Dan Bedore's Suwannee River Paddle

January, 2009

This kid was fascinated with my hammock, asking all kinds of questions, so I invited him inside to play for a while.

In January of 2009, I canoed down the Suwannee River from the put in at Fargo, Georgia, to the takeout at White Springs in Florida. We had planned and set up our shuttle to take out at the Suwannee Music Festival area, but the water was quite low, and we were slowed down by lots of portages and shallow, winding paddling areas. It was also quite cold, freezing nightly, so we decided to cut the trip a little short. In fact, it was so cold that I never took notes or photos, and had to beg pictures and info from John and George to make this page... Thanks. We had the river almost to ourselves, and it was quite beautiful and peaceful.

Reflection and one of our canoes in the Suwannee River.

On the trip were John, George, Ronnie & Zoe, their son Jason, and his 3 kids, whose names I don't remember, Carrington, Richard, Tom and his son Cooper, and me. It was a fun trip, with lots of roaring fires to fend off the cold.

Portaging around a rapid. Dan, Cooper, Carrington, Richard