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Winter Journals
Everglades and Alabama, Winter Florida, Alabama December 24 - January 6
Everglades Canoeing Florida 10,000 Islands February 28 - March 14
Winter, San Diego San Diego, Jamul Winter 2016 - 2017
Journals, Alabama to New York off of the AT
Pinhoti National Recreation Trail Alabama, Georgia March 14 - April 18
Benton MacKaye, Bartram, Foothills GA, TN, Carolinas April 19 - May 6
Mountains to Sea Trail North Carolina March 6 - March 17
Allegheny, Headwaters, Tuscarora Trails Virginia, West V May 17 - June 7
Mid State Trail MD, Pennsylvania June 7 - June 29
Finger Lakes, North Country Trails Upstate New York June 29 - August 21
Planning, Alabama to New York off of the AT
Trail by Trail Plan Eastern US March 14 - August 3
Map of Southeast Trails and Maps Southeast US March 14 - June 9
Map of Northeast Trails and Maps Northeast US June 10 - August 3
Appalachian Corridor Maps Eastern US March 14 - August 3
Potomac Corridor Maps Maryland, DC June 7 - June 9
Sierra Nevada, late August thru September
Sierras, Taboose Pass, Lakes Basin
Map: Sierras, Taboose, Lakes Basin
Central California August 22 - August 28
Sierras, Lone Pine - Emigrant Wilderness Central California August 29 - October 7

Map Index to my United States Hikes
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The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
Dan at the California and Oregon Border, 1700 miles into the PCT, 2003.

2015 PCT Mexico to Mount Hood Walk
Near the PCT, Mexico - Cajon Junction, April - May,2015
West of the PCT, Lone Pine to Tuolumne, June - July, 2015
Pacific Crest Trail, Tuolumne to Oregon, July - August, 2015
Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon through Mount Hood, August, 2015

2013 PCT Southern California Hike
Pacific Crest Trail, A-G, Mexico to Kennedy Meadows, Spring 2013
Pacific Crest Trail, H-K, Kennedy Meadows to Truckee, Summer 2013
Pacific Crest Trail, A-K, Mexico to Truckee, GPS Table, 2013

2003 PCT Thru Hike
PCT, Mexico to Pink Motel, A-C, April 2003
PCT, Pink Motel to Cottonwood Creek, C-E, May 2003
PCT, Cottonwood Creek to Vermillion Valley, E-H, June 2003
PCT, Vermillion Valley to Burney Falls, H-N, July 2003
PCT, Burney Falls to Mount Hood, O-G, August 2003
PCT, Mount Hood to Stehekin, G-K, September 2003
PCT, Stehekin to Canada, K, October 2003
Why I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, 2003
PCT Advice, 2003

In the PCT Corridor
Sierra Nevadas, Taboose Pass, Lakes Basin, Jim, 2017
Map: Sierra Nevadas, Taboose Pass, Lakes Basin, Jim, 2017
Sierra Nevadas, Pasayten, Olympics with Jim, 1990s-2008
Sierra Nevada, Lone Pine - Emigrant Wilderness, 2017
Kern River and Sierra High Route, California, 2012
Tahoe Rim Trail, California and Nevada, 2012
Anza Borrego, Cuyamacas, & Lagunas, 2014
Off the PCT in Southern California, 2015
California's Spanish Missions, 2015
San Diego's Mission Bay Area, 2014
PCT, Southern California, 2014
PCT, Washington, I-K, 1998
North Oregon Coast, 2014
San Diego, Winter 2017
Sierra Nevada, 2014

Maps of the Pacific Crest Corridor

Arizona Hikes
Arizona National Scenic Trail, 2012
Arizona Trail, Flagstaff to Phoenix, 2013

Grand Enchantment Trail, Arizona and New Mexico, 2012

Maps of the Arizona Trail Corridor

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
Continental Divide Trail - New Mexico, Official, 2014
Continental Divide Trail - New Mexico, Wolf, 2011
Continental Divide Trail, Colorado and Wyoming, 2012
Continental Divide Trail, Wyoming, 2013
Continental Divide Trail, Montana and Idaho, 2013

Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming CDT GPS Table, 2013

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
Bike Notes, 2015
GDMBR, Montana, 2016
GDMBR, Wyoming, 2016
GDMBR, Colorado, 2016
GDMBR, New Mexico, 2016

In the CDT Corridor
Pacific Northwest Trail - Montana & Idaho, 2014
Grand Enchantment Trail, Arizona and New Mexico, 2012

Maps of the Continental Divide Corridor

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail
Appalachian Trail - Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, 2013
Appalachian Trail, Tennessee - Virginia, 2016
AT, Shenandoah NP to Duncannon, 2016
AT, Pennsylvania - Massachusetts, 2016
Appalachian Trail, Vermont - Maine, 2016
Appalachian Trail - Maine and New Hampshire, 2010

In the Appalachian Corridor
Vermont's Long Trail, 2016
C&O Canal, GAP, PHT, 2016
Tuscarora Trail, 2016

Alabama to New York off of the AT, 2017
Pinhoti National Recreation Trail, AL-GA, 2017
Benton MacKaye, Bartram, Foothills, GA-SC, 2017
Mountains to Sea Trail, Blue Ridge, North Carolina, 2017
Allegheny, Headwaters, Tuscarora Trails, WV-VA, 2017
C&O, Mid State Trail, Maryland-Pennsyvania, 2017
Finger Lakes, North Country Trails, NY, 2017
Trail by Trail Plan, Georgia-New York, 2017

My Maps of the Appalachian Trail Corridor
Maps of the Potomac Heritage Trail Corridor
Map of Southeast Trails and Maps
Map of Northeast Trails and Maps

South Eastern United States Hikes
Hiking near Marietta
Pinhoti Trail, 2011
More Pinhoti Trail
Cumberland Island Hikes
Ave Maria Grotto, Alabama
Tennessee's Cumberland Trail, 2015
Alabama Trail and Conecuh Trail Hikes
Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga Trails Hike
The Ozark Highlands Trail, Arkansas, 2011
The Ouachita Trail, Arkansas & Oklahoma, 2011

Florida Trail, 2011
Florida Trail, 2006
Barrier Islands near Pensacola, Florida
Saint Mark's & Florida Caverns, 2015
Florida Everglades, 2015

Key Largo, Florida SCUBA Trip
Blue Grotto & Devil's Den Caverns (Florida) SCUBA Trip

Everglades and Alabama, 2016-7
Florida Everglades 10,000 Islands, 2017
Suwannee River, Georgia & Florida, 2009
Florida Everglades Ten Thousand Islands, 2010

Other United States Hikes
Stories From Other Hikes
Southern United States, 2010
Minnesota's Superior Hiking Trail

Non United States Walks
Beijing & Xi'an, China
Offa's Dyke, Wales, 2009
North Wales and London, 2009
Camino de Santiago - French Way - Spain, 2011
Via Plata Route of the Camino de Santiago, Spain, 2011
North Coast and Primitivo Routes of the Camino de Santiago, Spain, 2011

Hiking Planning and Miles Walked
Hiking Packing List
My Hiking Planning Page
How Many Miles I've Walked
How I Write This Website, 2017

Lists of Maps for Long Trail Corridors
Maps of the Pacific Crest Corridor
Maps of the Arizona Trail Corridor
Maps of the Continental Divide Corridor
My Maps of the Appalachian Trail Corridor
Maps of the Potomac Heritage Trail Corridor

Map of Southeast Trails and Maps
Map of Northeast Trails and Maps

Grid of Hayduke Quadrangle Maps
Maps of Utah and the Hayduke Trail Corridor
Map of Utah's Hayduke Trail & Land Management Agencies

Western United States Maps
Featuring the PCT, JMT, CDT, CT, PNT, AZT, GET, ICT, and Hayduke Trail.
Cities, Towns, and Interstate Highways

Rock Types or Geology
Seismic or Earthquake Hazard
Faults, Volcanic Features, Impact Craters, and Calderas

CDNST versus Continental Divide

Forest Cover
Vegetation or Land Cover
Ecological Regions
Rivers and Lakes
Average Annual Rainfall

Land Management Agencies
Designated Wilderness Areas

SCUBA Diving
Virginia Tech Human Powered Submarine at HPS2006
SCUBA Logbook, 2000 - 2008
Key Largo, Florida SCUBA Trip
Human Powered Submarine Races
Pelham, Alabama Quarry SCUBA Trip
Charleston, South Carolina SCUBA Trip
Bonne Terre Mine, (Missouri) SCUBA Trip
Blue Grotto & Devil's Den Caverns (Florida) SCUBA Trip

Kayak and Canoe Trips
Dan Kayaking the Kern River, circa 2002
Green River Utah Kayak Trip
San Diego Kayaking, 1999-2003
Everglades and Alabama, 2016-7
Arizona's Grand Canyon Kayak Trip
Suwannee River, Georgia & Florida
Florida Everglades 10,000 Islands, 2017
Florida Everglades Ten Thousand Islands
Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp Kayak Trips
Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Near my Former Home in Marietta, Georgia
Dan's House in Marietta, Georgia
Hiking near Marietta
Pictures near my house
My Vegetable Garden for 2009
A Wasp Nest Developing Over Time
A Northern Cardinal nesting by my house
Helping D. M. Therrell High School build a robot in 2007
Another D. M. Therrell High School robot in 2008

Texas AM's 2002 Submarine Under Way
Helping D. M. Therrell High School build a robot (Panthera Robotica) in 2007.
Another D. M. Therrell High School robot in 2008.
My Educational Enginnering Contests Technical Paper
Human Powered Submarine Races
How I Write This Website, 2017
My Magnetic Valve Patent
Bottle Rockets
Career Photos
My Resume

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Taxonomic Index
Sunrises, Sunsets, and Crepuscular Rays

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