785 PigeonThead2 LonePineThd3 Hwy87 19Miles On AZT No Water
+AZT648/143 33.721186 -111.337533 PigeonTH1 LonePineTH2 Hwy87 18 Hwy188 10 On AZT No Water
+AZTFR485 PigeonTr134 Trailhead 33.710874 -111.336314   On AZT No Water
AZT PigeonSpring 33.712858 -111.334916 Box October 8, 1936 On AZT Water Source
AZTBearSpring 33.702202 -111.328106   On AZT Water Source
AZT ShakeSpring 33.700864 -111.320476   On AZT Water Source
AZT SignForShakeSpring 33.700697 -111.320154   On AZT No Water
+AZTPigeonT134 4PeaksT130 33.700208 -111.323159 2MilesToLonePineSaddleTrailhead On AZT No Water
+AZT4PeaksT130 OakFlatT123 33.702302 -111.315663 123 NE to FR445 On AZT No Water
+AZT4PeaksT130 AdlerSaddleT81 33.685610 -111.310998   On AZT No Water
+AZT4PeaksT130 ChillicutT132 33.665314 -111.289968   On AZT No Water
Granite Spring AZT 33.655458 -111.270357   On AZT Water Source
AZT BuckhornCreek 33.664782 -111.258226   On AZT Water Source
+AZT4PeaksT130VineyardT131FR429 33.671709 -111.240811 MillsRidgeTrailhead On AZT No Water
WildlifeRainCollectorFull 33.672108 -111.237414   Off AZT Water Source
WildlifeRainCollector 33.674468 -111.190910   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTVineyardT131 FR336 33.668586 -111.213266   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR336 VineyardT131 33.669843 -111.212992   On AZT No Water
+AZT DamViewTrail 33.674109 -111.163022   On AZT No Water
ORourkesCampSign AZT 33.675570 -111.160967   On AZT No Water
+AZTVineyardT131 Hwy188 33.676502 -111.161011   On AZT No Water
+AZTHwy188 ThompsonT121 33.673074 -111.152283 CemeteryT255 1.5 FR341 2 Miles On AZT No Water
AZT LivestockTroughFullClear 33.666964 -111.143992 TrailTowardsHighway188 On AZT Water Source
+AZTThompsonT121 CemeteryTrail 33.665593 -111.137720 FR341 1/2mile Highway188 1 1/2miles On AZT No Water
CemeteryTrailhead 33.667300 -111.135596   On AZT No Water
+AZT121 1080 341 33.659119 -111.138491   On AZT No Water
AZT LivestockTroughThompsonSprg 33.655998 -111.134258   On AZT Water Source
+AZT341 120CottonwoodTrail 33.655732 -111.133465   On AZT Water Source
+AZT341 3404 33.646435 -111.133479   On AZT Water Source
DryTrough AZT341 33.642677 -111.134212   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR341CottonwoodT120WaterTnk 33.636381 -111.140386   On AZT Water Source
AZT WaterInCottonwoodCreek 33.630091 -111.136674   On AZT Water Source
AZT WaterInCreekAtTrough,Feeder 33.618669 -111.125687   On AZT Water Source
AZTCottonwoodT120CattleTrough 33.607208 -111.115011   On AZT Water Source
+AZTCottonwoodT120 FR83 33.605063 -111.113453   On AZT No Water
AZTFR83 StockPondDry 33.597471 -111.118223   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR83 RoadToWaterTank 33.599548 -111.128259 WaterInPondS2013 On AZT No Water
+AZTFR83 2BarRidgeT119Trailhead 33.597680 -111.128443 2DryTroughsWildernessBoundary On AZT No Water
+AZT2BarRidgeT119 TuleT122 33.567037 -111.127769   On AZT No Water
AZT RockWalls 33.543064 -111.126173   On AZT No Water
AZTCreek 33.539447 -111.130441 Water S2013 On AZT No Water
AZTWalnutSpring 33.524910 -111.131523   On AZT Water Source
+AZT2BarRidgeT119 ReavisGapT117 33.520479 -111.125522   On AZT No Water
AZT PineCreek 33.511837 -111.129433   On AZT Water Source
ReavisCreek 33.496440 -111.155910 +AZT ReavisGapT117 ReavisTrail109 On AZT Water Source
+ReavisTrail109 Frog TanksT112 33.510733 -111.161305   Off AZT No Water
+FrogTanksT112 PlowSaddleT284 33.506626 -111.179954 WaterInCreekS2013 Troughs:Bacon+Upton12/2/48 Off AZT Water Source
+FrogTanksT112 RogersCanyonT110 33.464399 -111.211419   Off AZT Water Source
RogersCanyonCliffDwellings 33.462953 -111.205294   Off AZT Water Source
+RogersCanyonT110 JFTrail106 33.446124 -111.224375   Off AZT No Water
SolarWellTanksTrough 33.416718 -111.208104   Off AZT Water Source
+JFTrail106 WoodburyT114 33.416031 -111.208087   Off AZT No Water
+WoodburyT114 FR172A 33.413430 -111.191348 Wilderness Boundary Barriers Off AZT No Water
+AZTReavisT109 FireLineT118 33.486832 -111.153863   On AZT Water Source
+AZT TrailToReavisGrave 33.444894 -111.177621   On AZT No Water
ReavisGrave 33.445008 -111.177810   On AZT No Water
+AZTReavisRanchT109 33.440096 -111.184853 GrandEnchantmentTrailRogersCanyonTrail110 On AZT No Water
+AZTReavisRanchT109WPintoT212 33.423688 -111.174047   On AZT No Water
+AZTReavisRanchTFR172AThead 33.422292 -111.173367   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR172A FR650 33.417513 -111.174268   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR650 ReavisCanyonT580 33.405511 -111.156910   On AZT No Water
AZT MudSpringCowTroughFull 33.371815 -111.141472   On AZT Water Source
AZT WaterInCreek 33.357830 -111.132624   On AZT Water Source
AZTStoneCorral 33.355961 -111.132926   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR509 FR650 33.352379 -111.131893   On AZT No Water
AZTWaterWindmillCorralBelow 33.342444 -111.131773   On AZT Water Source
+AZTRoad 33.340020 -111.131401   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR650 33.331682 -111.138349   On AZT No Water
+FR650 FR1011 33.315143 -111.140138   Off AZT No Water
NHappyCampCanyonRd650 StockPond 33.307604 -111.142279 Water S2013 Off AZT Water Source
+EHappyCampRd8 FR650 Powerlines 33.296857 -111.145442   Off AZT No Water
+Roads 8 229 33.292136 -111.123753   Off AZT No Water
+SilverKingMineRd229 US60 33.284906 -111.124221   Off AZT No Water
+AZTPowerlines 33.289780 -111.173859   On AZT No Water
E Hewitt Station Rd+AZT Trailhd 33.282648 -111.176666   On AZT No Water
+AZT US60 33.275131 -111.182311   On AZT No Water
AZTpicketpostTrailhead 33.272727 -111.176996   On AZT No Water
Grocer 33.293362 -111.100090   Off AZT Water Source
FamilyDollar 33.289249 -111.101627   Off AZT Water Source
CopperMountainMotel 33.288169 -111.101444 2013 NoLongerOffersRides Off AZT Water Source
+AZT TrailToPicketpostMountain 33.266854 -111.174023   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrailEast 33.246366 -111.157559   On AZT No Water
+WestSunsetDrive BelmontAvenue 33.281422 -111.102547   Off AZT No Water
+NTelegraphCanyonRd230 MaryDrive 33.279100 -111.113784 230=GolfCourseRoad=NTelegraphCanyonRd Off AZT No Water
+FR230 FR989 33.272224 -111.114383   Off AZT No Water
+NTelegraphCanyonRoad 4+230 33.260636 -111.118313   Off AZT No Water
+AZT NTelegraphCanyonRd4 33.217495 -111.147965   On AZT No Water
Trough Springs 33.220007 -111.149102   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT TrailWest 33.204542 -111.138665   On AZT No Water
StockPond 33.189470 -111.135660   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT GET ArtesianWellRoute 33.189609 -111.135014   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 33.116252 -111.143148   On AZT No Water
+AZT Roads 33.112614 -111.144681   On AZT No Water
AZTWalnutCanyon 33.116428 -111.088806   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerlines 33.116155 -111.021080   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road Rails 33.107398 -110.982713   On AZT No Water
AZTBridgesGilaRiver 33.102829 -110.974628   On AZT Water Source
RipseyWashSpringTank 33.024161 -110.981878   Off AZT Water Source
E Florence Kelvin Hwy +AZT 33.089695 -110.990559   On AZT No Water
+AZTWalkUpWashToRipseySpring 33.027293 -110.982151   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerlines 33.018953 -110.987615   On AZT No Water
WaterTrough 33.013249 -110.992523   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT Road 32.983959 -110.986509   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerline Turn 32.974450 -110.982154   On AZT No Water
+AZTPowerlineRoad 1track 32.956650 -110.965729   On AZT No Water
AZT TheBoulders 32.906900 -110.951906   On AZT No Water
+AZT NaturalGasPipeline 32.899206 -110.923191   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerline 32.887216 -110.910288   On AZT No Water
+AZT Roads 1Track 32.873305 -110.890831   On AZT No Water
AZTFreemanRoadWaterCache 32.871264 -110.883056   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FreemanRoad 32.872751 -110.877530   On AZT No Water
+AZT Turn Roads 32.857428 -110.869097   On AZT No Water
+AZT TurnRoad1track 32.855553 -110.864721   On AZT No Water
AZT Road Gate 32.835838 -110.844891   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoadSteelWaterTankToWest 32.835785 -110.836196   On AZT No Water
+AZT PutnamWash 32.824623 -110.812227   On AZT No Water
AZT BeehiveWellTank 32.823359 -110.807193 +Grand Enchantment Trail On AZT Water Source
+AZT Road Wash 32.800563 -110.782810   On AZT No Water
+AZT Wash 32.799151 -110.784047   On AZT No Water
+AZT1Track Wash 32.798500 -110.783798   On AZT No Water
Mountain View Tank 32.763064 -110.762564   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT RoadToMountainViewTank 32.764010 -110.758282   On AZT No Water
Corner Tank 32.713265 -110.762356   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT NaturalGasPipeline 32.698625 -110.756307   On AZT No Water
+AZT TucsonWashRoad 32.682933 -110.752119   On AZT No Water
AZT StockPondDry 32.673736 -110.744937   On AZT No Water
AZTTigerMineTrailheadWaterCache 32.651002 -110.731359   On AZT Water Source
Tiger Mine Rd AZT Hwy77 32.632430 -110.739598   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn Powerline 32.627674 -110.731146   On AZT No Water
PostOffice 32.610432 -110.764069   Off AZT No Water
Grocer 32.610345 -110.765555   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT Webb Road 32.596793 -110.714057   On AZT No Water
+AZT MountLemmonRoad CodyT9 32.580933 -110.720466 AmericanFlagTrailhead On AZT No Water
+AZTCodyT9 Road 32.573986 -110.751540   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurnRoads 32.567604 -110.753420   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoad 32.533510 -110.756096   On AZT No Water
+AZT4483 4475 32.521151 -110.752636   On AZT No Water
+AZT RoadToMountRice 32.510206 -110.749615   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoadCowGrateDanSaddle 32.481311 -110.749076   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 32.451584 -110.754310   On AZT No Water
+SabinaCanyonCarterCanyonRoads 32.440590 -110.759537   On AZT No Water
+CarterCanyonRoadMintSpringTrhd 32.439980 -110.766495 Spring Off AZT Water Source
+AZTMarshalGulchT3MintSprings20 32.430977 -110.773141 AspenT93WildernessOfRocksT44 On AZT No Water
LemmonPools 32.415100 -110.800570 Not Verified by Me Off AZT Water Source
AZTwaterInPool 32.426161 -110.781582   On AZT Water Source
+AZTWildernessOfRocksT44 32.421422 -110.790802 LemmonRockLookoutT12 On AZT No Water
+AZTMtLemmonT5WildernessRocks44 32.408660 -110.817853   On AZT No Water
+AZTMtLemmonT5WForkT24RomeroCn8 32.399270 -110.830256 Fritz12bSummAPachePRick On AZT No Water
+AZTWestForkT24CathedralRockT26 32.390529 -110.825693   On AZT No Water
+AZTWestForkTrRouteToHutchsPool 32.373677 -110.791864   On AZT No Water
HutchsPool 32.374273 -110.792156   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTWForkT24SabinoCynT23EFrk24A 32.365396 -110.773496   On AZT No Water
+AZTEForkT24A BoxCampT22 32.366055 -110.772609   On AZT No Water
+AZTEForkT24A PalisadesT99 32.363984 -110.760596   On AZT No Water
+AZTEForkT24A BearCynT29Sycamor 32.359338 -110.757190 SycamoreReservoirT39 On AZT No Water
+AZT TrToSycamoreReservoir 32.348943 -110.745814 ToGordonHirabayashiRecreationSite2Miles On AZT No Water
Sycamore Reservoir 32.349235 -110.746805   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTMolinoBasinT11SoldierT706 32.335637 -110.722604   On AZT No Water
AZTPrisonCampTrailhead 32.335901 -110.719832   On AZT No Water
+AZTBellotaT15GeneralHitchcockH 32.337693 -110.690478   On AZT No Water
AZTWestSpring 32.329417 -110.674640   On AZT Water Source
+AZTRoad 32.322671 -110.648917   On AZT No Water
TheLake 32.321766 -110.621497   Off AZT Water Source
+AZTRoad 32.321054 -110.620673   On AZT No Water
+AZT95 FR37 32.283242 -110.568646   On AZT No Water
AZTSaguaroNPNorthBoundry 32.237266 -110.536624   On AZT No Water
AZTItalianSpring+NorthSlopeTrl 32.229082 -110.535925   On AZT Water Source
+AZTNorthSlopeTrail 32.222346 -110.536656   On AZT No Water
+AZT BonitaTrail 32.221348 -110.540168   On AZT No Water
+AZTMicaMountainTrail 32.220347 -110.541600   On AZT No Water
AZTMicaMountain8666feet 32.219856 -110.543459   On AZT No Water
AZTManningCamp 32.207606 -110.554388   On AZT Water Source
+AZT DevilsBathtubTrail 32.197790 -110.552937   On AZT No Water
+AZT DouglasSpringTrail 32.186628 -110.599552   On AZT No Water
AZT Drainage 32.147140 -110.640630   On AZT Water Source
+AZTQuilterTrail 32.169110 -110.614235   On AZT No Water
+AZTQuilterTrail Road 32.139283 -110.654048   On AZT No Water
WindmillRuinsAZT 32.133165 -110.649138   On AZT No Water
AZTKiosk 32.129589 -110.644719   On AZT No Water
S Colossal Cave Place+AZT 32.119419 -110.636198   On AZT No Water
+AZT South X9RanchRoad 32.109524 -110.632117   On AZT No Water
S Pistol Hill Rd +AZT 32.091318 -110.624428   On AZT No Water
La Sevilla Picnic AreaSpigotAZT 32.063807 -110.622147   On AZT Water Source
+AZTRoadToLaSevillaPicnicArea 32.059893 -110.629661   On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 32.053602 -110.631711   On AZT No Water
+AZT Trail 32.051757 -110.630442   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrailToRanchWater 32.048387 -110.636875   On AZT No Water
FaucetToiletTrash 32.050649 -110.637004   Off AZT Water Source
Trailhead 32.050242 -110.637989   Off AZT No Watere
+AZT Powerlines 32.033989 -110.640755   On AZT No Water
+AZT PipelineRoad 32.028776 -110.641004   On AZT No Water
+AZT FrontageRoad RailLine 32.020358 -110.645912   On AZT No Water
+AZTCableRoad 32.022376 -110.641656   On AZT No Water
Cienega Creek AZT RailBridge 32.019274 -110.643728   On AZT Water Source
Davidson Canyon +AZT 32.016836 -110.643259   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurnCableRoad 32.014662 -110.646716   On AZT No Water
AZTGabeZimmermanTrailhead 32.013766 -110.647410 FrontageRoad On AZT No Water
+AZT Hiker Equestrian Routes 32.013379 -110.647169   On AZT No Water
+AZT I10 31.996203 -110.652772   On AZT No Water
S Old Sonoita Hwy +AZT 31.969489 -110.661352   On AZT No Water
Duck Tank 31.972155 -110.670266   Off AZT Water Source
+AZT Highway83 31.970219 -110.674989   On AZT No Water
E Sahuarita Rd +AZT NearHwy83 31.963165 -110.672874   On AZT No Water
AZT Stockpond 31.943454 -110.676167   On AZT Water Source
Twin Tanks AZT 31.911847 -110.668475   On AZT Water Source
FR165StockPond 31.763163 -110.777342   Off AZT Water Source
Helvetia Rd +AZT 31.843626 -110.718237   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 31.810531 -110.723424   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurnTroughWellPowerline4072 31.810289 -110.731390   On AZT Water Source
+AZT4072Turn 31.805076 -110.736963   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 31.802510 -110.742021   On AZT No Water
+AZT Turn 31.794291 -110.745646   On AZT No Water
FR62+AZT 31.792726 -110.747198   On AZT No Water
+AZT Powerline 31.787886 -110.754373   On AZT No Water
AZTOnRoadThruGate 31.785347 -110.759271   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurn 31.779893 -110.766566   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR165 31.762454 -110.774977   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurnFR165 FR163 31.760828 -110.763402   On AZT No Water
+AZT163 FR4113 31.753451 -110.764107   On AZT No Water
AZT163StockTrough 31.752838 -110.755240   On AZT Water Source
AZT StockTrough 31.750493 -110.746036   On AZT Water Source
+AZT FR163 31.748232 -110.742167   On AZT No Water
AZTKentuckyCamp 31.744611 -110.741882   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR4110 31.731619 -110.732672   On AZT No Water
+AZT FR4110 31.728729 -110.748763   On AZT No Water
AZTKioskTrailheadFR92 31.720175 -110.754072   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 31.719005 -110.756742   On AZT No Water
Cave Creek Flowing+AZT 31.718588 -110.756711   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR785 WaterInCreek 31.706409 -110.775911   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR785WaterInCreekAndTrough 31.701968 -110.793054   On AZT Water Source
AZT WaterInTunnel 31.699359 -110.794524   On AZT Water Source
AZTBearSpring 31.683132 -110.805447   On AZT Water Source
+AZTWalkerBasinTrToGardnerCynTr 31.680021 -110.822721   On AZT No Water
+AZT 2Track 31.674436 -110.817977   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR72WaterAbove 31.671918 -110.816511   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR72 FR4090 31.668589 -110.815358   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR72 FR72A 31.615761 -110.791795   On AZT No Water
AZTFR72StockPond 31.606792 -110.789325   On AZT Water Source
AZTFR72StockPond 31.593800 -110.771870   On AZT Water Source
+AZTFR72 LandfillRoad 31.566581 -110.761870   On AZT No Water
+AZTFR72 Highway82 31.543877 -110.748064   On AZT No Water
+AZTTurnHarshawKeown Taylor 31.541161 -110.751444 Patagonia On AZT Water Source
AZT HarshawRoadFR58 Trailhead 31.527631 -110.711255   On AZT No Water
+AZT Wash 31.540928 -110.676757   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 31.544508 -110.673004   On AZT No Water
+AZT Road 31.510875 -110.583326   On AZT No Water
CaneloPassRoadFR799AZTTrailhead 31.512850 -110.558315   On AZT No Water
+AZT4633A Roads 31.488023 -110.517101   On AZT No Water
+AZT4633A StockPond 31.483549 -110.512255   On AZT Water Source
+AZTUTurnAtGate CaneloRoad 31.484185 -110.510585   On AZT No Water
+AZTRoad 31.469971 -110.502926   On AZT No Water
S Lake Rd +AZT 31.419348 -110.441770   On AZT No Water
+AZTArizona83ScotiaCanyon 31.418706 -110.429104   On AZT No Water
AZTWellTankFull 4757 31.425255 -110.422563   On AZT Water Source
+AZTRoad 31.444704 -110.401578   On AZT No Water
+AZTS Sunnyside Rd 31.442568 -110.395552   On AZT No Water
+AZTSunnysideCynT117Mill?Trails 31.426507 -110.365715   On AZT No Water
+AZTSunnysideCynT117 31.423608 -110.363336 CopperGlanceMineTrail On AZT No Water
+AZTSunnyside117 EurekaCynTrail 31.422543 -110.356540   On AZT No Water
+AZTSunnysideCynT117CrestT103 31.423814 -110.346372   On AZT No Water
+AZTCrestT103IdaCynT110BearSadl 31.411211 -110.324681   On AZT No Water
+AZTCrestT103OversiteCynT112 31.407970 -110.319368   On AZT No Water
+AZTCrestT103CarrPeakT107 31.404914 -110.314876   On AZT No Water
+AZTCrestT103MillerCanyonT106 31.406018 -110.313462   On AZT No Water
AZTBathtubSpring 31.405788 -110.313490   On AZT Water Source
+AZT TrToMillerSpring.25miles 31.391996 -110.297354   On AZT No Water
+AZT TrailToMillerPeak.5miles 31.391461 -110.295952   On AZT No Water
+AZTTrToBondSpring113 31.385595 -110.294726   On AZT No Water
+AZTCrestT103LutzCynT104 31.384413 -110.294802   On AZT No Water
AZTMontezumaPassTrailhead 31.350324 -110.285223   On AZT No Water
+AZTJoesCanyonTr CoronadoPeakTr 31.349301 -110.285259   On AZT No Water
+AZTJoesCanyonTrail 31.342991 -110.277896   On AZT No Water
AZT MexicanBorder 31.333594 -110.282816   On AZT No Water
Name Latitude Longitude Comment On Arizona Trail? Water Source?

About These Locations
I took these locations with a Garmin 450T during my throughhike. I held the device right over the location and let the GPS settle to its best accuracy before taking the points. In open areas, they are often accurate to 11 feet. In deep canyons, accuracy may be as poor as 60-70 feet.

Water I found may have dried up, and there are more water sources than I have shown. Some water is absolutely disgusting; some is excellent. Treat all water for germs before drinking it. Carry enough water to get to a sure source.

Location Names
Most locations I took ought to be on maps or in guidebooks hikers would use. + means an intersection of travel routes, such as trails, roads, pipelines, powerlines, etcetera. AZT means the point is right on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. If a point name does not include AZT it may be an off trail location of interest to hikers, like a water source, viewpoint, etcetera.

Display Symbols
I used blue symbols for water sources, and red for non-water locations. I used circles for on trail locations and cubes for off trail locations. By using these conventions, it was easy to look at the map display of my GPS and understand the significance of each location shown.

GPS is at best a toy. Since batteries die and electronics fail, never rely on a GPS. If you don't know how to use a GPS, it's no more useful than a brick. Each model of GPS operates differently, so other hikers probably will not be able to help you. Learn how to use every function you're likely to need. GPS is always somewhat inaccurate for a variety of reasons. You will still have to look for your target when the GPS says you've arrived. Routes change and water sources dry up. So even though I found something at the above locations, you may not.


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